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Top 20 Best Sunday Suspense Stories – 2022 [Updated]32 min read

2 2 Top 20 Best Sunday Suspense Stories - 2022 [Updated]

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Sunday Suspense is a radio program being aired in West Bengal for more than a decade. And if you are a person from Bengal origin, you must be well accustomed to Sunday Suspense, often following it religiously. It is not just a program to Bengali’s but a distinct set of emotions and an insight into the enriched Bengali Literature along with other infamous author’s literary works. 

In the year 2009, 98.3 Radio Mirchi aired the first episode of the program, which became an instant hit, not just in Bengal, but in other states of the nation as well. The concept and idea of Sunday Suspense and the way several RJ’s collaborated to depict the stories with additional sound effects to create the world of the author, received a lot of appreciation from its loyal audiences. 

A decade has gone by since the very first episode of Sunday Suspense was aired, but its popularity remains the same. All credits are to be given to the voice-over artists, Mir, Deep, Somak, Agni, Sree, Ayantika, and many more renowned celebrities on different occasions, associated with the groundwork to alter the reality into the stories itself. 

Best Sunday Suspense Stories Of All Time

Since its inception, Sunday Suspense has garnered a lot of attention for all the right reasons. Sunday Suspense successfully delivered a way of storytelling covering the horror, suspense, detective genres, that audiences could vividly relate and almost picture. Sunday Suspense received a wider success in a short span and went on to create its separate fanbase. 

There is an array of stories that have been performed by the crew to date. Here are the best Sunday Suspense stories listed for you to dive deep into the creator’s world or maybe step into his shoes. 

Here is the List of Top 20 Best Sunday Suspense Stories in 2020

RankSunday Suspense StoryAuthor
1The Hunger Of SeptopasSatyajit Ray
2Professor Shonku and The Box From BaghdadSatyajit Ray
3Moti Bibi’s DargahSyed Mustafa Siraj
4The Lost Jewels (মণিহারা)Rabindranath Tagore
5The Deadly Diamond (রক্তমুখী নীলা)Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
6The Terror of Blue John Gap (ব্লু জন গহ্বরের বিভীষিকা)Arthur Conan Doyle
7The Venom Of The Tarantula (মাকড়সার রস)Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
8The House Of Brown Sahib (ব্রাউন সাহেবের বাড়ি)Satyajit Ray
9Six Idols Of Netaji (নেতাজির ছয় মূর্তি)Hemendra Kumar Roy
10In The Forest (আরণ্যক)Harinarayan Chattopadhyay
11Professor Shonku And The Spherical Mystery (প্রফেসর শঙ্কু ও গোলক রহস্য)Satyajit Ray
12Illusion (মায়া)Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay
13Station Name Ghumghumi (স্টেশনের নাম ঘুমঘুমি)Syed Mustafa Siraj
14The Companion (সহচর)Narayan Gangopadhyay
15Iron Biscuits (লোহার বিস্কুট)Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
16On The Banks Of Tungabhadra (তুঙ্গভদ্রার তীরে)Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay
17The Pen With A Broken Nib (নিব ভাঙা কলম)Himadri Kishore Dasgupta
18The Black Cat (কালো বিড়াল)Edgar Allan Poe
19Robin (রবিণ)Jim Corbet
20Mountain Of The Moon (চাঁদের পাহাড়)Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay

1. The Hunger Of Septopas ( সেপ্টোপাসের ক্ষিদে ) by Satyajit Ray

‘Septopaser Khide’ was first published in the renowned Sandesh Patrika, in 1961. In this story, Deep and Mir for the first time transport us into the world created by the maestro of the Indian filmmaking and writing industry. This story marks the inception of Sunday Suspense as well as holds a separate nostalgia for the audiences who religiously follow the show every Sunday. 

The story revolves around three main characters along with a dog named Baadshah and their quest for an understanding of a carnivorous tree named Septopas and the chilling adventure that follows. It will leave you horrified and mourning at the same time with Ray’s character arch doing the magic in-between. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Deep, Richard, Indrani

2. Professor Shonku and The Box From Baghdad (প্রফেসর শঙ্কু ও বাগদাদের বাক্স) by Satyajit Ray

Ray might be considered a maestro for his filmmaking but the literary works he engaged in gave the readers an array of characters through which his tide of imagination can be closely documented. Professor Shonku is one of his invented characters whose adventures still gives us enough reason to dream of Shonku’s world of science and his almost regular escapades. 

