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Top Hand Creams In India5 min read

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It can be a struggle to find the best hand cream for winter, but you can be assured that you aren’t alone. Routine hand washing and sanitizing were difficult enough in summer, and winter brings bone-dry air, so your hands need some extra moisture and love. Unfortunately, most hand creams are too watery, thick, fragranced, or sticky. Thankfully, you can do a few things to find the best hand cream for you.

One of the essential aspects of hand care is moisturization. The best hand creams are lightweight and absorb quickly into the skin. Look for hand creams with intense moisture, boost moisture levels, and nourishing ingredients. Some of these products even have anti-aging features to help you fight early signs of aging or treat mature skin. Make sure to look for lightweight, non-greasy hand creams to avoid the sticky feeling.

Hyaluronic acid: This substance is highly effective at locking moisture in the skin. This ingredient is an excellent choice for dry hands. It can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Soothing chamomile helps in soothing the skin. It also has a non-greasy formula and is absorbed quickly by the skin. 

Good hand creams should have a barrier. The barrier protects your skin against the outside world and protects it from moisture. Using a good cream will help restore moisture to dry hands and prevent future dryness. It should also contain antioxidants and vitamin E. It should also be able to heal dry skin. Consider a product that works with your skin type. The ingredient is an essential part that improves the condition of your skin.

The best hand creams for winter include cream with ingredients that address the problem of dry skin and moisturize it. Many of the best hand creams for winter contain ingredients beneficial to your skin. For example, the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Creme is a creamy formula rich in 20 percent shea butter and includes glycerin, coconut oil, and almond extract.

Nykaa Hand & Nail Creme


They are enriched with Avocado, Olive, Almond & Jojoba Oil for Ultimate Nourishment and formulated using Hyaluronic Acid for anti-aging effects. The lush creaminess of Shea Butter will leave your hands feeling super soft. These creams are whipped with love to give your hard-working hands the care they deserve! Nykaa hand creams come in a variety of enticing fragrances to uplift your mood and soothe and calm your dry hands.

Innisfree Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream pink coral

Innisfree Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream Pink Coral Top Hand Creams In India

This hand cream has a moist formula that covers your entire hands, moisturizing them and quickly absorbing them without leaving any stickiness or residue. It uses semi-wax technology, used in candles and solid perfumes, which helps retain the fragrance for a long time as if you’re always wearing perfume.  

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Calming & Protecting Hand Cream

The Body Shop Almond Milk Honey Calming Protecting Hand Cream Top Hand Creams In India

An essential for sensitive skin, it protects and soothes dry hands. The cream is enriched with organic almond milk from Spain and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia; Almond Milk & Honey is specially formulated for sensitive, dry skin. Hypoallergenic fragrance and dermatologically tested. 

Lakme Hand & Nail Cream 

Lakme Hand Nail Cream Top Hand Creams In India

Lakme hand creams come in a variety of fragrances like mulberry, matcha, avocado, and pomelo. They are non-greasy formulas with 100% natural extracts and pentavitin and almond oil. They are clinically proven to keep the hand moisturized even after washing. It revitalizes and improves uneven skin tone. 

Dot & Key Hand Cream: Sanitiser + moisturiser

Dot Key Hand Cream Sanitiser moisturiser Top Hand Creams In India

Infused with deep nourishing elements like jojoba oil and shea butter, it kills 99.99% of germs. An alcohol-free formula, it is suitable for all skin types. The cream leaves behind a delicate fragrance as it cleanses and hydrates. The creams come in three fragrances – mandarin+lemon, lavender+peppermint, rose geranium+shea.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Buttercream Hand Cream

Bath Body Works Vanilla Buttercream Hand Cream Top Hand Creams In India

Bath & Body Works hand creams come with moisturizing shea butter and vitamin E. They smell amazing, deliver hyper-hydrating moisture, and they’re the perfect size to tuck away literally anywhere. These hand creams absorb quickly to leave hands feeling soft, smooth, and nourished.

The above-listed brands have a variety of fragrances to choose from. They may differ in prices too. So go ahead, pick your favorite and keep those hands looking beautiful!

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