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The Best Selling Dough Makers11 min read

dough maker

A straightforward tool that relieves you of this mess is an atta maker or dough maker. The dough maker machine does all the kneading work for you and gives you the perfect dough to work with. It can be a simple manual dough maker or an electrical one (dough maker machine) that requires you to spend no energy on it.

While a manual dough maker is cheap but not very sturdy and does require some TLC, an electric dough kneader is very efficient and, in most cases, sturdy. However, some dough makers do not give you the best quality dough. Therefore, you should look for various characteristics when purchasing a dough maker machine to ensure you get the best atta maker. These dough makers are the best available, both online and off. Examine the particular characteristics of the dough maker as well.

Types of Dough Maker

There are many types of dough makers on the market, and buying the best atta maker depends on your needs, choice, usage, and budget. It would help if you used your strength to make the dough in a manual atta kneader. As the name suggests, the electric dough maker machine works on electricity. There are many options for dough maker machines available on the market. But before you buy, you should first know which type of atta kneader you need. From below, you can learn more about the types of dough makers.

Manual Dough Maker – Basic Atta Kneader

This is a fundamental dough maker that is generally made with food-grade plastic. Two blunt blades inside the dough maker are connected to a plastic handle outside the device. Manually turning the handle causes the blades to revolve and begin the process of creating the dough. To get the ideal dough, the person must manually turn this handle for at least 10 minutes. This is a very economical option. This dough maker is lightweight and transportable. These atta makers are small, portable, and reasonably priced. It would be ideal if you rotated the handle with caution. Turning too fast or forcibly will lead to breaking the hold. We have tried a few dough makers in our test kitchen and found these to be high on effort and low on results.

Electrical Dough Maker

The power or electricity is needed to run this atta maker. Add the required ingredients and turn on the appliance. Without much assistance from humans, the dough maker handles everything. It helps you save time and effort. Even though it uses a lot of electricity, it facilitates your work.

Vertical Cutters

Food processors and this type of dough-making machine are very similar. They frequently serve multiple purposes and can be used as an atta kneader, to chop vegetables, and to make chutneys. This device is high-speed and helpful but does not give the best results in terms of consistency of dough. The dough tends to be more challenging, which results in unpleasant, and maybe even chewy, rotis. This may not be a suitable choice of atta maker.

Stand Mixers

A sound stand mixer can be your best investment, especially if you are someone who prefers to make your baked products too. This helps make dough for your rotis and loaves of bread, doughnuts, and bagels. The stand mixer has three attachments—a wire whisk, a paddle, and a dough hook.

Use the wire whisk when you need to add a lot of air to whatever you combine, such as whipping cream or eggs. The paddle connection is used when you need to combine two or more ingredients without adding too much air into the mix. The dough hook is usually a spiral-shaped, thick hook that helps stretch and knead the perfect dough. The stand mixers usually have ten settings that vary from very slow mixing the ingredients to very fast for maximum aeration.

Tilt-head stand mixer

A tilt-head stand mixer is simply a type of stand mixer that allows the mixing bowl to be placed within or diverged from the appliance by tilting the mixer head. This replaces the usual kind where the bowl is lifted towards the authority to start mixing or brought down to add more ingredients.

Essential Features to Check Before Buying Dough Maker

Before buying a dough maker, it’s essential to keep some crucial points in mind, atta maker is a one-time investment, so this decision should be taken after keeping some critical things in mind. The dough maker machine should make your work easier and faster. Besides this, other essential features to remember while purchasing an atta kneader.

 A dough maker should have many speed options

An electric dough maker must start at a low speed, so the flour does not spray all over the place. In a good atta maker, you need to be able to speed up the process after the initial few minutes. So, it is better to have different speed settings according to your needs.

Dough maker machine should make good quality dough

It is not enough that the dough maker forms dough easily. The dough should be consistent so that your end product comes out well too. The vertical cutter type of atta kneader generally produces a tough dough that is too firm and undesirable. If your dough is not proper, then your dish may also suffer.

Atta maker should be easy to use

It should be simple to use an atta kneader. You would not have to work hard kneading it in a perfect world. 

So that you always feel in control, the speed settings must be simple to obtain. Technology makes our work more accessible and efficient. If the dough maker machine does not meet this requirement, you have to think again about your dough maker machine.

Atta kneader should be easy to clean

The idea behind having a dough maker is to avoid dealing with a significant mess. Therefore, it should go without saying that an atta maker should be simple to clean. It is best to use a non-stick dough bowl so that there are no dough clumps on the sides. It also helps if the bowl and other accessories are dishwasher-safe.

Dough maker should have smart features

It would be beneficial if the dough maker offered additional functions like a timer or pre-set settings. If you need to add more of a particular ingredient or you realize you forgot to add it, you can halt the process.