Professor Shonku O Bagdader Bakshyo is also one of his expeditions this time to Baghdad. In Baghdad, Shonku gets to experience the fictional world of the Arabian Nights stories in reality along with his companions Goldstein and Petrucci. The story was first published in Sandesh Patrika in the year 1969. The crew of Sunday Suspense once again shows why they are so popular and reasons to follow them intensely. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep, Mir and Richard

Satyajit Ray Books

3. Moti Bibi’s Dargah (মোতি বিবির দরগা) by Syed Mustafa Siraj

This story by Syed Mustafa Siraj was aired on listeners’ requests in the Radio program Sunday Suspense and was taken from the book ‘Tara Ashoriri’. Siraj has been closely connected with Bengali literature especially writing for children at first and later for adults as well. 

This story was also warned to have explicit content in it and demanded parental guidance for children. The protagonist of the story while returning home from a friend’s house falls down from a running bus and thus takes refuge for the night in the nearby Moti Bibi’s Dargah. The experience of that night by the protagonist was recreated with a captivating subtlety by the crew of Sunday Suspense with a touch of melancholy that Siraj entrapped in it with his writing. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep and Mir

4. The Lost Jewels (মণিহারা) by Rabindranath Tagore

There is no introduction needed for Rabindranath Tagore for contributing to a vast genre of literary works. Radio Mirchi performed this perfect horror story in the fascinating program Sunday Suspense but informed the audience for a slight change in the language for all listeners to easily follow up with the storyline. 

The story grips you into the world of a married couple. Their estranged relationship and the loneliness combined, while the wife is left to obsess over her jewelry. This very obsession leads to her disappearance and the husband is left waiting for his wife to return. 

The storytelling on Sunday Suspense by Deep, Mir, and Indrani grips you in, and revealing too much about it would destroy the essence. The story was originally part of ‘Golpoguccho’; a series of short stories by Tagore and was published in 1898. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Indrani, and Deep

Sunday Suspense Download

5. The Deadly Diamond (রক্তমুখী নীলা) by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay

Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay was one of the writers contributing to the thrillers and detective genre and his brainchild being detective Byomkesh Bakshi will give you the exact knowledge about his writing style. The short story Roktomukhi Neela is also part of the Byomkesh Bakshi series. 

Byomkesh visits his friends and gets involved in uncovering the mystery of murder in the village, and also another mystery surrounding a long lost Blue diamond connecting directly to the murder after a decade. Out of the 32 stories circling around Byomkesh, this was written by Sharadindu in the year 1937.

The story has no loopholes or makes you lose interest anywhere for which the credit definitely goes to Sharadindu but the Sunday Suspense team takes it a whole nother level as you feel the same thrill as Byomkesh getting closer to the truth. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep and Mir

Sunday Suspense Download

6. The Terror of Blue John Gap (ব্লু জন গহ্বরের বিভীষিকা) by Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle remains one of the most celebrated authors in the fantasy, crime fiction, science fiction, and historical genre. Sherlock Holmes is to date his most appreciated work turned into motion picture quite a few times. The translation of this story in the Bengali language was done by Satyajit Ray for the Sandesh Patrika in 1967. 

The story revolves around a recovering doctor who has taken refuge in Derbyshire Farm for some time in order to have a change of air. However, his stay was followed by a series of uncanny events forcing him to dig into the mystery surrounding ‘The Blue John Gap’. The storytelling by Deep for Sunday Suspense is commendable. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep

Sunday Suspense Download

7. The Venom Of The Tarantula (মাকড়সার রস) by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay

Vying to Sharadindu’s most recognized detective, Byomkesh Bakshi and his quest of finding out the truth, ‘Makorshar Rawsh’ is another thrilling installation. The story was first published in the year 1933. 

