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Videocon D2H Channel List and Prices – 2022 [Updated]25 min read

1 1 Videocon D2H Channel List and Prices - 2022 [Updated]

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Videocon d2h is one of the most popular dth service providers in India. The popularity of Videocon d2h is based on the vast number of national and international channels that it offers for you to choose from and that too in exchange for a reasonable cost. 

The packages offered by Videocon d2h service provider can also be considered for its ever-growing popularity. 

A Brief History Of The Evolution Of Television: 

Since the invention of Television, it has garnered a lot of attention, enough to often leave Radio a lot behind time. It was the very first audio-visual platform that people found very entertaining and engaging. 

Television has become such an important part of human life that in a very short span of time it was almost a part of every household. 

As time passed, like other electronic gadgets, Television started to modernize itself for more audiences on the other side of the screen. From mechanical to electronic, colour, digital and now smart TV and 3D TV, the service that was provided had to be modified in order to walk hand-in-hand with the upgrades. 

So, coping up with the upgrades, from terrestrial to cable and then satellite and internet broadcasting became the new trend. 

In the wake of cable channels, ‘Direct to Home’ or dth services took the world with a storm. The array of channels and packages to choose from, improved HDD sound quality and even High Definition picture quality, was enough to hook people in. 

What Is DTH or D2H?

‘Direct To Home’ services or popularly known as DTH or D2H service on television first coined in India in 1996 but only came into existence in the year 2003. Dish TV was the first DTH service provider in India to start its journey, followed by Prasar Bharati’s DD Free Dish in 2004. 

DTH or Direct To Home services depend on the signals directly transmitted from direct-broadcast satellites, which allows subscriber television viewing anywhere in the country. The signals transmitted from the satellite are digital in nature that provides quality viewing to its users. 

Currently all DTH services in India use the upgraded version of Signal Compression, that is MPEG-4. MPEG-4 allows the coding of audio-visual (AV) digital data in a improved way than the previous methods, as a result, enhanced quality of service and technology, data transparency, interactive approach through animation, synchronization of data and other things. 

DTH services takes your TV viewing experiences to another level through features like HD viewing, HDD sound quality, 5 times digital picture quality. 

What is Videocon d2h? 

Videocon d2h is like other DTH satellite services, such as TATA Sky and Airtel DTH, providing completely transparent choices to its customers for an evolved viewing experience. 

When DTH satellite service providers were rocking the entire market in India, two of the most important pay-TV brands, Dish TV and Videocon d2h joined hands for an all-stock merger. This new entity VIdeocon D2H, has separate revenues but for their combined services were much more superior. 

Since their merger in 2016, the two satellite service providers recorded around 29 million active subscribers despite having internal problems that they solved later on. 

Why Videocon D2H is Most Popular Among all DTH Services In India?

Among all the DTH service providers in India, Videocon D2H offers customised viewing of channels for its subscribers. D2H channel list has a surprisingly high number of channels than any other DTH service providers in India consisting of HD, regional, sports and other sections. 

With so many channels popping up now and then, Videocon d2h has been successful in covering the best of the lot and with packages, you can not miss out on. Videocon D2H channel list covers around 500 channels from all genres and is considered the most advanced DTH connection of the time.  

Videocon d2h HD Channel List and Prices:

With almost everything shot on high resolution platforms, our viewing is also affected by it. From our smartphones to laptops and even TV comes with HD or HD+ viewing facilities. Following the trend, Videocon D2H packages have a separate place for D2H channel list of HD channels. 

