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Top Cricket Helmets Online12 min read

16 Top Cricket Helmets Online

In India cricket is not just a game it is a religion. People of India are so much passionate about the game that they want to see the Indian Cricket team win each and every match of every tournament. If the Indian cricket team loses a single match then everyone starts criticizing the players. Not only that they also express their opinion about what the player should do and not do during the match.  

The sport is so much popular that each and every kid of India dream to be a Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kholi, or Rohit Sharma in the future. When they play gully cricket they think they are Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kholi, or Rohit Sharma of their team. But this game is like a trapeze game. A little callousness can cause you fatal injury which can result in death. When you are playing with a leather cricket ball without proper protection anything can happen to you. When you are batting and a ball takes a small deviation from the pitch and hurry towards your head at 90 mph, you without a proper cricket helmet can face serious injury. 

Not only batsman but also fielder and umpire have also found themselves in the firing line. They also hit by the ball in the past. For the last 60 years, there were several incidents happened that cricketers died after nasty hitting. That is why a cricket helmet is crucial and must needed equipment for each budding cricketer. 

When you walk out on the field wearing a comfortable cricket helmet then you will feel safe and secure. Once you feel safe and you have the confidence that you can survive in the middle then no one can stop you to perform to the best of your abilities. 

ICC new safety standards

From 1st January 2017, ICC has incorporated the new regulations on clothing and equipment. International Cricket Council (ICC) does not make it mandatory to put on a helmet while batting. But when a batsman elects to wear a helmet it must be compliant with the new British Standard BS7928:2013. The regulations were strictly enforced in International cricket from 1st February 2017. 

Batsmen who wear non-compliant helmets after 1 February. An official warning will be issued after each of the first two matches in which a non-compliant helmet is worn, and if there is a third breach of the regulations the player will be suspended for one match.

Key features of the new specification, BS7928:2013

  • It now includes a facial contact projectile test that assesses for penetration of the ball through the faceguard, and contact of the faceguard onto the face, using realistic ball impact speeds and conditions.
  • Head protectors have been tested separately against men’s and junior-sized cricket balls (a five-and-a-half ounce ball and a four-and-three-quarter ounce ball, respectively).


ABS Plastic:

Cricket Helmet

The ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a kind of plastic material that can be molded to different types of shapes without any difficulty. Additionally, it is able to offer some reliable and superb shock absorption which can provide a sufficient amount of security. It is light and less costly to produce.  It comes with almost all the necessary features that a high-quality cricket helmet will have. The ABS Plastic has a negative aspect though; it is not as strong as fiberglass or carbon fiber. For this reason, you can consider that this isn’t as sturdy as it may seem or even capable of providing long-lasting protection from repeated impacts.


Cricket Helmet

Most of the cricket helmets that are available in the market are either made of metal or with fiberglass. With the fiberglass, the strength and the longevity of the helmet are heightened. On the other hand, the drawback is that fiberglass is heavier in weight. This may be a discomfort to some cricketers, but it could benefit you with additional protection.

Carbon fiber:

Top Cricket Helmets Online

The carbon fiber is normally combined with Kevlar. This provides some amazing protective benefits and strength of fiberglass. The amazing thing about carbon fiber is that apart from it offers additional protection, it is also lighter in weight. Because of those amazing features, this material may be a bit costly since it’s comparatively difficult to work. It can also be expensive to produce cricket helmets that are made with carbon fiber. 


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The steel is usually strong and is a comparatively cheap option to be used as a cricket material. It is also easy to work, so the production of cricket helmets which are made off steel is a significant number. Carbon steel can provide a sufficient amount of protection. Since carbon in the steel mixture can be 4 times stronger compared to pure steel.


Top Cricket Helmets Online

The titanium has the maximum tensile-strength when it comes to weight ration. It offers high strength and protection and could still be a little bit light in weight. These are generally the features that most cricket players are searching for. Most manufacturers make use of Titanium as a good alternative for steel. The weight reduction is a preferred feature for cricketers who value comfort. In addition, it provides an excellent fit on the player’s head and does not put too much pressure on the neck. A cricket helmet that is made of titanium material is more preferable and can be put on for a more extended period of time.

