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“The most luxurious item in a room is a beautiful bed with beautiful simple sheets”. Historically, beds made were ‘single sized’ or ‘twins’. Then eventually large double-sized beds were being manufactured, which were called ‘king size’ beds. But due to the shortage of space in most homes, ’Queen sized’ beds were introduced which were the size of a double bed but a little smaller than the king size. The queen beds had a significant impact in the 1960s and still continues to be popular because of the space crunch in modern homes.

A Queen Sized bed measures 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. It is large enough for two people to comfortably sleep in it and leave a fair amount of space in your room as well. These beds are adequate for active sleepers also,  who love to move or wriggle while sleeping. Such people don’t have to worry about falling from the edge of the bed or their body parts hanging from the sides. 

You can purchase Queen beds from simple to extravagant ones, depending on your choice and budget.

Let us give you a sneak into the best Queen sized beds available in India now:

1. DecorNation Julius Engineered Wood Upholstered Platform Glossy Finish Queen Bed for Bedroom, Home Furniture (Grey, Fitting Mattress Size 60x78x6 Inches)

Queen Sized Beds

This bed from the house of DecorNation is a traditional beauty with a modern contemporary design. The fabric used in the tufted headboard is that of Knitted Polyester. The bed is provided with Wooden Legs that ensure maximum stability. This built-in support structure will keep your mattress life sturdy and fresh. It comes with a Fitting Mattress of size: 60x78x6 Inches. A bed that comes with a trendy and chic exterior, while being functional and still saving you lots of space in your master room.

2. Wakefit Queen Size Andromeda Sheesham Wood Bed with Storage (Solid Wooden Texture_Natural Finish) – 78 x 60 inches / 6.5 x 5 feet

A Queen-sized bed made with Sheesham wood of fine texture and solid structure. It comes with ample storage space and offers a sturdy and strong headboard to lean back & relax. The storage compartments can be easily accessed through the support boards. The bed comes with four MDF boards of 11mm thickness, that help support your mattress.

3. EBANSAL Wooden Queen Size Bed for Bedroom | Solid Wood Bed with 4 Drawer Side Storage | Sheesham Wood, Walnut Finish

Made with Sheesham wood, this bed will give your home a luxurious look and fit well in your space and budget. The bed offers 4 storage drawers on the sides giving ample storing solutions for your needs. The headboard of the bed is high to help you sit back and relax.

4. Wakefit Queen Size Auriga Sheesham Wood Bed Without Storage (Solid Wooden Texture_Natural Finish) – 78 x 60 inches / 6.5 x 5 feet

Made from Sheesham wood, this bed is ergonomically designed to look good and feel great. The bed comes with four MDF boards of 11mm thickness, that help support your mattress. The bed’s prime feature is the headboard, which is designed to be clean, classic, and versatile. There is ample space underneath the bed which helps clean the floor below with ease.

5. Wakefit Queen Size Leo Engineered Wood Platform Bed with Storage – (Matte Finish_Brown)

The Wakefit Leo Engineered Wood Bed is spacious and convenient to sleep on. This stylish bed comes with efficiency and utility inbuilt, 4 spacious storage compartments to help you store all you want. The headboard is of perfect height with storage space and is made of engineered wood which gives a premium look and feels.

6. Home Centre Cresta Solid Wood Queen Size Wood Finish Brown Platform Bed

Crafted from premium quality wood, this queen-size bed offers enhanced convenience and a striking visual appeal. The bed comes with a carved, geometric-styled headboard that gives your furniture collection a refreshing makeover. Constructed from a fine combination of rich brown wood and veneer finish to elevate the overall look of your space. It has a low platform design for ease and convenience.

7. Metallika Double Size Metal Bed (Carbon Steel – Black) By FurnitureKraft

This metal furniture bed is perfect for regular use. It is a sturdy and stylish frame. They are also easy to clean and look new for a long duration.  Since carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, it is durable and wear-resistant. The headboard and footboard of this Double-sized bed have a minimalist appeal. The slatted base allows air to pass freely beneath your bed, keeping your mattress fresher longer, providing stability to your mattress.

8. Amazon Brand – Solimo Polaris Engineered Wood Oak Finish Queen Bed with Box Storage (Imperial Teak)

Solimo Queen Bed has a modern, minimalistic design which makes it compatible with a wide range of interiors. The bed is made from European standard particleboard and has a curvilinear shape. The bed’s design is free from sharp edges to prevent injuries, and its material is humidity-resistant for enhanced longevity. Ample storage space is provided under the bed for your storing needs.

9. BL Wood Sheesham Wood Elvira Twin Over Queen Size Bunk Bed with 2 Drawer Storage for Bedroom (Walnut Finish_Brown)

This Queen size bunk bed is made up of Pure Solid Sheesham wood which is the most durable wood. It comes with two-drawer storage. Ideal for teenagers and small kids, it’s a must-have in your house if you have kids and want to play with space. The bed comes with an easy to assemble instruction guide.

10. Flipkart Perfect Homes Opus Engineered Wood Queen Box Bed  (Finish Color – Espresso, Delivery Condition – Knock Down)

The bed is made from particleboard which is laminated on all sides. A stable bed with strong joints and an ideal height for comfortable seating. Storage space is provided under the bed. Headboard also contains storage as shelves.


Having a large bed is not practical and the right choice for everyone. Beds are an indulgence for everyone who wishes to sleep in a healthy & comfortable manner. It’s not an item which we would purchase aesthetically, so choosing the right sized bed which renders to our needs should be carefully considered, after all, we would be living with it for years to come.