1. Star Plus HDHindi Entertainment902₹22.42
2.ZEE TV HDHindi Entertainment903₹22.42
3.Colors HDHindi Entertainment904₹22.42
4. Star Bharat HDHindi Entertainment905₹21.20
5.Sony Set HDHindi Entertainment906₹21.20
6.&TV HDHindi Entertainment908₹21.20
7.Sony Sab HDHindi Entertainment911₹22.42
8.ZEE Cinema HDHindi Movies915₹22.42
9.Star Gold HDHindi Movies916₹22.42
10.&Pictures HDHindi Movies920₹22.42
11.Sony Max HDHindi Movies/Entertainment921₹22.42
12.Star Sports 1 HDEnglish/Hindi Sports923₹55.00
13.Star Sports 2 HDEnglish Sports924₹55.00
14.Star Sports Hindi 1 HDHindi Sports925₹55.00
15.Sony Ten 1 HDEnglish/Hindi Sports927₹55.00
16.Sony Six HDEnglish Sports928₹55.00
17.Star Sports Select 1 HDEnglish Sports929₹55.00
18.Star Sports Select 2 HDEnglish Sports930₹55.00
19.AXN HDEnglish Entertainment932₹21.20
20.Star World Premiere HDEnglish Entertainment933₹21.20
21.Star World HDEnglish Entertainment934₹21.20
22.ZEE Cafe HDEnglish Entertainment935₹21.20
23.Colors Infinity HDEnglish Entertainment936₹21.20
24.Star Movies HDEnglish Movies943₹21.20
25.Sony Pix HDEnglish Movies944₹21.20
26.ZEE Studio HDEnglish Movies946₹21.20
27.MN+ HDEnglish Movies948₹21.20
28.Star Movies Select HDEnglish Movies949₹21.20
29.Nick HD+Hindi/English Kids950₹21.20
30.Discovery HD WorldEnglish/Hindi/Regional Infotainment952₹21.20
31.History TV 18 HDEnglish/Hindi/Regional Infotainment953₹21.20
32.National Geographic Channel HDEnglish Infotainment954₹21.20
33.Nat Geo Wild HDEnglish/Regional Infotainment957₹21.20
34.Fox Life HDEnglish Infotainment959₹21.20
35.TLC HD WorldEnglish Lifestyle962₹21.20
36.TravelXP HDEnglish/Hindi/Regional Lifestyle963₹21.20
37.CNBC TV18 Prime HDEnglish News/Business969₹21.20
38.ZEE Marathi HDRegional Entertainment970₹21.20
39.Colors Marathi HDRegional Entertainment971₹21.20
40.Star Pravaah HDRegional Entertainment972₹21.20
41.ZEE Talkies HDRegional Movies973₹21.20
42.ZEE Bangla HDRegional Entertainment975₹21.20
43.Colors Bangla HDRegional Entertainment976₹21.20
44.Star Jalsha HDRegional Entertainment977₹21.20
45.Star Jalsha Movies HDRegional Movies979₹21.20
46.Sun TV HDRegional Entertainment980₹43.00
47.Vijay TVRegional Entertainment981₹21.20
48.KTV HDRegional Movies982₹43.00
49.Sun Music HDRegional Music983₹29.00
50.Gemini HDRegional Movies/Entertainment986₹43.00
51.Star Maa HDRegional Entertainment987₹21.20
52.ETV HDRegional Entertainment988₹21.20
53.Mazhavil Manorama HDRegional News/Entertainment990₹21.20
54.Asianet HDRegional Entertainment/News/movies/Music991₹21.20
55Surya HDRegional Entertainment992₹34.00
56.Colors Kannada HDRegional Entertainment993₹21.20
57.Udaya HDRegional Entertainment994₹34.00
58.Animal Planet HD WorldEnglish/Hindi/Regional Infotainment965₹21.20

Videocon d2h News Channel List and Prices:

Every TV audience has different taste, but News channels are an important segment for the majority of viewers. Videocon D2H package also includes an array of news channels. Here is the Videocon d2h packages channel list with price for the news channels. 