The tale was performed into life on the radio program Sunday Suspense by Deep, Neel, and Mir, uncovering the truth behind an ill-tempered writer’s ailing conditions and an unusual addiction despite treatment. The language of the story was slightly modified by the Sunday Suspense team for the young audiences to directly dive in and enjoy the essence of the mystery brewing in Byomkesh’s mind but surely hooks us in. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Neel, and Deep

Sunday Suspense Download

8. The House Of Brown Sahib (ব্রাউন সাহেবের বাড়ি) by Satyajit Ray

Performed among the series of short stories by Satyajit Ray in the radio program Sunday Suspense, Brown Saheb-er Bari is another gripping tale. This short story was first published in the year 1971 in the Sandesh Patrika. The protagonist gets hold of a diary written by Brown Saheb, situated in Bangalore, Fraser Town. 

The writings scribbled in the diary intrigues him to look more closely into Brown Saheb and his intimate relation with Simon even after Simon’s death. The narrator along with his friend visits the Evergreen Lodge where Brown Saheb stayed with Simon and the situations that followed by will often give you goosebumps.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep, Mir, Richard and Indrani

Sunday Suspense Download

9. Six Idols Of Netaji (নেতাজির ছয় মূর্তি) by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy has given us an array of kid’s books, which is not just limited to detective stories but introduced adventure and supernatural genre to hook the young audiences. Netaji-r Choy Murti’s depiction can be seen to have the influence of Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing style and was taken by the crew of Sunday Suspense from the book named Goenda Goenda. 

The protagonist gets involved in a case where a thief steals specifically sculptures of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose but also destroys the same in broad daylight having no wish for money by selling the artifacts. This unusual situation gets even more critical when a murder also takes place often making people suspect both the crimes committed by the same criminal. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep and Anirban

Sunday Suspense Download

10. In The Forest (আরণ্যক) by Harinarayan Chattopadhyay

Harinarayan Chattopadhyay is the first person that comes to mind before indulging in children’s horror stories in Bengali Literature. This was one of the short stories taken from ‘Romancho Patrika Galpo Sonkolon’ by the crew of Sunday Suspense. 

The protagonist of the story was posted in a Timber Company in a half-city named Khurshidgarh. His hobbies included hunting and which came in handy at a time when the small town was attacked by a leopard where he was successful in ending the terror. 

10 years had gone by when he returned to Khurshidgarh and was asked by the villagers to shoot the tiger that is wreaking havoc. The tiger that he shot 10 years ago, had distinct characteristics, that the narrator remembers for the years went by, but when after 10 years he comes across another tiger with the same characteristics he is forced to think otherwise. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Deep

Sunday Suspense Download

11. Professor Shonku And The Spherical Mystery (প্রফেসর শঙ্কু ও গোলক রহস্য) by Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray allures us into yet another unusual findings of Professor Shonku. Published in 1965 for the first time in Sandesh Patrika, Shonku stumbles upon an object of spherical shape. This spherical object instantly attracted Shonku in a magical allurance but he could not derive any explanation for the material it is made of. 

The object’s unfamiliarity fascinates Shanku to study the object, and the revelation that follows will make your stomach churn. However, the storytelling in the program Sunday Suspense makes it even more interesting and would grasp you in a magical allurance the same as the spherical object itself. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Deep, and Richard

12. Illusion (মায়া) by Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay

Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay has written for almost all age groups, especially writing about nature and the beauty of undivided Bengal in his poetry. He is still remembered for the character arch he portrayed in the character Apu from the novels ‘Pather Pachali’ and ‘Aparajito’ which was later adapted into a film trilogy directed by none other than Satyajit Ray. Maya, however, is one of his few short horror stories, recited in Sunday Suspense. 

The story revolves around an unemployed man just losing his job looking for some food without any means of buying the food. In between his search, he meets a man named Nabarun Chakraborty, who offers him refuge and food. In the next few days, Nabraun Chakraborty leaves the home to the man and tells him to ignore the strange myths that he might hear from the villagers. However, the myths did not just stay myth. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Deep

13. Station Name Ghumghumi (স্টেশনের নাম ঘুমঘুমি) by Syed Mustafa Siraj

After going through ‘Moti Bibi-r Dargah’ you will generate an idea about Siraj’s writing style and the way his writings were powerful enough to make you visualize. While listening to this story performed in the Radio Mirchi program Sunday Suspense, it will transport you to the said destination- Station Ghumghumi. 

