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Tata Sky DTH Complete Channel List – 2022 [Updated]16 min read

Copy of Purple Smartphone Modern Elegance Technology Gaming Facebook Shops Cover 47 Tata Sky DTH Complete Channel List - 2022 [Updated]


Looking for a full and updated Tata Sky Channel List? You’re at the right spot. 

Before we give you the full Tata Sky Channel List with price and channel numbers, let us give you a little background check of Tata Sky.

Tata Sky is a joint venture between Tata Sons and TFCF Corporation. Tata Sky Limited is incorporated in 2001 and launched their services in 2006.

Tata Sky is India’s leading content distribution platform providing Pay TV and OTT services. 

Tata Sky was the first to launch multiple products and services that redefined the subscribers viewing experience in India.

Tata Sky was also the first company to bring customized package and channels options and Hindi programming guide, DIY video, and many more.

Now, without further ado, discuss the full and updated Tata Sky Channel List, Tata Sky Channel numbers & Tata Sky Channel Price in 2021.

Tata Sky DTH

How to recharge tata sky?

It is very simple to recharge tata sky & can be done within 1 minute. 

Here are the steps to recharge tata sky :

Step 1: Open your Paytm App

Step 2: Click on Recharge and Bill Payment

Step 3: Select Your Operator as Tata Sky

Step 4: Enter your registered mobile number or subscriber ID

Step 5: Enter recharge amount

Step 6: Tap on the Proceed to Recharge Button

Hola, Your tata sky recharge done!

dth 02 Tata Sky DTH Complete Channel List - 2022 [Updated]

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Hindi Entertainment

Let’s start our list with the intension to keep your entertainment pumped up with Tata Sky Hindi Channels list. 

Here is the list of 22 best Tata Sky Hindi Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1Star Plus HDHindi Entertainment115₹ 22.42
2Star PlusHindi Entertainment117₹ 22.42
3Star Bharat HDHindi Entertainment121₹ 22.42
4Star BharatHindi Entertainment122₹ 11.80
5SET HDHindi Entertainment128₹ 22.42
6SETHindi Entertainment130₹ 22.42
7Sony SAB HDHindi Entertainment132₹ 22.42
8Sony SABHindi Entertainment134₹ 22.42
9&TV HDHindi Entertainment137₹ 22.42
10&TVHindi Entertainment139₹ 14.16
11Zee TV HDHindi Entertainment141₹ 22.42
12Zee TVHindi Entertainment143₹ 22.42
13Colors HDHindi Entertainment147₹ 22.42
14ColorsHindi Entertainment149₹ 22.42
15UTV BindassHindi Entertainment153₹ 1.18
16Jeet PrimeHindi Entertainment155₹ 1.18
17Star UtsavHindi Entertainment171₹ 1.18
18Zee AnmolHindi Entertainment172₹ 0.12
19Colors RishteyHindi Entertainment173₹ 1.18
20Sony PalHindi Entertainment174₹ 1.18
21Big MagicHindi Entertainment176₹ 0.12
22DangalHindi Entertainment177FREE
TATA SKY 01 Tata Sky DTH Complete Channel List - 2022 [Updated]

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – English Entertainment

Here is the list of 12 best Tata Sky English Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1Star World HDEnglish Entertainment204₹ 10.62
2Star WorldEnglish Entertainment206₹ 9.44
3Star World Premiere HDEnglish Entertainment208₹ 10.62
4AXN HDEnglish Entertainment213₹ 8.26
5AXNEnglish Entertainment215₹ 5.90
6Zee Café HDEnglish Entertainment218₹ 22.42
7Zee CaféEnglish Entertainment220₹ 17.70
8Colors Infinity HDEnglish Entertainment224₹ 10.62
9Colors InfinityEnglish Entertainment226₹ 5.90
10Comedy Central HDEnglish Entertainment229₹ 10.62
11Comedy CentralEnglish Entertainment230₹ 5.90
12Disney International HDEnglish Entertainment232₹ 14.16