1.ABP NewsHindi News301₹12.70
2. Aaj TakHindi News303₹12.70
3.News NationHindi News304₹12.70
4.NDTV IndiaHindi News305₹12.70
5.ZEE NewsHindi News307₹12.70
6.India News308₹12.70
7.India TVHindi News315₹12.70
8.Sudarshan NewsHindi News322₹12.70
9.DD NewsHindi News328₹0.00
10.Lok SabhaHindi/English News329₹0.00
11.Rajya SabhaHindi/English News330₹0.00
12.CNBC AwaazHindi News341₹12.70
13.Zee BusinessHindi News343₹12.70
14.News18 IndiaHindi News344₹12.70
15.NDTV 24X7English News351₹12.70
16.Times NowEnglish News353₹12.70
17.CNN News 18English News355₹12.70
18.India TodayEnglish News357₹12.70
19.CNNEnglish News359₹12.70
20.Republic TVHindi/English News360₹12.70
21.BBC World NewsEnglish News361₹12.70
22.Russia TodayEnglish News363₹12.70
23.Al JazeeraEnglish News365₹12.70
24.CNBC TV 18English News381₹12.70
25.ET NowEnglish News387₹12.70

Videocon d2h Sports Channel List and Prices:

Sports events are the most watched television broadcast in India, especially cricket. So going by this notion, Videocon D2H channel list includes sports category and all sports channels with their prices are mentioned below. 

1.Star Sports 1English/Hindi/Regional Sports401₹50.00
2.Star Sports 2English/Hindi Sports403₹50.00
3.Star Sports Hindi 1Hindi Sports407₹50.00
4.D SportEnglish Sports410₹55.00
5.Sony Ten 1English/Hindi Sports411₹40.00
6.Sony Ten 2English/Hindi Sports413₹40.00
7.Sony Ten 3English/Hindi Sports415₹50.00
8.Sony SixEnglish Sports423₹50.00
9.Sony ESPN English/Hindi Sports425₹50.00
10.Star Sports Select 1English Sports429 ₹50.00
11.Star Sports Select 2English Sports430₹50.00
12.Star Sports FirstHindi Sports431₹50.00
13.DD SportsEnglish/Hindi Sports435₹0.00

Videocon d2h Hindi Movies Channel List and Prices:

Bollywood movies are something most of us have grown up with and might often still follow up to. So, it’s no surprise that Videocon D2H has a vast range of leading Hindi Movie channels in its D2H channel list. 

1.Sony MaxHindi Movies201₹12.70
2.ZEE CinemaHindi Movies203₹12.70
3.Star GoldHindi Movies205₹12.70
4.UTV MoviesHindi Movies207₹12.70
5.WOW CinemaHindi Movies209₹12.70
6.Cinema TVHindi Movies210₹12.70
7.UTV Action211₹12.70
8.D2H Movies213₹20
9.Evergreen ClassicHindi Movies215₹40
10.Enterr 10225₹12.70
11.Movies OKHindi Movies227₹12.70
12.B4U MoviesHindi Movies229₹12.70
13.Maha Movies233₹12.70
14.Star Utsav MoviesHindi Movies234₹12.70
15.& PicturesHindi Movies235₹12.70
16.ZEE ActionHindi Movies237₹12.70
17.Rishtey CineplexHindi Movies238₹12.70
18.Sony Max 2Hindi Movies239₹12.70

Videocon d2h English Movies Channel List and Prices:

Hollywood or english language movies are pretty much viewed by a vast number of audiences in India. Though there is not a vast number of channels for english movies but Videocon D2H covers up pretty much the best of the lot. 

1.Star MoviesEnglish Movies241₹12.70
2.Sony PixEnglish Movies243₹12.70
3.HBO English Movies245₹12.70
4.Romedy NowEnglish Movies249₹12.70
5.WBEnglish Movies253₹12.70
6.Movies NowEnglish Movies255₹12.70

Videocon d2h Hindi Entertainment Channel List and Prices:

Hindi entertainment channels are watched by many homemakers of India. Satisfying the need of these target groups, Videocon D2H services provides all the leading hindi entertainment channels on its platform. 