Capacity of atta maker bowl should be sufficient

Most atta kneader bowls can quickly knead up to 500g of flour. While choosing an atta maker, you must keep your family’s requirements in mind. It would be ideal if you bought an atta kneader that makes one-time meal dough in one go. So choose the right atta maker according to your family size.


Dough makers are-

  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic
  • Cleaner
  • Faster
  • Consistent-the measuring cups provided with almost all atta makers help you get the same results every time.

How to use a dough maker?

Preferably, use the measuring cups included with the appliance to portion out the ingredients. An electronic dough maker must only be turned on and select the desired speed. The rotating blades handle the duty, which quickly kneads the dough. Add the ingredients to a manual atta maker, secure the lid, and start turning the handle. It would be helpful if you could be patient with these dough machines. As the dough starts forming, the blades will have a little resistance. Rotating the handle too fast or forcefully will lead to it breaking.

How to clean a dough maker?

Remove all attachments and accessories. Use soap (preferably liquid), a soft sponge, and water to clean them. Remember to use warm or hot water only for metal attachments and room temperature water for plastic. If they are dishwasher safe, place the branches in the top rack of the dishwasher, and you are sorted. Leaving the attachments to air dry for two to three hours in the sun is preferable.

What is the cost of a dough maker?

It will determine how much it costs. A manual dough maker can cost you about Rs. 500 or more. An electric dough maker goes for Rs. 6000 and upwards.

Here are the best top 5 dough makers in India

Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non Stick Bowl, Black, 650 Watts

About this item

  • Technical specs: 230 V, 50 Hz, 650 watts,
  • Robust 650-watt Motor – Large capacity 3 liters nonstick coated bowl.
  • Double lid design enables the pouring of ingredients during operation: 15-minute automatic timer—Suitable for all types of flour.
clearline The Best Selling Dough Makers
AGARO Royal Stand 1000W Mixer with 5L SS Bowl and 8 Speed Setting, Includes Whisking Cone, Mixing Beater & Dough Hook, and Splash Guard, 2 Years Warranty, (Black)

About this item

  • 1W motor with 1% copper winding, which has a multi-functional feature to cater to all your kitchen needs
  • 8 Speed level with stylish led indicator with pulse function makes your stand mixer a robust companion for all your kitchen’s beating, whisking, and doughing needs.
  • The product comes with a splash guard, which lets you keep your kitchen clean and non-messy while the mixer perfectly blends dough or whisking.
  • The stand mixer has overheating protection and a safety lock to avoid work hazards.
agaro The Best Selling Dough Makers
INALSA Stand Mixer Professional Esperto-1400W | 100% Pure Copper Motor| 6L SS Bowl| Includes Whisking Cone, Mixing Beater & Dough Hook (Silver/ Red)

About this item

  • The INALSA Esperto Stand Mixer has a robust 100% copper-wound 1400 W motor and multi-function capabilities to serve all your kitchen needs.
  • Esperto comes with a large 6. Litre stainless steel bowl ensures you are never short of space, even for large requirements.
  • Due to the variable speed control and pulse function, you may use the stand mixer precisely as needed to create the ideal dishes. A stylish design with an elegant LED indicator makes the Esperto Stand Mixer stand out with style in your kitchen.
  • The product has safety functions, including Dust Proof Splash Guard, Safety Lock Protection, and Overheat Safety Protection. All of these to make sure you have a seamless and safe experience while using the Esperto Stand Mixer
inalsa The Best Selling Dough Makers
AGARO Fiesta Bread Maker, Atta, Dough Maker, Fully Automatic,12 Pre-Programmed Menus, 3 Crust Colours, 1 Hour Keep Warm Function, up to 900 GMS Bread Non-Stick Pan Capacity, 550W, LCD Display, Black

About this item

  • It helps to prepare dough for roti, chapattis, puris, and bread hygienically and conveniently.
  • Twelve pre-programmed settings offer the choice of menus between Basic, Gluten-Free, French Whole Wheat, Quick Bread, Sweet Bread, Dough, Cake, Sandwich, Buttermilk Bread, Kneading, and Baking.
  • This bread maker comes with two lob size options, i.e., 700 grams and 900 grams. Choose the correct option according to the situation in demand. It also provides three crust color options (Light, Medium & Dark) for your taste and desire.
agaro 01 The Best Selling Dough Makers
Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker
solimo The Best Selling Dough Makers


People want improved technology, such as dough maker machines, to do tasks faster because of their busy schedules. Your job becomes quicker and easier with the right dough maker.

The modern atta maker includes many additional features, including chopping, dicing, and mixing. So before purchasing an Atta knife, it’s crucial to understand your needs and intended uses. Comprehensive information is beneficial because a dough maker is a one-time purchase. We hope this buying guide will enable you to make the best dough kneader decisions.

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