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – English Movies

Here is the list of 16 best Tata Sky English Movies Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1Star Movies HDEnglish Movies353₹ 22.42
2Star MoviesEnglish Movies355₹ 14.16
3Sony Pix HDEnglish Movies359₹ 17.70
4Sony PixEnglish Movies360₹ 11.80
5HBO HDEnglish Movies363₹ 17.70
6HBOEnglish Movies364₹ 11.80
7&flix HDEnglish Movies365₹ 22.42
8&flixEnglish Movies366₹ 17.70
9WBEnglish Movies369₹ 1.18
10Star Movies Select HDEnglish Movies370₹ 11.80
11Movies Now HDEnglish Movies376₹ 14.16
12Movies NowEnglish Movies377₹ 11.80
13MN+ HDEnglish Movies378₹ 11.80
14MNX HDEnglish Movies380₹ 10.62
15MNXEnglish Movies381₹ 7.08
16Romedy Now HDEnglish Movies382₹ 10.62
Tata Sky 02 Tata Sky DTH Complete Channel List - 2022 [Updated]

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – English News

Here is the list of 25 best Tata Sky English News Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1NDTV 24×7English News604₹ 3.54
2Times Now World (HD)English News605₹ 5.90
3Times NowEnglish News606₹ 3.54
4India TodayEnglish News609₹ 1.18
5CNN News18English News611₹ 0.59
6NewsXEnglish News613Free
7Mirror NowEnglish News614₹ 0.59
8WIONEnglish News615₹ 1.18
9Republic TVEnglish News616Free
10India AheadEnglish News617Free
11NDTV Profit PrimeEnglish News621₹ 1.18
12CNBC TV18 Prime HDEnglish News622₹ 1.18
13CNBC TV18English News623₹ 4.72
14ET NowEnglish News625₹ 3.54
15News 9English News629Free
16CNNEnglish News631₹ 0.59
17BBC WorldEnglish News633₹ 1.18
18Al JazeeraEnglish News635Free
19Channel News AsiaEnglish News636Free
20France 24English News637Free
21TV5 Monde AsieEnglish News638Free
22DWEnglish News639Free
23Australia PlusEnglish News640Free
24Russia TodayEnglish News641Free
25NHK WorldEnglish News642Free

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Hindi Movies

Here is the list of 33 best Tata Sky Hindi Movies Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1Star Gold HDHindi Movies308₹ 11.80
2Star GoldHindi Movies310₹ 9.44
3Sony Max HDHindi Movies312₹ 20.06
4Sony MaxHindi Movies314₹ 17.70*
5Movies OkHindi Movies317₹ 1.18
6Zee Cinema HDHindi Movies319₹ 22.42
7Zee CinemaHindi Movies321₹ 17.70
8UTV HDHindi Movies322₹ 9.44
9UTV MoviesHindi Movies323₹ 2.36
10UTV ActionHindi Movies325₹ 2.36
11Zee BollywoodHindi Movies327₹ 2.36
12Zee ClassicHindi Movies328₹ 0.59
13&pictures HDHindi Movies331₹ 22.42
14&picturesHindi Movies333₹ 7.08
15B4U KadakHindi Movies334Free
16Zee ActionHindi Movies335₹ 1.18
17Sony WahHindi Movies336₹ 1.18
18B4U MoviesHindi Movies337Free
19Sony Max 2Hindi Movies338₹ 1.18
20Star Gold Select HDHindi Movies339₹ 11.80
21Star Gold SelectHindi Movies340₹ 8.26
22Colors Cineplex HDHindi Movies341₹ 5.90
23Cinema TV IndiaHindi Movies342Free
24Wow Cinema OneHindi Movies343Free
25Enterr10Hindi Movies344Free
26Bflix MoviesHindi Movies345Free
27Star Utsav MoviesHindi Movies346₹ 1.18
28Colors CineplexHindi Movies347₹ 3.54
29Zee Anmol CinemaHindi Movies348₹ 0.12
30Abzy MoviesHindi Movies349Free
31Manoranjan TVHindi Movies350Free
32Maha MovieHindi Movies351Free
33Surya CinemaHindi Movies352Free
Tata Sky 03 Tata Sky DTH Complete Channel List - 2022 [Updated]