1.Star PlusHindi Entertainment101₹12.70
2.ZEE TVHindi Entertainment103₹12.70
3.ColorsHindi Entertainment105₹12.70
4. Star BharatHindi Entertainment107₹12.70
5.& TVHindi Entertainment108₹12.70
6.Sony TVHindi Entertainment109₹12.70
7.Sony SABHindi Entertainment113₹12.70
8.BindassHindi Entertainment120₹12.70
9. DangalHindi Entertainment123₹12.70
10. Big MagicHindi Entertainment124₹12.70
11.DD NationalHindi Entertainment149₹0.00
12.ZEE AnmolHindi Entertainment155₹12.70
13.Star UtsavHindi Entertainment156₹12.70
14.RishteyHindi Entertainment157₹12.70
15.Sony PalHindi Entertainment159₹12.70
17.DD IndiaHindi Entertainment395₹0.00

Videocon d2h English Entertainment Channel List and Prices:

‘Netflix and chill’ is the new trend of the era, thus we know, English Entertainment channels have a separate fanbase with some gripping shows for several subscribers. Here is the Videocon D2H channel list for english entertainment.  

1.AXNEnglish Entertainment175₹12.70
2.Star WorldEnglish Entertainment179₹12.70
3.ZEE CafeEnglish Entertainment181₹12.70
4.Colors InfinityEnglish Entertainment183₹12.70
5.Comedy CentralEnglish Entertainment185₹12.70

Videocon d2h Hindi Music Channel List and Prices:

Bollywood tunes are something most Indians listen to and groove to. Which is why it is important to have an individual list of hindi music channels on Videocon D2H packages. 

1.MTVHindi Music273₹12.70
2.B4U MusicHindi Music275₹12.70
3.9XMHindi Music277₹12.70
4. Songdew TVHindi Music278₹8.50
5.MTV BeatsHindi Music279₹12.70
6.ZingHindi Music280₹12.70
7.9X JalwaHindi Music282₹12.70
8.MastiiiHindi Music285
8.ZEE ETC BollywoodHindi Music289₹12.70
9.ZoomHindi Music291₹12.70
10.Sony MixHindi Music295₹12.70
11.VHindi Music529₹12.70

Videocon d2h English Music Channel List and Prices:

With just a limited number of english music channels available in India, Videocon D2H provides the most viewed english music channels on its d2h channel list. 

1.VH1English Music297₹12.70
2.9XOEnglish Music299₹12.70

Videocon d2h Hindi Kids Channel List and Prices:

Videocon D2H also has an array of channels directed just towards its child audiences. Hindi kids entertainment channels are comparatively lesser in numbers but D2H has also a list for that. 

1.HungamaHindi Kids503₹12.70
2.POGOHindi Kids509₹12.70
3.Sonic NickelodeonHindi Kids514₹12.70
4.Discovery KidsHindi/English Kids518₹12.70

Videocon d2h English Kids Channel List and Prices:

Similar to hindi kids entertainment channels the major draw of kids category are the english entertainment channels that we have all grown up with. And these widely popular english kids entertainment channels are included on Videocon D2H channel list keeping in mind the preferences of its young audience. 

1.Cartoon NetworkEnglish Kids501₹12.70
2.Disney ChannelEnglish Kids505₹12.70
3.Disney Stories506₹40.00
4.NickEnglish Kids507₹12.70
5.Marvel HQEnglish/Hindi Kids511₹12.70
6.Baby TVEnglish Kids515₹12.70
7.Nick Jr. NickelodeonEnglish Kids516₹12.70
8.Disney JuniorEnglish Kids517₹12.70

Videocon d2h Lifestyle Channel List and Prices:

Lifestyles channels offer knowledge about different cultures, countries, their foods and habits. There are plenty of channels under this genre, and Videocon D2H covers the most of it under its packages. 

1.NT 1Hindi Lifestyle110₹12.70
2.Discovery JeetHindi/English Lifestyle111₹12.70
3.Home Shop 18Hindi Lifestyle114₹12.70
4.Shop CJ117₹12.70
5.GemporiaEnglish Lifestyle119₹12.70
6.Food FoodHindi/English Lifestyle145₹12.70
7.Living FoodzHindi Lifestyle147₹12.70
8.Nat Geo PeopleEnglish/Hindi Lifestyle463₹12.70
9.Fox LifeEnglish/Hindi Lifestyle467₹12.70
10.FYI TV18English/Hindi Lifestyle468₹12.70
11.TLCEnglish Lifestyle469₹12.70
12.EpicHindi Lifestyles470₹12.70

Videocon d2h Infotainment Channel List and Prices:

Infotainment channels are a merger of both Information and Entertainment genres offering distinct yet interesting contents. Under this category also, Videocon D2H gives you ample amount of choices to look from. 