The narrator first visits Ghumghumi station to meet with his station master uncle. However, from the time of arrival itself, his uncle warns him about the strange appearances and occurrences he might come across and blatantly informed him that the entire area to be conjured with some spirit presence. The story takes a drastic turn as several character revelations that followed making you stay frozen in your place. 

Sunday Suspense here creates an enchanting listing experience and an aura of spookiness while you go through the entire piece. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep, Mir, Somak, Ayantika, Agni, Richard and Indrani

14. The Companion (সহচর) by Narayan Gangopadhyay

Narayan Gangopadhyay was one of the most famous writers of short stories and novels for children and young adults. His most celebrated work remains the introduction of Tenida. Radio Mirchi collected the story ‘Sohochor’ from a book named ‘Satobarsher Bhoutik Kahini’ for the engaging presentation on Sunday Suspense. 

The word ‘Sohochor’ in Bengali is directly translated in English as ‘a companion’ and by the end of the tale, the significance of the name can be easily deciphered. 

The story starts with the protagonist getting settled on a train compartment. But the problem occurs when the narrator gets ready for the night’s sleep. However, a fear of something bad happening kept coming back to him making him most uncomfortable. He falls into deep sleep quite a few times but each time gets awakened by scary yet weird nightmares. Nothing happens throughout the journey, but his arrival also brings home his nightmares to reality. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Somak

15. Iron Biscuits (লোহার বিস্কুট) by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay

With many of Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay’s texts being read out in Radio Mirchi’s Sunday Suspense program, it is evident that exactly how much Sharadindu has contributed to the Bengali Literature. Lohar Biscuit is part of his famous creation of the ingenious detective Byomkesh Bakshi series. 

Byomkesh gets hold of a case surrounding a house, whose owner has abandoned the house one sudden day and asked his only tenant to keep a check on the house until his return in exchange for some money transferred directly to his bank account. However, a few days after his departure, a dead body is retrieved from the upper floor, and the owner became a suspect. There was no definite motive for the murder, so following the hidden clues, Byomkesh tries to figure out what exactly happened. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep

16. On The Banks Of Tungabhadra (তুঙ্গভদ্রার তীরে) by Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay

Unlike the short stories by Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay, Tungabhadra-r Tire is one of the most talked-about novels written by him. The character development and the thought process of each character will make you glide through time but keeping the essence and picture intact. 

Set in the 14th century, in the Vijayanagara empire to be precise, the political and social relations between the two kingdoms was on the brink of getting strengthened through marriage. The wedding party on their way towards Vijayanagara is interrupted by the chance rescue of a young man, followed by turbulence somehow redirects the future and its course. 

The writing by Sharadindu needs no discussion, however, the audio and sound effects by the Sunday Suspense team will take you 500 years back. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Deep, Ayantika, Avery, Somak, Agni, Shankari Prasad Mitra, Nirjhar, Richard, Sagnik, Anirban, Sree, Amartya, Atri, Souravi, Mohor and Indrani

17. The Pen With A Broken Nib (নিব ভাঙা কলম) by Himadri Kishore Dasgupta

Writing mostly for Children and young adults Himadri Kishore Dasgupta has a variety of stories to offer. Nib Bhanga Kalam is taken from the book ‘Bhoy Bhoyonkar’ published by Deb Sahitya Kutir. Voice contribution by Deep, Somak, Pushpal, and Agni on Sunday Suspense will transport you time travel in your head. 

