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Top 100 best blouse designs17 min read

Top 100 best blouse designs

Indian women are primarily known for their modest style of dressing. However, until the early ‘90s, it was not common for women to wear blouses. The idea was coined by the foreign invaders, as per their culture, women wore blouses or shirts with skirts. This was instantly welcomed by the Indian women, who found it comfortable.

 The blouse that is probably Britain’s longest export to India has over the centuries gained such great indigenous appeal that it is considered part of tradition itself. 

 A blouse also added an aesthetic appeal to their bodies and made them look decent. Gradually, wearing a sari with a blouse has become classic Indian wear.

Features of Blouse:

  • The length of the sleeves, the depth of the back and width of the shoulder are three main parts to be considered for getting the right fit.
  • Blouses usually come in styles such as front open, back open and side open designs.
  • They come in simple, basic patterns to heavily embellished designs.

How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type?

Depending on your bust size you must select a blouse type for yourself.

Heavy Busted: Do not go for heavy patterns or embellishments in front of the blouse to avoid unwanted attention.

Small Busted: For those who have a small bust, you can experiment with different types to add volume.

Broad Shoulders: High necks are a complete no-no, as they can make you look even bigger than you are. Tiny sleeves will be perfect.

Heavy arms: Go for long sleeves to cover up those heavy arms and give you a slimmer look.

Unique Blouse Designs Catalogue for Women:

Top Neck design blouses

Every year the trend of blouse design keeps on changing. The modern neck designs look great for any occasion, let’s check out:

Top 100 best blouse designs
Ucmqt9MhJbIJsrkAVN Top 100 best blouse designs

Sometimes sheer net can be added on top of the neck design, like in the picture above to create an illusion of a different neckline. 

gWD gwgApzv0TsO wPtxbRwKYbNZUi 4pFe3uhs8faANR 8qzAE Top 100 best blouse designs

Flaunt your sexy collar bone with this deep-neck blouse. No matter how plain and simple your saree is, when paired with this blouse, it will definitely look glamorous!

DzswToIt8iGrnHfzvLb0Vx30nZEg5NDHgD1NMi GigSAjP thb241wzI3VshkhzwLJrTC2eShbRzMVt OWAhEHyfynKwDyneMXHN0MF1hIcsG9d7lXIgAk3VIRhNoCw4lozMs8Mt Top 100 best blouse designs
6IM4VFKZ4rtycSnXW8uLURyYWn4WA83QM2O2Qoz3tlWivBeacLlt12DjWFrjRhJJoOrqQbJN5kD8n2AbBmONlXSvAHDMxD bhi x1HC3PKbmjGXnVUo3J6wwl5rr USwnoAkSAUN Top 100 best blouse designs

This blouse will make you look gorgeous on any kind of occasion, let it be a daytime ritual or nighttime function the high necks are always in fashion.

qjDg0QRU6ahjo4r9URbkZGrd EY3KlH7jxWyqxwm96Bnkb5BNelulGcJ 14zpkpce1XLdEbGa 4SkobBRn8EhcaQngYASqaRXJKL MRYgMS20EtcCVq7yqjIZn1tiDkVcjhEf8TJ Top 100 best blouse designs
blouse designs

If you want an elegant look, pick this piece. This blouse will give you a classy look with a plain and simple saree.

IzKJn8 SYF3v4n5M6l0XNd f77uijUg0VHo1Ml Top 100 best blouse designs
MLes2SANqCbvdQLLkyZQGgBUlsl0gAggK6gIaWvq8g4fQbtQrW6c6Wk7jvE5Ex81xRRIZPv1bzA7LihDWtMn45Hbysxc5bb6aXeWeUjpnMKhYDPl0jkbp15KmiEEw5 j1WLDHS93 Top 100 best blouse designs

This blouse is elegantly stitched to give you a royal look. The bright red shade is always great to pick which enhances the skin tone. Mild makeup and a simple hairstyle are recommended.