1.Discovery ChannelEnglish Infotainment441₹12.70
2.History TV18English/Hindi Infotainment443₹12.70
3.Nat Geo ChannelEnglish Infotainment445₹12.70
4.Animal PlanetEnglish Infotainment453₹12.70
5.Discovery Science English Infotainment455₹12.70
6.Nat Geo WildEnglish Infotainment461₹12.70
7.Discovery TurboEnglish Infotainment471₹12.70
8.Sony BBC EarthEnglish/Hindi Infotainment474₹12.70
9.DD KisanHindi Infotainment479₹0.00
10.DD BhartiHindi Infotainment480₹0.00

Videocon d2h Religious Channel List and Prices:

There is no question to be asked about the deep religious roots Indians have believed in for so long. Catering to the need of these religious beliefs, Videocon D2H offers a number of religious channels in its list. 

1.D2H Darshan481₹12.70
2.AasthaHindi Spiritual482₹12.70
3.SanskarHindi Spiritual483₹12.70
4.DivyaHindi Spiritual484₹12.70
5.SatsangHindi Spiritual486₹12.70
6.Aastha BhajanHindi Spiritual487₹12.70
7.ArihantHindi Spiritual489₹12.70
8.JinvaniHindi Spiritual491₹12.70
9.Mahavira TVHindi Spiritual492₹12.70
11.God TVEnglish Spiritual499₹12.70
12.Rujumargam TVRegional Spiritual747₹12.70
13.Hindu DharmamRegional Spiritual748₹12.70
14.DivyaniRegional Spiritual749₹12.70
15.Disha TVHindi Spiritual785₹12.70

Videocon d2h Regional Channel List and Prices:

As a country that boasts diversity in every possible way, language is another factor adding to its diverse nature. Out of the vast range of languages used by Indians, there are a number of regional channels to attract these audiences, and Videocon D2H channel list has also solved the problem. 