The story is centered around a pen used by the central character who comes across a strange man who indulges him in a tale from the time of Indian Independence and claims to know the pen being used by some British judge of that time. By the end of the tale, the great revelation will grip you in a time warp and make you travel into the times of the Indian Independence movement through the voices created on Sunday Suspense. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Sree, Agni, Deep, Somak, Pushpal, and Subhodeep

18. The Black Cat ( কালো বিড়াল ) by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe’s writings specialized in the field of mystery concerning several human psychological emotions associated with the central characters. Following the similar essence of his much-celebrated work  ‘A Tell-Tale Heart’, ‘The Black Cat’ also tries to understand one of the complex human emotions, which is guilt. 

In this case, the protagonist develops alcoholism, and after that in his drunken rage often gets involved in violent activities eventually killing his own black cat. This incident followed by his house suspiciously burning down makes him feel remorse and guilt leading to a rather disastrous end. 

‘The Black Cat’ is itself a masterpiece by Poe but Sunday Suspense will put in the shoe of the protagonist making you feel remorse and guilt as well. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Ayantika, Somak, Agni, Pushpal, Godhuli, Soumya, and Subho

19. Robin (রবিণ) by Jim Corbet

Edward James Corbett was a hunter-naturalist at the times of British Rule in India and later penned down his exciting experiences in the jungle. His much talked about book ‘Man-Eaters of Kumaon’ was first published in the year 1944. The story was translated in Bengali as ‘Kumaon-er Manush Kheko Bagh’ from where Mirchi took and recreated the essence of the story on Sunday Suspense. 

Following one of the many expeditions of Corbett, the story will put you in his shoes, accompanied by his loyal dog named Robin. The protagonist gets the order to kill a tiger who is wreaking havoc, and he takes Robin with him to hunt the tiger. The Sunday Suspense crew depicting the hunting will keep you seated but at the end will make you sympathize with the characters and their intimate bonding. 

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Agni, Deep, Subhodeep, and Indrani

20. Mountain Of The Moon (চাঁদের পাহাড়) by Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay

Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay’s retelling of nature and it’s beauty and devastation is so nicely conveyed in all of his work that you can feel every inch of the expedition. Chader Pahar turned out to be a classic tale of voyage yet keeping a close look on every character that sets foot for the journey at the lap of nature.

The story recounts the events by the protagonist who has a distinct love for geography and soon gets a chance to go forward on a journey to explore the wild. Along with his 3 compatriots, they traveled deep into the wilds of a place named Chander Pahar in search of an infamous yellow diamond.

Rumour had it, that the diamond mine was guarded by a mythical monster named Buniyup. Despite the threat, they set forth for the quest and the adventure and hardships that followed were later documented by the narrator. Sunday Suspense will make you sink into the wild side of nature.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Deep, Mir, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Richard, and Indrani

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Honorary Mentions: 10 Great Sunday Suspense Stories

In a decade Sunday Suspense not only has garnered much appreciation and support but the crew has put forth their endearing contributions to earn the reputation it holds today. In this long time span, they have presented around 500 stories on-air and choosing from the lot is impossible without any doubt. 

The repetition of stories by authors like Satyajit Ray, Shadindu Bandhopadhyay and Syed Mustafa Siraf is evident and only says about the vast contributions by the author. So here are a few more mentions cause closing down on such a vast list of impeccable literary work is not achievable. 

The Brazillian Cat ( ব্রাজিলের কালো বাঘ ) by Satyajit Ray

Sunday Suspense has a series dedicated to the stories by Satyajit Ray and ‘Brazil-er Kalo Bagh’ is a short story translated by this genius from the story ‘The Brazillian Cat’ by another genius Arthur Conan Doyle. Burdened by debt, the narrator visits one of his wealthy relatives in the hope of discussing some financial affairs. However, nothing comes without a price and the following tale will only prove the same and different human facades along with it. 

Divine Offering (ভোগ) by Avik Sarkar

Avik Sarkar is one of the contemporary writers of today starting his career in writing through social media. ‘Bhog’ was taken by Sunday Suspense from the book ‘Abong Inquisition’ published in 2018. The narrator comes across an idol in an antique shop and takes it home for a divine purpose. However, the idol became a problem for the following events take place and how he manages to get out of this invited trouble.  