KwErLgY4tYQF7W GWEgKPkAX9V7BYwynLKQZwiKx2 yC HhsnKnrNHSchnzZAPbCzMXbYi2jLFcNs4hcBUOlBtHSC Top 100 best blouse designs
ayHuVPNLpiaJFgIjl2zBAHWce05hvwxyFX 3v098WDG0Rf595Ugi1vLyT9ifYX9 0cB9XiX6c42xeXkFNcOiLShwF UiV3Lj7OOJBdV1Z ep4J8y ZbRJYFB npEosHAIAUK8Gpj Top 100 best blouse designs

This pink plain blouse will look great with a designer sari and light make-up.

2GKau3EOHAzAx3ymhHi6ywYveuzP5SY3TMpqn1MrTIaoy31WMjygWjwc8La3xnxHAUVlqEyBymEkBtXnwag p plOvwl4Xyg8XXRqiiMLpqiuF ug2F2IsNZitCl8KiGMOtnmm K Top 100 best blouse designs
2vU576LicRgEs31kmnxX 4SoWc0 Top 100 best blouse designs

For those who want to wear a saree but uncomfortable with the skin show, this sheer blouse is perfect for them with a sweetheart inner.

9IhMxFcPyMGxUaA2P3jwK3GZtK6VzypWD9B TsO6hiVF6 8vbSjZJdA18tHBqut P81tjLUxEQcCKZipd xBlQ25FPSe0zoCoKcBMiubYra0hDudp9DpGACeWUO1 ztKejByRd3g Top 100 best blouse designs
C3OY8BwF355LQN e0si4GAVkCdjpNbRX9bcksvVWBPDXICqnMetwbnQ4i6IZYkMIHByCdgCQ aqjJAkbVBJZw1ZFObqWmwYgnV5rorFG0XsPNhbp3ERbVcLZifzQHGoahKIklKVX Top 100 best blouse designs

For a formal look or an office party go for a boat neck blouse. Boat neck gives a vintage look to your overall personality. 

nYD3FW5Hbo hVkGm5ABRS5S0B8id0OwqKaYdI2kTovDGOFLmsGXAGYPainUXJM ubUcgAMUCCQYJbMoWwDK9uWj8gsGV988vbMBU8qUKCHsRH1V1NlF9gpCkWENXnUaUKjKnO1z2 Top 100 best blouse designs
CLJTszmeNNC0 Top 100 best blouse designs

This printed black and golden blouse is my all-time favourite. It can be easily paired with any saree or lehenga.

Top Back design blouses

tXD96Q7GwanjHssXKGS9LMnc wsa4D7hBOEYvpro7EOfpHRqCoi9iMnVsbrfm2fLiNotuiV 9sdzjydn9sDU9FDVhXdSmII0 IbNt1004 dFL3bwLrOZoyJD D82Yy1Zbtvfu1Vi Top 100 best blouse designs
sv5h8OaD1r1pBGClDZ5ff ri6aNB4YAht7Fz9tzqGc0oWAu G0oXhnxrkYzmsf7kBdekvuTaK bBgVVrJFKkqhGGHHBri hzPe0IztutuFUj7lMi0Q8qYridnNqKKUp raj0I4UN Top 100 best blouse designs

Stunning sheer back bridal blouse with bead aari work.

7qTrMXbJTmdS9yaUHxxpxQOfN1GqX Jd1JH60Lja7vgkxYQYeu hKdqvM5MawrMKGm4L5nP0TsmwB5SsXhgUXPevN1x1x5FJlA0mDe AtaO4HufKe1jHws3ZLCmnLIutj7c5nIBc Top 100 best blouse designs
YR7k ycoKcf4HrhruAH01JRnIGoG89 795Tf kGKPBQMggmquBE3rE39GBlJ99bCnBpBaVKA aWW7zie7dEParnzowikTUU9PrcFWq5 neDZt Top 100 best blouse designs

For those who like that little extra seasoning, lovely red color bridal blouse back with potli tassels. Blouse with gold thread hand embroidery work.

ypAG60x5QB4ZCNeM6WW5XtWGa4G7P y9uHsJuOUhSr8 ZuxDSkOGkBo6BgYDLHq6zkFizC5z23bpP93L4sGJbSfd3Uk5j56IUcLeTXUntUk28MDPtTDZS PGa VbRnRHLf8AVOft Top 100 best blouse designs

Stunning black color sheer back blouse with bead and stone aari work on the neckline and sleeves.