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Hindi News

Here is the list of 41 best Tata Sky Hindi News Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1ABP NewsHindi News504Free
2NDTV IndiaHindi News506₹ 1.18
3Aaj Tak HDHindi News508₹ 1.77
4Aaj TakHindi News509₹ 0.89
5Zee NewsHindi News511₹ 0.12
6India TVHindi News514Free
7News 24Hindi News516Free
8News18 IndiaHindi News519₹ 0.12
9Zee HindustanHindi News520₹ 0.12
10India NewsHindi News521Free
11News NationHindi News523Free
12News World IndiaHindi News525Free
13R BharatHindi News526Free
14Total TVHindi News527Free
15Surya SamacharHindi News528Free
16TV9 BharatvarshHindi News529Free
17India News HaryanaHindi News530Free
18Sudarshan NewsHindi News534Free
19OK IndiaHindi News538Free
20Sadhna NewsHindi News540Free
21APN NewsHindi News542Free
22MH One NewsHindi News548Free
23Janta TVHindi News562Free
24News State MP CGHindi News570Free
25News 11 BharatHindi News579Free
26News 1 IndiaHindi News580Free
27Patrika TV RajasthanHindi News581Free
28Swaraj Express SMBCHindi News582Free
29Hindi KhabarHindi News583Free
30News IndiaHindi News586Free
31Bharat SamacharHindi News587Free
32HNN 24×7Hindi News588Free
33Khabrain Abhi TakHindi News589Free
34Aaj Tak TezHindi News590₹ 0.30
35Swaraj ExpressHindi News592Free
36Jantantra TVHindi News593Free
37Zee BusinessHindi News594₹ 0.12
38CNBC AwaazHindi News595₹ 1.18
39ABP GangaHindi News1108Free
40News18 Punjab Haryana HimachalHindi News1907₹ 0.12
41News LiveHindi News1955Free

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Hindi News

Here is the list of 14 best Tata Sky Hindi News Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1Hungama TVKids655₹ 7.08
2Marvel HQKids657₹ 4.72
3DisneyKids659₹ 9.44
4Nick HD+Kids662₹ 11.80
5NickKids663₹ 7.08
6Cartoon Network HD+Kids665₹ 11.80
7Cartoon NetworkKids666₹ 5.02
8PogoKids670₹ 5.02
9Discovery KidsKids672₹ 3.54
10Sonic NickelodeonKids674₹ 2.36
11Baby TV HDKids676₹ 1.18
12Nick JrKids680₹ 1.18
13Disney JuniorKids681₹ 4.72
14Sony YayKids686₹ 2.36

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Sports

Here is the list of 27 best Tata Sky Sports Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1Star Sports 1 HDSports454₹ 22.42
2Star Sports 1Sports455₹ 22.42
3Star Sports 2 HDSports456₹ 22.42
4Star Sports 2Sports457₹ 7.08
5Star Sports 3Sports458₹ 4.72
6Star Sports 1 Hindi HDSports459₹ 22.42
7Star Sports 1 HindiSports460₹ 22.42
8Star Sports Select 1 HDSports463₹ 22.42
9Star Sports Select 1Sports464₹ 22.42
10Star Sports Select 2 HDSports465₹ 11.80
11Star Sports Select 2Sports466₹ 8.26
12Sony Ten 1 HDSports470₹ 22.42
13Sony Ten 1Sports471₹ 22.42
14Sony Ten 2 HDSports473₹ 20.06
15Sony Ten 2Sports474₹ 17.70
16Sony Ten 3 HDSports475₹ 20.06
17Sony Ten 3Sports476₹ 20.06
18Sony Six HDSports483₹ 22.42
19Sony SixSports484₹ 17.70
20Sony ESPN HDSports485₹ 8.26
21Sony ESPNSports486₹ 5.90
22DSportSports496₹ 4.72
23Star Sports FirstSports497₹ 1.18
24Star Sports 1 BanglaSports1323₹ 7.08
25Star Sports 1 TeluguSports1421₹ 22.42
26Star Sports 1 TamilSports1516₹ 20.06
27Star Sports 1 KannadaSports1638₹ 22.42

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Spiritual

Here is the list of 21 best Tata Sky Spiritual Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
3Disha TVSpiritual1058Free
4Paras TVSpiritual1059Free
5MH One ShraddhaSpiritual1061Free
6Sadhna TVSpiritual1063Free
7Lord Buddha TVSpiritual1064Free
8Peace of MindSpiritual1065Free
9Jinvani ChannelSpiritual1066Free
11Ishwar TVSpiritual1068Free
12Satsang TVSpiritual1073Free
13Shubh TVSpiritual1074Free
14Aastha BhajanSpiritual1077Free
16Jai ParasSpiritual1079Free
17Sarthi TVSpiritual1080Free
18Surya BhaktiSpiritual1081Free
19Subharti TVSpiritual1082Free
21SHALOM TVSpiritual1844Free