Anathbabu’s Fear (অনাথবাবুর ভয়) by Satyajit Ray

Ray’s another take on the horror genre through ‘Anathbabu’s Bhoy’ can also be considered as a classic in the genre. Here the protagonist Anathbabu is a paranormal activist who is in search of a ghost to keep his profession running. However, he manages to visit a house that is known to have a spiritual presence and the shocking end that Anathbabu himself stumbles upon. Radio Mirchi recreated the situation on Sunday Suspense which will definitely creep you out at some point. 

One Night At Mahuri Kuthi (মাহুরি কুঠিতে একরাত) by Premendra Mitra

Premendra Mitra is mostly known for his poetry but ‘Mahuri Kuthi-te Ek Raat’ is a completely different genre, the writer successfully dives into. The story is about two friends one of which challenges the other, a writer, to stay a night at a haunted place named ‘Mahuri Kuthi’. However, the writer’s friend receives a mail soon after stating his friend has died in Mahuri Kuthi after spending a night there. The writer embarks on a mission to unveil the secrets of Mahuri Kuthi. Here also Sunday Suspense keeps you seated and the credit goes to the crew’s initiative. 

Trouble In Gangtok (গ্যাংটকে গন্ডগোল ) by Satyajit Ray

Feluda is one of the most famous creations by Ray like Professor Shonku. Pradosh Chandra Mitra or Feluda along with his companions goes for a trip to Gangtok. Their adventures never stay boring and this time too they stumble across a murder of a business executive. Feluda with the help of his intelligence and charm uncovers the mystery and catches the culprit hiding in plain sight. Radio Mirchi does an excellent job by keeping Feluda to the frontline through Sunday Suspense and we cannot deny it otherwise. 

The Trial For Murder by Charles Dickens

Apart from other literary works by Charles Dickens, ‘The Trial For Murder’ stands out among his collection of short stories. Sunday Suspense took the story and presented the author’s work in a new light. The story, as the name suggests takes place in a courtroom trial, where the convict while his entire trial procedure gets to see the ghost of the victim which eventually put the convict in a helpless state of guilt. 

Taranath Tantrik (তারানাথ তান্ত্রিক) by Taradas Bandhopadhyay

Bhibhutibhusan Bandhopadhyay’s son Taradas Bandhopadhyay also took the pen to follow his father’s path. Taradas’s most talked-about literary work includes a character name Taranath Tantrik. The character Taranath Tantrik is religiously into occult studies. Though he currently does not possess any spiritual power, his previous adventurous outings are interesting enough for storytelling to his friends. Sunday Suspense again does an interesting job of creating the adventures by the Taranath through the words of the author.  

The Man-Eaters Of Dumnigarh (ডুমনীগড়ের মানুষখেকো) By Satyajit Ray

Among the many series created by the expert Satyajit Ray, Tarini Khuro is another character that people duly connected with. The supernatural adventures by Tarini Charan Bandhopadhyay are very attractive but have a lot of hurdles to cross before the silver lining. ‘Dumrigarh-er Manush Kheko’ takes Tarini Khuro to place named Dumrigarh where he is given the task to kill a man-eater tiger with a twist in the tale. The tale presented by Sunday Suspense will directly sync you in with his adventures as if you were present in the said situation. 

Kamini (কামিনী) by Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay 

Saharadindu Bandhopadhyay has been mentioned in Sunday Suspense quite a few times, and why shouldn’t he, considering the gems he offers for all ages. The main character Suronath is a postal inspector by profession and on his way to delivering a letter takes a road that was warned by a villager not to take. But despite prevention, he sets for the road where he gets allured by a ghost named Kamini and the rest remained history. 

A Perfect Murder by Stacy Aumonier

Stacy Aumonier’s short stories are always keeping the reader on the edge, similarly, A Perfect Murder will keep you enchanted. Along with the interesting writing style, the voice artists behind the curtains of Sunday Suspense takes it to another level.  This one also looks closely into the human emotion guilt, through the eyes of the protagonist, who has accidentally committed murder and framed another man for the crime. 