Kx 5zrgkgbhM8wag2KYTuu9RX 6q425HaCv cp9 q5iL7gaOLD13U1F7ZEWYzTeosuifxY36Mf6bNbOBKo xHdVBwNGwD15sG0yWvJhO0zok1SQXeE1mUVv2GOf 2EvCHa7TbX w Top 100 best blouse designs

A small slit with a close-cut neckline is great to pair with office wear. It looks fabulous on printed cotton/silk or patterned mashru silk. Suits most body types.

dhyGiWJPrvccYaDRekaa WITktRW3cTL5it582XuLIz tVBNolaf2USo ZGx8eag3ZuXUHor9Mf TKXrNEYAsPfxAb4mv2Uu2zYA 5YVB9 Top 100 best blouse designs

The V-back is a classic design that suits most body types and looks good on women with broad shoulders.

Top 100 best blouse designs
pjtfAB3Z8U4YcrvBhXcbQ49Ios485Ax TIF9sKvBinE9qiXLRQ oMIhLdqFM9HeOBeo tU ixDmBgy6I67oLgCNeUh0G508gFUHh0kviqrXKLb MWHAHUk5c8T96ewm Top 100 best blouse designs

Classic shape without strings looks simple and evergreen. If you have frail shoulders, add some girth by choosing a round shape.

A9UBs 0t2rLX1JhnQrDNd6pwhCelt5NaYjv7MF5V1AkxIuxWkSt6ZAqs6s3FGJoNxEUxcqOvEAnnRCiJFDzUuZnA1xgOaWf0YzKbnhfyu4F3ZjwYySwdae6w HIw9OnDcql0 Knj Top 100 best blouse designs
WurFCmhjvjxUhLpxE HMXRjbuRykYzbPIGpE oHRnEI2FaO4MSvIW50M0F7tjj5AmGbs7X3Iven qfKhRXHZIgXW9jhuK7F9F1lQrIw6kDB8uXyeG3BgsC1zMd3fAqBBvMwWnfjZ Top 100 best blouse designs

The window-style back cut design is usually made in a close neckline, a boat neckline, or a high neckline. It has a hook and eye closure at the back which looks sensuous and stylish.

bf YrY dQZD1v3ARl0CMKc Aq1mYMFFQHHzb9hmosOBeY9JAXP0LcALqOVyGgjhSRM1m3hgerM80TvZ 7Cv4KbYuSfGgxbFp6z5IihVwz9sMavAT2Rfdluvo0WQKbOfE7LRe Gz5 Top 100 best blouse designs
dPGMrWdPqZgtc4L3yK4aGaAjIP1mOLjSJhIBxNe6oy9cXD6ZsmhOBBBOPANEL4tpsXh96TX0RsUF0ZEPFufEXxSgmBug0g0we2JneVxC7vcS4oHb 73nu6SEYgcZUi4Fzb rCb7W Top 100 best blouse designs

Halter neck blouses look very youthful with party wear lehengas and fashionable georgette sarees.

H1Ez8aL221owpm4BIy MgixscD pd52DYKACSxtTvgKcegkwPCVz PofMxvDVProrv6ZfFsaaiHPDPJOA28wtyHxKsNhsKEkKgENm4 Top 100 best blouse designs
4RsUzmUuIO8kCEY2rVeFqheZh1nFFJcg77GrjCvKK8ml8MCAmyr5 I0 Top 100 best blouse designs

Chequered/ Lattice design or cross-stringed design on back gives a classy and stylish look. You can flaunt your back with a pretty chiffon sari.

mibiRBcTSrhZKvOdZJ4569qKXpKtWj937zrK9N1PJI VtyN2YJHSoegEguNn AcpW8KIJqjTvkcjXZSmxvHq062qOzQo4iYXLdegGB11mB RNy5uJ8n Top 100 best blouse designs
6b wLlIYlUsKqQrQhn6VLjcldqO2WXV2W5Rubr3hU gSgbEhGIUEjcUZBqZTW e0e7noV FSriBYQpr dD51N67s4uVvFf4evuuDOZ97p5Il3cvq8vncoFPJ9g3hGiPE Z3ZhRwb Top 100 best blouse designs

The knotted back V-cut blouse is in trend today. The style is known for actress Sharmila Tagore. She made it quite popular. The knotted back looks very feminine and sensuous.