1.Star Jalsha MoviesMoviesBengali241
2.Naaptol TamilOnline ShoppingTamil544
3.Jaya TVEntertainment/MusicTamil546
4.Vijay SuperMoviesTamil548
5.Thanthi TVNew/InfotainmentTamil549
6.Polimer TVEntertainmentTamil550
7.Vasanth TVEntertainmentTamil552
8.DD PodhigaiInfotainment/News/MoviesTamil553
9.Malai MurasuNewsTamil556
10.Captain TVEntertainmentTamil557
11.Pepper TVEntertainmentTamil559
12.Vendhar TVEntertainmentTamil560
13.Super TVEntertainmentTamil561
14.Mega 24EntertainmentTamil562
15.J MoviesMoviesTamil568
16.Raj Digital PlusMovies/Entertainment/Music/Online ShoppingTamil569
17.Raj NewsNewsTamil570
18.Sun MusicMusicTamil571
19.Jaya MaxMusicTamil573
20Raj MusixMusicTamil574
21.Mega MusiqMusic/EntertainmentTamil575
22.MK TunesMusicTamil576
24.Mega TVInfotainment/Movies/Music/NewsTamil580
25.News 7 TamilNewsTamil581
26.Puthiya ThalaimuraiNewsTamil583
27.Jaya PlusNews/EntertainmentTamil584
28.Makkal TVNews/EntertainmentTamil586
30.S NewsNewsTamil588
31.News 18 Tamil NaduNewsTamil589
32.Velicham TVNewsTamil590
33.Sun LifeMovies/MusicTamil592
34.TravelXP TamilLifestyleTamil593
35.Discovery TamilInfotainmentTamil594
36.MK SixEntertainment/SpiritualTamil596
37.Angel TVSpiritualTamil597
39.Udaya TVEntertainmentKannada651
40.Naaptol KannadaOnline ShoppingKannada652
41.ZEE KannadaEntertainmentKannada653
42.Star SuvarnaEntertainmentKannada654
43.Star Suvarna PlusMoviesKannada656
45.Colors KannadaEntertainmentKannada658
46.Colors SuperEntertainmentKannada659
47.Kalki TVSpiritual/LifestyleKannada660
48.DD ChandanaEntertainment/News/Movies/InfotainmentKannada661
49.Udaya MoviesMoviesKannada664
50.Udaya MusicMusicKannada666
51.Raj Musix KannadaMusicKannada667
52.Udaya NewsNewsKannada671
53.ETV News KannadaNewsKannada673
54.Public TVNewsKannada674
55.TV9 KannadaNewsKannada675
56.Raj News KannadaNewsKannada676
57.Janasri NewsNewsKannada677
58.News 9NewsKannada678
59.B TVNewsKannada679
60.Dighvijay 24X7 NewsNewsKannada680
61.Chintu TVKidsKannada684
62.Udaya ComedyEntertainmentKannada685
63.Sri SankaraSpiritualKannada688
64.Gemini TVMovies/EntertainmentTelugu691
65.Maa TeluguEntertainmentTelugu692
66.ETV TeluguEntertainmentTelugu693
67.ZEE TeluguEntertainmentTelugu694
68.Maa GoldEntertainmentTelugu696
69.ETV PlusEntertainmentTelugu697
70.DD YadagiriInfotainmentTelugu702
71.DD SaptagiriNewsTelugu703
72Gemini MoviesMoviesTelugu706
73.ETV CinemaMoviesTelugu707
74.Maa MoviesMoviesTelugu708
75.ZEE CinemaluMoviesTelugu709
76.Gemini ComedyEntertainmentTelugu711
77.Gemini MusicMusicTelugu712
78.Maa MusicMusicTelugu713
79.Gemini NewsNewsTelugu716
80.TV 5 NewsNewsTelugu717
81.ETV AndhrapradeshNews/InfotainmentTelugu718
82.ABN Andhra JyothiNewsTelugu719
83.Sakshi TVNewsTelugu720
84.TV9 Telugu NewsNewsTelugu722
85.NTV NewsNewsTelugu723
86.V6 NewsNewsTelugu724
87.T NewsNewsTelugu725
88.10 TVNewsTelugu727
89.Studio NNewsTelugu 728
90.CVR NewsNewsTelugu730
91.CVR News EnglishNewsTelugu731
92.TV 1EntertainmentTelugu732
93.ETV TelanganaNews/InfotainmentTelugu734
94.Gemini LifeSpiritual/EntertainmentTelugu735
95.ETV AbhiruchiLifestyleTelugu736
96.ETV LifeInfotainmentTelugu737
97.CVR HealthInfotainmentTelugu738
98.Kushi TVKidsTelugu740
102.Bhakti TVSpiritualTelugu745
103.CVR SpiritualSpiritualTelugu746
104.ZEE MarathiEntertainmentMarathi751
105.Colors MarathiEntertainmentMarathi752
106.Star PravahEntertainmentMarathi753
108.ZEE YuvaEntertainmentMarathi757
109.ZEE TalkiesMoviesMarathi758
110.Fakt MarathiEntertainmentMarathi759
111.Sangeet MarathiMusicMarathi760
112.ABP MajhaNewsMarathi762
113.TV9 MarathiNewsMarathi764
114.Maharashtra OneNewsMarathi765
115.Saam NewsMarathi766
116.9X JhakaasMusicMarathi767
117.IBN LokmatNewsMarathi768
118.DD10 Sahyadri (Marathi)InfotainmentMarathi769
119.ZEE 24 TaasNewsMarathi773
120.ZEE BanglaEntertainmentBengali796
122.Colors BanglaEntertainmentBengali797
123.Star JalshaEntertainmentBengali798
124.Naaptol BanglaOnline ShoppingBengali799
125.Aakash AathInfotainmentBengali801
126.Rupasi BanglaEntertainmentBengali802
127.Sony AathEntertainmentBengali803
128.DD BanglaInfotainment/News/EntertainmentBengali805
129.ZEE Bangla CinemaMoviesBengali807
130.Dhoom MusicMusicBengali809
131.Sangeet BanglaMusicBengali810
132.ABP AnandaNewsBengali813
133.Kolkata TVNewsBengali815
134.CTVN AKD PlusNews/InfotainmentBengali816
135.News TimeNewsBengali817
136.ETV News BanglaNewsBengali818
137.Bangla TimesNewsBengali819
138.Kolkata LiveNewsBengali820