High-Density Foam:

Top Cricket Helmets Online

The term high-density foam is a feature that covers a variety of materials with different properties. Some of the standard HD foams are made from PU, which is known as Polyethylene (also called as Plastozote). There are also EPS (Polystyrene) that derive from plastics which are blended with blowing agents to generate a bubble in the material.  

  • Foam with very close bubbles

The size and the density of the bubbles can generate unique properties of a particular foam. For example, a foam that is made with tiny bubbles can provide superb shock absorption because the bubbles are situated very close to each other.

The drawback of foam is that it has tiny bubbles that offer minimal flexibility. So, this could affect the comfort levels.

  • Foam with large bubbles

However, foams which have more giant bubbles can provide superb flexibility, but minimal shock absorption. In most cases, foams which are used in combination is to ensure a variety of characteristics- to provide both comfort and safety. A high-density foam can provide a single benefit that is it is super light in weight.

These different factors make HD foam as a perfect choice in creating padding in cricket helmets.

Measure cricket helmet size

Top Cricket Helmets Online

Essential things to remember while choosing a helmet are the comfort, appropriate size, and quality.  Choosing a cricket helmet with a good fit is actually as crucial as the materials within. 

If the cricket helmet’s padding doesn’t fit your head firmly or the chin strap can’t provide a sufficient amount of tightness then, the shock will never be effectively absorbed by the mask.

Your cricket helmet should be too tight nor too loose while wearing it on. The most of cricket helmets you’ll find in the market feature adjustability, which is very helpful so that you can make sure you get the perfect fit.

Like many products, the actual size of the helmet might vary from one brand to the other. This is one of the reasons why should you be aware of the different sizing, so you’ll manage to choose the right pick.

First of all, you have to find out the correct helmet size while you are selecting a cricket helmet. For this, you have to measure the circumference of the head just above the top of the ears.  For your convenience, I have compiled this table based on information from several different brands to provide you with crucial guidance to cricket helmet sizes.

Cricket Helmet SizeCircumference (cm)
Small Boys51-53
Small Men’s56-58
Large Men’s60-62

What is Important when buying a Cricket Helmet?

The most crucial parts of a helmet used by cricket players are a shell, grill, chin strap, and padding. These parts of the helmet made of different materials such as ABA glass, fiberglass, carbon fiber, steel, titanium, high-density foam, etc. The price range may vary depending on various materials. Those materials define the quality, weight, and comfort. So by spending more, you will get more lightweight, comfortable and top quality helmets. These are comfortable to wear for a long time.

Features like:

  • Weight – Helmets need to be light in weight and still provides high strength and protection. Therefore, it does not put too much pressure on the neck. So that you can put on the cricket helmet for a long time.
  • Ventilation– 
Top Cricket Helmets Online

A good cricket helmet has ventilation pores so that the head of the batsman can get some air and breathe. Good side ventilation is also important. Shrey, Masuri, and GM cricket helmets are all renowned for their superb ventilation.

  • Straps
Top Cricket Helmets Online

Top-quality cricket helmets feature high quality and very comfortable chin straps. The strap should be adjustable and either with a click fastening mechanism or Velcro strap but must be comfortable.

  • Sweat Pads– 
Top Cricket Helmets Online

There is no doubt that a lot of sweat is shed on the helmet. Most of the good helmets let you pull the sweat pads out and machine wash them. Having a clean inside of your helmet will go a long way to making sure optimal comfort.

  • Neck Guards or Stem Guards– 
Top Cricket Helmets Online

After the tragic death of Phil Hughes, a lot of thought went into the protection of the batsman’s neck and the back of the batsman’s head. The stem guard is a very essential piece of equipment and protects an area that is left vulnerable when a batsman sways for instance or plays a pull, hook shot and gets a top edge with his/her head turned. It is recommended that all cricket players, including amateur and junior cricketers, wear a helmet that has a stem guard. It is important to note that the Stem Guard is manufactured specifically for a particular brand helmet will not offer the same protective quality when it attached to other helmets.

Security measure:

When purchasing a new helmet, it is important to look at the label. Head protectors that have been tested against and comply with the new specification will be clearly labeled “BS7928:2013” and will contain clear labeling setting out whether the head protector has been tested against 

(i) a men’s standard ball size of 5 ½ ounces, 

(ii) junior standard ball size of 4 ¾ ounces, or 

(iii) both men’s and junior size balls.

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Best Cricket Helmet online

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