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Music

Here is the list of 20 best Tata Sky Music Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1MTV HD+Music806₹ 5.90
2MTVMusic807₹ 3.54
4ZoomMusic811₹ 0.59
6Sony MixMusic816₹ 1.18
7MTV Beats HDMusic820₹ 1.18
8MTV BeatsMusic821₹ 0.12
9B4U MusicMusic822Free
10Zee ETCMusic824₹ 0.12
12ZingMusic826₹ 0.12
13Aaho MusicMusic828Free
14Music IndiaMusic829Free
159X JalwaMusic830Free
17Wow MusicMusic834Free
19Vh1 HDMusic855₹ 2.36
20Vh1Music856₹ 1.18

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Knowledge & Lifestyle

Here is the list of 27 best Tata Sky Knowledge & Lifestyle Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1National Geographic HDKnowledge & Lifestyle708₹ 11.80
2National GeographicKnowledge & Lifestyle709₹ 2.36*
3Nat Geo Wild HDKnowledge & Lifestyle711₹ 5.90
4Nat Geo WildKnowledge & Lifestyle712₹ 1.18*
5Discovery HD WorldKnowledge & Lifestyle713₹ 7.08
6Discovery ChannelKnowledge & Lifestyle714₹ 4.72
7Animal Planet HD WorldKnowledge & Lifestyle716₹ 3.54
8Animal PlanetKnowledge & Lifestyle717₹ 2.36
9Discovery ScienceKnowledge & Lifestyle719₹ 1.18
10History TV18 HDKnowledge & Lifestyle720₹ 8.26
11History TV18Knowledge & Lifestyle721₹ 3.54
12Sony BBC Earth HDKnowledge & Lifestyle724₹ 11.80
13Sony BBC EarthKnowledge & Lifestyle725₹ 4.72
14EpicKnowledge & Lifestyle735₹ 2.36
15Fox Life HDKnowledge & Lifestyle753₹ 1.18
16Fox LifeKnowledge & Lifestyle754₹ 1.18
17TLC HDKnowledge & Lifestyle759₹ 3.54
18TLCKnowledge & Lifestyle760₹ 2.36
19Good TimesKnowledge & Lifestyle762₹ 1.77
20Discovery TurboKnowledge & Lifestyle764₹ 1.18
21TravelXP HDKnowledge & Lifestyle765₹ 10.62
22TravelXPKnowledge & Lifestyle766₹ 3.54
23Food FoodKnowledge & Lifestyle768FTA
24Living Foodz HDKnowledge & Lifestyle769₹ 11.80
25Living FoodzKnowledge & Lifestyle770₹ 1.18
26FYI TV18Knowledge & Lifestyle771₹ 0.30
27Fashion TVKnowledge & Lifestyle772FTA

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Shopping

Here is the list of 2 best Tata Sky Shopping Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)

Tata Sky Channel List 2021 – Regional

Here is the list of 272 best Tata Sky Regional Channel List, Tata Sky channel numbers with prices:

Tata Sky Channel ListGenreTata Sky Channel NumberPrice (with GST)
1DD NationalDD114Free
3DD KisanDD198Free
4DD SportsDD453Free
5DD News HDDD501Free
6DD NewsDD502Free
7Lok SabhaDD598Free
8Rajya SabhaDD599Free
9DD IndiaDD620Free
10Kushi TVTelugu Regional689₹ 4.72
11Chutti TVTamil Regional690₹ 7.08
12Kochu TVMalayalam Regional692₹ 5.90
13DD Gyan DarshanDD755Free
14News18 UrduOthers1173₹ 0.12
15Zee SalaamOthers1175₹ 0.12
16Channel WinOthers1176Free
17DD BharatiDD1194Free
18DD Uttar PradeshDD1195Free
19DD BiharDD1196Free
20DD Madhya PradeshDD1197Free
21DD RajasthanDD1198Free
22DD UrduDD1199Free
23Colors Marathi HDMarathi Regional1203₹ 20.06
24Colors MarathiMarathi Regional1204₹ 11.80
25Zee Marathi HDMarathi Regional1207₹ 22.42
26Zee MarathiMarathi Regional1208₹ 22.42
27Star Pravah HDMarathi Regional1209₹ 17.70
28Star PravahMarathi Regional1210₹ 10.62
29ABP MajhaMarathi Regional1213Free
30News18 LokmatMarathi Regional1214₹ 0.12
31Zee 24 TaasMarathi Regional1215₹ 0.12
32Zee YuvaMarathi Regional1216₹ 1.18
33Zee Talkies HDMarathi Regional1217₹ 22.42
34Zee TalkiesMarathi Regional1218₹ 2.36
35Sony MarathiMarathi Regional1220₹ 4.72
36Saam TVMarathi Regional1222Free
379X JhakaasMarathi Regional1223Free
38Jai MaharashtraMarathi Regional1224Free
39TV9 MarathiMarathi Regional1226Free
40Sangeet MarathiMarathi Regional1228Free
41Fakt MarathiMarathi Regional1230Free
42MKNMarathi Regional1231Free
43AM NewsMarathi Regional1232Free
44DD SahyadriDD1299Free
45ABP AnandaBengali Regional1303Free
46Colors Bangla HDBengali Regional1304₹ 16.52
47Colors BanglaBengali Regional1305₹ 8.26
48Zee Bangla HDBengali Regional1307₹ 22.42
49Zee BanglaBengali Regional1308₹ 22.42
50Star Jalsha HDBengali Regional1311₹ 22.42
51Star JalshaBengali Regional1312₹ 22.42*
52Aakaash AathBengali Regional1314Free
53Zee 24 GhantaBengali Regional1315₹ 0.12
54Sony AathBengali Regional1317₹ 4.72
55Jalsha Movies HDBengali Regional1319₹ 22.42
56Jalsha MoviesBengali Regional1320₹ 7.08
57Sangeet BanglaBengali Regional1321Free
58Zee Bangla CinemaBengali Regional1322₹ 2.36
59Kolkata TVBengali Regional1324Free
60News18 BanglaBengali Regional1325₹ 0.12
61Sun BanglaBengali Regional1326Free
62Ruposhi BanglaBengali Regional1327Free
63News Time BanglaBengali Regional1328Free
64Music FatafatiBengali Regional1330Free
65Bangla NaaptolBengali Regional1333Free
66CTVN AKD PlusBengali Regional1334Free
67Calcutta NewsBengali Regional1335Free
68Khushboo BanglaBengali Regional1337Free
69RK NewsBengali Regional1338Free
70DD BanglaDD1399Free
71Gemini Movies HDTelugu Regional1403₹ 22.42
72Gemini MoviesTelugu Regional1404₹ 20.06
73Sakshi TVTelugu Regional1406Free
74Zee Telugu HDTelugu Regional1409₹ 22.42
75Zee TeluguTelugu Regional1410₹ 22.42*
76Gemini TV HDTelugu Regional1411₹ 22.42
77Gemini TVTelugu Regional1412₹ 22.42
78Gemini LifeTelugu Regional1414₹ 5.90
79Gemini MusicTelugu Regional1415₹ 4.72
80ETV HDTelugu Regional1416₹ 22.42
81ETV TeluguTelugu Regional1417₹ 20.06
82ETV Andhra PradeshTelugu Regional1419₹ 1.18
83Star Maa HDTelugu Regional1422₹ 22.42
84Star MaaTelugu Regional1423₹ 22.42*
85TV5 NewsTelugu Regional1425Free
86TV9 TeluguTelugu Regional1427Free
87NTV TeluguTelugu Regional1428Free
88Star Maa Movies HDTelugu Regional1429₹ 22.42
89Star Maa MoviesTelugu Regional1430₹ 11.80
90Star Maa GoldTelugu Regional1431₹ 2.36
91ABN Andhra JyothyTelugu Regional1432Free
92T NewsTelugu Regional1433Free
