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Top 100 best blouse designs

Indian women are primarily known for their modest style of dressing. However, until the early ‘90s, it was not common for women to wear blouses. The idea was coined by the foreign invaders, as per their culture, women wore blouses or shirts with skirts. This was instantly welcomed by the Indian women, who found it comfortable.

 The blouse that is probably Britain’s longest export to India has over the centuries gained such great indigenous appeal that it is considered part of tradition itself. 

 A blouse also added an aesthetic appeal to their bodies and made them look decent. Gradually, wearing a sari with a blouse has become classic Indian wear.

Features of Blouse:

  • The length of the sleeves, the depth of the back and width of the shoulder are three main parts to be considered for getting the right fit.
  • Blouses usually come in styles such as front open, back open and side open designs.
  • They come in simple, basic patterns to heavily embellished designs.

How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type?

Depending on your bust size you must select a blouse type for yourself.

Heavy Busted: Do not go for heavy patterns or embellishments in front of the blouse to avoid unwanted attention.

Small Busted: For those who have a small bust, you can experiment with different types to add volume.

Broad Shoulders: High necks are a complete no-no, as they can make you look even bigger than you are. Tiny sleeves will be perfect.

Heavy arms: Go for long sleeves to cover up those heavy arms and give you a slimmer look.

Unique Blouse Designs Catalogue for Women:

Top Neck design blouses

Every year the trend of blouse design keeps on changing. The modern neck designs look great for any occasion, let’s check out:

Top 100 best blouse designs

Sometimes sheer net can be added on top of the neck design, like in the picture above to create an illusion of a different neckline. 

Flaunt your sexy collar bone with this deep-neck blouse. No matter how plain and simple your saree is, when paired with this blouse, it will definitely look glamorous!

This blouse will make you look gorgeous on any kind of occasion, let it be a daytime ritual or nighttime function the high necks are always in fashion.

If you want an elegant look, pick this piece. This blouse will give you a classy look with a plain and simple saree.

This blouse is elegantly stitched to give you a royal look. The bright red shade is always great to pick which enhances the skin tone. Mild makeup and a simple hairstyle are recommended.

This pink plain blouse will look great with a designer sari and light make-up.

For those who want to wear a saree but uncomfortable with the skin show, this sheer blouse is perfect for them with a sweetheart inner.

For a formal look or an office party go for a boat neck blouse. Boat neck gives a vintage look to your overall personality. 

This printed black and golden blouse is my all-time favourite. It can be easily paired with any saree or lehenga.

Top Back design blouses

Stunning sheer back bridal blouse with bead aari work.

For those who like that little extra seasoning, lovely red color bridal blouse back with potli tassels. Blouse with gold thread hand embroidery work.

Stunning black color sheer back blouse with bead and stone aari work on the neckline and sleeves.

A small slit with a close-cut neckline is great to pair with office wear. It looks fabulous on printed cotton/silk or patterned mashru silk. Suits most body types.

The V-back is a classic design that suits most body types and looks good on women with broad shoulders.

Classic shape without strings looks simple and evergreen. If you have frail shoulders, add some girth by choosing a round shape.

The window-style back cut design is usually made in a close neckline, a boat neckline, or a high neckline. It has a hook and eye closure at the back which looks sensuous and stylish.

Halter neck blouses look very youthful with party wear lehengas and fashionable georgette sarees.

Chequered/ Lattice design or cross-stringed design on back gives a classy and stylish look. You can flaunt your back with a pretty chiffon sari.

The knotted back V-cut blouse is in trend today. The style is known for actress Sharmila Tagore. She made it quite popular. The knotted back looks very feminine and sensuous.

Front design blouses

The latest jacket-like front open design of this blouse makes it stand apart from the everyday blouses and makes it a must-have for special occasions.

If your saree seems to be plain Jane, then give it an interesting twist by pairing it up with this awesome blouse and statement jewelry, and you are good to go and rock the party.

A sheer blouse is the perfect item to spice up your regular saree draping style without forcing you to leave your favorite styles.

These latest blouse front neck designs are a perfect item that can be worn without a second thought to glam up your style factor in no time at all.

When looking for a traditional yet stylish kind of blouse to go with your sarees for festivities and occasions like marriage reception, this zari-bordered round neck blouse can be the perfect choice for you. 

Do you wish to rock fusion wear but are clueless about how to go with it? Well, you can always pair up your solid and deep-colored saree with this halter neck blouse that exposes your skin just in the right places.

kimono style blouse – inspired by the culture and clothing traditions of Japan. It has a very high collar with half-sleeved arms. The blouse can be worn to any formal occasion with ease and confidence. 

Heavy designer blouses look great for several occasions, whether it’s a party or an occasion. The heavy designer blouse looks great.

This crop top designer blouse can be worn with a saree, skirt, or lehenga and will also give your wardrobe a stylish look.

 The bikini style blouse is the perfect choice if you are going for a party at night or a date where you want to look sensuous yet you are not willing to betray your trustworthy saree. 

Sleeve design blouses

This princess cut pattern with butterfly sleeves is a great combination to give you an elegant look.

This keyhole pattern blouse gives a typical Indian feel. Special teen girls can try this to make them look presentable and gorgeous. 

A black full sleeve blouse can transform your look to the next level. The sheer chiffon and georgette fabric is a great combination that is suitable for party wear.


With the ongoing trends, wearing a saree has evolved by following different styles. It’s not the saree that grabs attention but the blouse which accentuates the saree. So next time you decide to buy a saree, never forget to team it up with the right blouse that defines your beauty.