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Bonus 10 Great Sunday Suspense Stories

Mukh (মুখ) by Taradas Bondopadhyay

The story Mukh is taken from Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s famous novel Taranath Tantrik.The story deals with the origins and supernatural experiences of an elderly astrologer named Taranath. He is a self-proclaimed student and practitioner of the occult. He has failed to achieve the highest level of mastery over said arts. He now lives an austere life telling fortunes and narrating stories from his life to a duo of eager listeners.

This novel was later completed by his son Taradas Bandyopadhyay. This story was published by Mitra & Ghosh Publisher. The main characters in this story are Taranath and Ramdulal Mitra.

In the story Ramdulal is portrayed as a well established man. He bought a new house but it is somehow not suiting him. This made him come to Taranath to solve this problem. Taranath discovers it is the spirit of a persecuted lady. The soul pleaded for redemption. The soul showed signs of her existence by weeping in pain and drawing her vitiated face(Mukh) on the floor of the washroom, where she was buried.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Deep

Nakurbabu O El Dorado by Satyajit Ray

Professor Shonku is an immortal creation of Satyajit Ray. Among his many other contributions to the world of Arts, his stories hold a special position in Bengali literature. The light-hearted science fiction which is epistolary in nature becomes quite popular among its audience who loves adventure and science fiction stories.

Nakurbabu O El Dorado is a story from the collection of stories a.k.a Shonku Samagra (Complete Shonku collection) by Ananda Publishers. 

One day, a naïve young man named Nakur Chandra Biswas pays the Professor a visit. He exhorts him that his forthcoming journey to Sao Paulo is filled with dangers. When asked how he knew all of that, the young man explains he possesses certain special powers. This power enables him to sense things that others cannot. Professor Shonku decides to take Nakur Babu along with him to Sao Paulo. Professor Shonku is amazed to see that his prophecies do come true.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Deep

Raatpori by Manish Mukhopadhyay

Manish Mukhopadhyay was born in kolkata. He is a graduate and studied political science from Calcutta University. He started his writing career by writing the story ‘Narak’ which was published by Sarodia Purulia Darpan Patrika. This story ‘Raatpori’ is taken from the book ‘Rakhaya Kavaj’ published by Kafi Table Publication. 

The narrator of the story comes to Kolkata to look for a job and initially stays in his maternal uncle’s house. He has three uncles among them one was a scholar. He was an interesting person and studied art. But unfortunately he committed sucide for some unknown reason which is later revealed in the story.

Narrator’s uncle was inspired by the dark art of Salvator Rosa. Along with the copy work he thought of pursuing Dark Art. He was inspired by the ‘witches’ painting of Salvator Rosa and thought to craft a statue of the witch in bronze colour. The statue of the witch gradually became alive and soon started strange activities. The story revolves around how the narrator came to know about it and what he does thereafter. The suspense and the mystery keeps the story interesting till the end.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir, Deep and Soumak

Golper Seshe by Premendra Mitra

Golper Seshe by Premendra Mitra is a story from the book featuring Mejokorta are collected in an anthology named Bhoot Shikari Mejokorta Ebong. He was a versatile talented Bengali poet, short-stories writer, novelist, and film director. He also earned fame as a short story writer. Among his other notable story books- ‘Benami Bandar’, ‘Putul O Patima’, ‘Sagar Sangam’, ‘Masha’, Punnam’ etc. He was also a practitioner of Bengali science fiction. 

In the story Golper Seshe we see a team of football players visit a distant village to play a match. Due to incessant rain the muddy roads of the village created a difficult situation for them. Bhobesh, who is the secretary of the team unbeatable eleven is enthusiastic about participating in all the competitions. Coming to this village was his idea. Due to heavy downpour they had to rest in a deserted house located far from locality. The story deals with the unnatural events that happened simultaneously during their stay.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Soumak

Ruddho Shaash by Baishali Dasgupta Nandi

Baishali is an aspiring bengali writer. She was born and brought up in Sodepur. Presently lives in North Kolkata. She is a school teacher by profession and a writer by heart. She has written two books named Naraker Dar Khola and Swapod published by Biba Publication. 