93Star Maa MusicTelugu Regional1435₹ 1.18
94V6 NewsTelugu Regional1436Free
95Gemini ComedyTelugu Regional1437₹ 5.90
96Telugu NaaptolTelugu Regional1439Free
97Bhakti TVTelugu Regional1440Free
98Subhavaartha TVTelugu Regional1441Free
99ETV TelenganaTelugu Regional1443₹ 1.18
100HM TVTelugu Regional1444Free
101ETV CinemaTelugu Regional1447₹ 7.08
102ETV PlusTelugu Regional1449₹ 8.26
103ETV LifeTelugu Regional1450₹ 1.18
104ETV AbhiruchiTelugu Regional1451₹ 2.36
105Zee Cinemalu HDTelugu Regional1453₹ 18.88
106Zee CinemaluTelugu Regional1454₹ 11.80
107CVR News TeluguTelugu Regional1457Free
108CVR Spiritual OMTelugu Regional1459Free
109Raj News TeluguTelugu Regional1460Free
110Vissa TVTelugu Regional1461₹ 0.59
11110 TVTelugu Regional1462Free
112Aradana TVTelugu Regional1463Free
113Vanitha TVTelugu Regional1464Free
114Raj Musix TeluguTelugu Regional1466Free
115TV1Telugu Regional1467Free
116I NewsTelugu Regional1474Free
117Swara SagarTelugu Regional1475Free
118Hindu DharmamTelugu Regional1476Free
11999 PercentTelugu Regional1478Free
1204TV NewsTelugu Regional1479Free
121SVBCTelugu Regional1497Free
122DD SaptagiriDD1498Free
123DD YadagiriDD1499Free
124Sun TV HDTamil Regional1503₹ 22.42
125Sun TVTamil Regional1504₹ 22.42
126KTV HDTamil Regional1507₹ 22.42
127KTVTamil Regional1508₹ 22.42
128Sun LifeTamil Regional1510₹ 10.62
129Sun Music HDTamil Regional1511₹ 22.42
130Sun MusicTamil Regional1512₹ 7.08
131Star Vijay HDTamil Regional1517₹ 22.42
132Star VijayTamil Regional1518₹ 20.06*
133Jaya TV HDTamil Regional1519₹ 7.08
134Zee Tamil HDTamil Regional1521₹ 22.42
135Zee TamilTamil Regional1522₹ 11.80*
136Kalaignar TVTamil Regional1523Free
137Raj TVTamil Regional1524₹ 3.54
138IsaiaruviTamil Regional1525Free
139Adithya TVTamil Regional1527₹ 10.62
140Puthiya ThalaimuraiTamil Regional1529Free
141Vasanth TVTamil Regional1530Free
142Murasu TVTamil Regional1531Free
143Jaya MaxTamil Regional1533₹ 2.66
144SirippoliTamil Regional1534Free
145Polimer TVTamil Regional1536Free
146Thanthi TVTamil Regional1537Free
147Makkal TVTamil Regional1538Free
148Jaya PlusTamil Regional1541₹ 0.59
149D TamilTamil Regional1542₹ 4.72
150J MoviesTamil Regional1543₹ 2.66
151Tamil NaaptolTamil Regional1544Free
152Sun NewsTamil Regional1545₹ 1.18
153News 7 TamilTamil Regional1546Free
154Mega TVTamil Regional1547₹ 3.54
155Polimer NewsTamil Regional1548Free
156Vijay SuperTamil Regional1549₹ 2.36
157News18 Tamil NaduTamil Regional1550₹ 0.12
158Seithigal TVTamil Regional1551Free
159Raj Digital PlusTamil Regional1552₹ 1.77
160Raj MusixTamil Regional1553₹ 1.18
161Colors Tamil HDTamil Regional1554₹ 8.26
162Colors TamilTamil Regional1555₹ 3.54
163Raj News TamilTamil Regional1556₹ 0.30
164Madha TVTamil Regional1557Free
165Angel TVTamil Regional1558Free
166Sathiyam TVTamil Regional1560Free
167Malaimurasu SeithigalTamil Regional1564Free
168Captain NewsTamil Regional1566Free
169Peppers TVTamil Regional1568Free
170Mega MusiqTamil Regional1572₹ 2.36
171Mega 24Tamil Regional1573₹ 1.18
172Sahana TVTamil Regional1574Free
173Nambikkai TVTamil Regional1575Free
174Moon TVTamil Regional1577Free
175TravelXP TamilTamil Regional1584₹ 1.77
176Sai TVTamil Regional1586Free
177Win TVTamil Regional1587Free
178Vendhar TVTamil Regional1592Free
179News JTamil Regional1593Free
180SVBC 2Tamil Regional1598Free
181DD PodhigaiDD1599Free
182Sri Sankara TVTamil Regional1637Free
183DD ChandanaDD1699Free
184Colors GujaratiGujarati Regional1704₹ 5.90