Front design blouses

2vi9RD xX5ICXAnoBqSxHd2Wyqumnyas9SvzeSyGu9 Top 100 best blouse designs
P635acBIE0j 0AAphygPAetoDuUacA2TgQVcjj QEUd6SVtkvWFGTKoFeReuvpOXsGNe6AFYuDsyYzlPVwtqlxnVaBMD8LYE3AE5FeEtF5r6JQez9L1Evj2ns9swTIRhIfoq 80N Top 100 best blouse designs

The latest jacket-like front open design of this blouse makes it stand apart from the everyday blouses and makes it a must-have for special occasions.

twBGEGrqgdVAmbvnE3 Top 100 best blouse designs
02SX ZNn3aRHcOxY3tobT9Dsfnee Z9863lMau2s042CoNRiVfgd 1fVyc42t7NOq2lzQY6o4rX6sFt5uLqebs33kgGzyDneuaktdnU96xfVrNNGd6kKycauzU7zMn 67tLs XOm Top 100 best blouse designs

If your saree seems to be plain Jane, then give it an interesting twist by pairing it up with this awesome blouse and statement jewelry, and you are good to go and rock the party.

Qc HzBjyw4oj0mzMIHLdl368qm18WaFJoxZLqiw3Jc8up bSewq FE2Au2flJPRa41Ao088tmaKzQK8TEt3v nBW b6FeCVWcuBIwSFvHM1YmN6lYCb2WDj wXOLmlevU24a OQ8 Top 100 best blouse designs
ItLpATu1YpL3rNi6F54qGCx 2Ez dKid3VzNvlZpwmrQFgJvn71x9mPBicIeljDWI66HVFSL9rxtmI5xxm o1zZQ40vczUCOq7GsbmHx1sGclNONLWrz0wEdFR3qwQzUxw3q fNu Top 100 best blouse designs

A sheer blouse is the perfect item to spice up your regular saree draping style without forcing you to leave your favorite styles.

K6f3x03EUxX0e5ZRK4JsygF8 yVGX2IJgQHb7Xh8mNF6azQ5uqrMtvxP9IfBSUk7mz iOXlRwPMZM9zFwvF5KP9I9ysVHyfB8y6uZbTvYLSjrOnLAUBpWFRri3RoOuYD3 afPE81 Top 100 best blouse designs
Yo930gTyOggwrUyJi3Cf80evSMIgfPRADlNsrOvqklXehoEtf2s 7KBP4FkvGjoL9YS9h3TLQ5pBoonvBqrREq97NMk2OQE6TUPLl L0m2hvSNyXrM8bm8KWcZ2420OVI9KoZGd Top 100 best blouse designs

These latest blouse front neck designs are a perfect item that can be worn without a second thought to glam up your style factor in no time at all.

wDKReTuQ12DroyZodMDUA6e5fGw0TbjcU 4Q4Qvhce6Me3tY83MExGUukvZT0kAIw 18OsjJRYVdnMxtSUvFmYHaTDyGW7hTBBOfXVHE bJVOrWPkP9qyKWz0uG4JLHvCRpDqk1M Top 100 best blouse designs
9jLvnTR7WwOrPgHKvvreET Top 100 best blouse designs

When looking for a traditional yet stylish kind of blouse to go with your sarees for festivities and occasions like marriage reception, this zari-bordered round neck blouse can be the perfect choice for you. 

xDUKaCHpSjzT3nUcNtJQijTTcI7EiPsDeF5TIJqXtTwomm8LYTdIS3 LFbqZRk0XEqT3LvLG21N6zq83mTkiXp0OSrL8kKwTbEMK9mxMtW1aVVvzjkmy hpCfir6ZgLBFvDGRTAg Top 100 best blouse designs
dXE xLnS22feLwQqqGjTRkR0FYPSWMXzdLKXUo5tEbAsgsZtAWcVIWWEA kmKt0JQZ0u8Aj8IbOk rLUNpBzae9cgmFToCop1t40 AREkqNi5JAZe7BToHKYdurTDCk9o2 mrMiQ Top 100 best blouse designs

Do you wish to rock fusion wear but are clueless about how to go with it? Well, you can always pair up your solid and deep-colored saree with this halter neck blouse that exposes your skin just in the right places.