The story of Ruddho Shaash is about friendship and death. The narrator of the story happened to live in a village due to her father’s job. There she meets Savitri and a deep friendship grows between them. Once playing hide and seek Savitri goes missing. No one found her. Later when the narrator visits the village in her college days discovers that Savitri was dead long ago. The cause of her death was her brother who locked her in a trunk in order to take revenge.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Soumak

Bankubabur Bandhu  by Satyajit Ray

Bankubabur Bandhu (Banku Babu’s Friend or Mr. Banku’s Friend) was a Bengali science fiction story. Ray had written it in 1962 for Sandesh. The Ray family magazine gained popularity among Bengalis in the early 1960s. The thing that differentiated Bankubabur Bandhu from previous science fiction was the portrayal of an alien from outer space as a kind and playful being. It is invested with magical powers and is capable of interacting with children, in contrast to earlier science fiction works which portrayed aliens as dangerous creatures.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Soumak

Penetite by Leela Majumder

Leela Majumder wanted to spread joyousness and stir a spirit of wonder in her readers. Her efforts were successful to make children see the world around them as something magical and beautiful.

Apart from her glittering array of children’s literature, she wrote a cookbook, novels for adults (Sreemoti, Cheena Lanthan), and a biography of Rabindranath Tagore. Leela Majumdar lectured on Abanindranath Tagore and translated his writings on art into English. She translated Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea into Bengali.

The story Penetite is about an adventure and experience of supernatural forces in the house of her maternal uncle in Penetite.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir 

Hatyapuri by Satyajit Ray

Hatyapuri The House Of Death is a crime novel by Satyajit Ray. It gets its title from a location called Puri. On the shores of the Bay of Bengal is a popular tourist attraction in East India. It was first serialized in the Sandesh magazine in 1979 and released in book form in the same year by Ananda Publishers.

Disturbed by the heat and humidity of Calcutta in June, (combined with frequent electricity failures) the “Three Musketeers”, Pradosh C. Mitter (Feluda), Topshe, and Lalmohon Babu (alias Jatayu) go to Puri for vacation. The story is about a murder mystery that happens at Puri and finally Feluda solves it.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Soumak

Rudra Narayan er Baganbari by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy was an Indian Bengali writer noted for his contribution to the early development of the genre of children’s literature in the language. He was a noted contributor to the early development of Bengali detective fiction with his ‘Jayanta-Manik’ and adventurist ‘Bimal-Kumar’ stories. The stories deal with the exploits of Jayanta, his assistant Manik, and police inspector Sunderbabu. 

In this story we get to know the narrator who loves fishing. His friend Santosh informs him that in his village there is a zamindar’s house where there is a pond full of fishes. Zamindar Rudra Narayan was murdered mercilessly in his house by someone. From then the house is deserted. The narrator felt the urge to visit the place and so as his friend Santosh. Both of them goes for an adventure but staying in that house they experience some unnatural activities created by the soul of Rudra Narayan.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Soumak

Fritz by Satyajit Ray

The Short story ‘Fritz’ written by Satyajit Ray published in his book Collected Short Stories. The story is about a Swiss doll named Fritz. Jayanto, the protagonist, works in the editorial section of a newspaper and Shankar, the narrator is a school teacher. Both of them are great friends. They finally managed to get some time to go on a trip together to Bundi, a village in Rajasthan. 

This is the place where Jayanto had been before in his childhood with his parents. Jayanto’s childhood memories and experiences kept haunting him there. The story is full of mystery, promises of adrenaline rush, foreboding and sometimes even horror. The main themes are friendship, lost friends, memories, childhood, superstitions, fear and conflict.

Voice Over and Sound Effects Artists: Mir and Soumak

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Forming a reputation for over a decade, Sunday Suspense is one of the most famous radio shows the Bengali audience still finds time to listen to. The storytelling and the recreation of events of the stories are done with so aptness by the entire team of Sunday Suspense that will easily enchant you to listen further. 

We cannot thank enough for the initiative taken by Radio Mirchi to share the rich heritage of Bengali Literature that we probably would have never known. Sunday Suspense in a way was successful to give us a closer insight into many writers who have contributed for the past several years or even a century. But how Sunday Suspense closely knitted the relation between readers and listeners through captivating storytelling, still rings a cord in the audience’s mind and soul. 

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