185Colors Gujarati CinemaGujarati Regional1706₹ 1.18
186TV9 GujaratiGujarati Regional1708Free
187Gujarat Samachar TVGujarati Regional1710Free
188Sandesh NewsGujarati Regional1711Free
189CNBC BajaarGujarati Regional1713₹ 1.18
190News18 GujaratiGujarati Regional1715₹ 0.12
191ABP AsmitaGujarati Regional1717Free
192VTV GujaratiGujarati Regional1718Free
193Zee 24 KalakGujarati Regional1719₹ 0.12
194India News GujaratGujarati Regional1721Free
195DD GirnarDD1749Free
196Colors OriyaOdia Regional1754₹ 7.08
197Tarang TVOdia Regional1757₹ 11.80
198Tarang MusicOdia Regional1759₹ 2.36
199OTVOdia Regional1761Free
200Zee SarthakOdia Regional1765₹ 22.42
201Prarthana TVOdia Regional1766₹ 2.36
202Zee OdishaOdia Regional1768₹ 0.12
203Kanak NewsOdia Regional1770Free
204Kalinga TVOdia Regional1772Free
205Prameya News 7Odia Regional1773Free
206News18 OdiaOdia Regional1774₹ 0.12
207AlankarOdia Regional1775₹ 4.72
208MBC TVOdia Regional1777Free
209Naxatra NewsOdia Regional1778Free
210DD OdiaDD1799Free
211Surya TV HDMalayalam Regional1803₹ 22.42
212Surya TVMalayalam Regional1804₹ 14.16
213Surya MoviesMalayalam Regional1806₹ 12.98
214Asianet HDMalayalam Regional1809₹ 22.42
215AsianetMalayalam Regional1810₹ 22.42
216Asianet NewsMalayalam Regional1811Free
217Asianet PlusMalayalam Regional1812₹ 5.90
218Asianet MoviesMalayalam Regional1815₹ 17.70
219Amrita TVMalayalam Regional1817Free
220Mazhavil Manorama HDMalayalam Regional1819Free
221Mazhavil ManoramaMalayalam Regional1820Free
222People TVMalayalam Regional1821Free
223Kairali TVMalayalam Regional1823Free
224Zee Keralam HDMalayalam Regional1824₹ 9.44
225Zee KeralamMalayalam Regional1825₹ 0.12
226Manorama NewsMalayalam Regional1827Free
227Mathrubhumi NewsMalayalam Regional1829Free
228Jai Hind TVMalayalam Regional1830Free
229Jeevan TVMalayalam Regional1833Free
230Kappa TVMalayalam Regional1834Free
231Surya MusicMalayalam Regional1836₹ 4.72
232FlowersMalayalam Regional1837₹ 11.80
233Safari TVMalayalam Regional1838Free
234GoodnessMalayalam Regional1839Free
235Media One TVMalayalam Regional1840Free
236Janam TVMalayalam Regional1842Free
237God TVTamil Regional1843Free
238KaumudyMalayalam Regional1845Free
239We TVMalayalam Regional1847Free
240News18 KeralaMalayalam Regional1848₹ 0.12
241ATE TVMalayalam Regional1849Free
242Raj Musix MalayalamMalayalam Regional1852Free
243Raj News MalayalamMalayalam Regional1853Free
244Surya ComedyMalayalam Regional1854₹ 4.72
245DD MalayalamDD1899Free
246MH OnePunjabi Regional1904Free
247Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal
Punjabi Regional1905₹ 0.12
248PTC NewsPunjabi Regional1906Free
249PTC PunjabiPunjabi Regional1910Free
250PTC Chak DePunjabi Regional1911Free
2519X TashanPunjabi Regional1915Free
252Chardikla Time TVPunjabi Regional1916Free
253India News PunjabPunjabi Regional1917Free
254Manoranjan MoviesPunjabi Regional1918Free
255Pitaara TVPunjabi Regional1919Free
256PTC SimranPunjabi Regional1921Free
257DD PunjabiDD1949Free
258DY 365Others1953Free
259News18 Assam North EastOthers1954₹ 0.12
260Nepal 1Others1956Free
263Protidin TimeOthers1965Free
264Prag NewsOthers1966Free
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266North East LiveOthers1971Free
268S NewsOthers1973Free
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270DD ManipurDD1997Free
271DD NEDD1998Free
272DD KashirDD1999Free
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