HiX ZD8jA Top 100 best blouse designs
2UeSkzXsANXOjjtLdCG IadOuMjdslfv3AbB9l02UijVUPipto5fhMpXlUTRvSf47m724iO bBT9EmVjePT2Z5 YkujR2SMLrT7JDkiRycpQYVWp3J bC9WwbeJ4wI4Yr4XWWk7B Top 100 best blouse designs

kimono style blouse – inspired by the culture and clothing traditions of Japan. It has a very high collar with half-sleeved arms. The blouse can be worn to any formal occasion with ease and confidence. 

zRRUbtGMG HJhq yw4N XohRxb1b3lBzS0loxApOBqXNS8UdS1H2 2M1EkekzEnILO9nLu6KkLHPRnywQCbgyX52Y1 A1JI2t1 fQz8HvDoDwAW nr0mp4jfl40s7fY840DfBD n Top 100 best blouse designs
d2hEMY4d6keYb9GsMbtsi4Fr d4UPeEmVo8DoSKn ZcKInQVp8GBLF6VqxUHzGq L53OxJ2gPuHpDEe4LiNCIq6 Top 100 best blouse designs

Heavy designer blouses look great for several occasions, whether it’s a party or an occasion. The heavy designer blouse looks great.

R6O0zmw9KlJNAh8DBy6Sjwe9smbDMRm93L8N01pwfROy7IRzozMokRmlCjICaMTxOUG37w7w9EbDlJe DWg2bDfHtbU1ioMWgXo889i7Dwb9upudgY0aO60nJWi4cQmcyc8lb vX Top 100 best blouse designs

This crop top designer blouse can be worn with a saree, skirt, or lehenga and will also give your wardrobe a stylish look.

f 0x4VkiX6PnVdvy709Ga4ReUiCW3hNseifRoxKz3HSJ WVflciO1evBiSRDgbpMRavPNTy2w ajfHkPsbMwx0bb7PAWpsyqUpZrfI23ZHCKMaX4ZWXpmux0BS8PGnNnN2lhe z Top 100 best blouse designs

 The bikini style blouse is the perfect choice if you are going for a party at night or a date where you want to look sensuous yet you are not willing to betray your trustworthy saree. 

Sleeve design blouses

E3hR39n699apwjdu Bk s01lT0L3xXWkpD20gxRQWbvWwLKPrNkPgXR0tpaRfR9HmVRxctbiORaO8zR5X6zsZMqVL6qlWNkOVV 73m2NkC Top 100 best blouse designs
Gchy18FhbuLNfyrb42vrCSBdApNSR IO2Y65xIEoQPs 7PbkEM9Pic 1DGiT iWaka dnS59ZvMeSqmPcribtwzYgoIwXqeYiUqNYbaAs2kMfCCw8RaoE95TjuQ A8Wop8JPu5dL Top 100 best blouse designs

This princess cut pattern with butterfly sleeves is a great combination to give you an elegant look.

3vzIVA Top 100 best blouse designs
VcOt5CQg6esQLR4Td5Z1rvTiKOd2XmglH7ra0o9v7SjP149FviGJiqh24 Top 100 best blouse designs

This keyhole pattern blouse gives a typical Indian feel. Special teen girls can try this to make them look presentable and gorgeous. 

09WBhW1dXrymnzS4VzF ZuVnh3AwkkPDvDMy66wdCyXuAG93JZYOuV8aSOx74Cwr9CnO3lA1hrdjUJmigUtyj8vsseYQ7ltmrl0aVfbwy5AABXpts k5bKYms4 gTQI5NnSBaOsk Top 100 best blouse designs

A black full sleeve blouse can transform your look to the next level. The sheer chiffon and georgette fabric is a great combination that is suitable for party wear.


With the ongoing trends, wearing a saree has evolved by following different styles. It’s not the saree that grabs attention but the blouse which accentuates the saree. So next time you decide to buy a saree, never forget to team it up with the right blouse that defines your beauty.

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