Videocon D2h Package List With Price: 

Along with a vast range of channels, Videocon D2H also provides packages, combos and recharge plans that are in accordance with their subscribers needed. Here are all the videocon d2h packages with their prices. 

1.Aamar Bangla Combo219190.50
2.All In Oe English Combo219284.00
3.All In One HD Combo223384.00
4.Amcha Marathi Combo247290.76
5.Amcha Marathi HD Combo249452.00
6.Diamond Bengali Combo262345.76
7.Diamond Bengali HD Combo261512.71
8.Diamond Combo257339.83
9.Diamond Gujrati Combo262341.00
10.Diamond Gujrati HD Combo263482.50
11.Diamond HD Combo259475.42
12.Diamond Kannada Combo255348.31
13.Diamond Kannada HD Combo244528.81
14.Diamond Kids Bengali Combo250312.71
15.Diamond Kids Bengali HD Combo258479.66
16.Diamond Kids Combo259317.80
17.Diamond Kids Combo259322.03
18.Diamond Kids Gujrati Combo257288.50
19.Diamond Kids Gujrati HD Combo264422.60
20.Diamond Kids HD Combo259415.25
21.Diamond Kids Kannada Combo240294.07
22.Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo236399.15
23.Diamond Kids Malayalam Combo242285.59
24.Diamond Kids Malayalam HD Combo243430.51
25.Diamond Kids Marathi Combo248299.15
26.Diamond Kids Marathi HD Combo248440.68
27.Diamond Kids Odiya Combo252311.02
28.Diamond Kids Odiya HD Combo250409.32
29.Diamond Kids Tamil Combo251294.07
30.Diamond Kids Tamil HD Combo252477.97
31.Diamond Kids Telugu Combo253320.34
32.Diamond Kids Telugu HD Combo254482.20
33.Diamond Malayalam Combo250335.59
34.Diamond Malayalam HD Combo249527.12
35.Diamond Marathi Combo258317.80
36.Diamond Marathi HD Combo252473.73
37.Diamond Odiya Combo262340.68
38.Diamond Odiya HD Combo258505.08
39.Diamond Sports Bengali Combo260387.29
40.Diamond Sports Bengali HD Combo266548.31
41.Diamond Sports Combo263374.58
42.Diamond Sports Gujrati Combo269375.75
43.Diamond Sports Gujrati HD Combo271499.25
44.Diamond Sports HD Combo265491.53
45.Diamond Sports Kannada Combo261425.42
46.Diamond Sports Kannada HD Combo250559.32
47.Diamond Sports Malayalam Combo255383.05
48.Diamond Sports Malayalam HD Combo254580.51
49.Diamond Sports Marathi Combo258385.59
50.Diamond Sports Marathi HD Combo260527.12
51.Diamond Sports Odiya Combo260389.83
52.Diamond Sports Odiya HD Combo265520.34
53.Diamond Sports Tamil Combo264418.64
54.Diamond Sports Tamil HD Combo256597.46
55.Diamond Sports Telugu Combo266433.05
56.Diamond Tamil Combo257357.63
57.Diamond Tamil HD Combo249516.95
58.Diamond Telugu Combo260385.59
59.Diamond Telugu HD Combo251522.03
60.Dual Language – Karnataka Ap HD Combo217380.51
61.Dual Language – Karnataka Ap SD Combo217279.66
62.Dual Language – Karnataka Maha. HD Combo212363.56
63.Dual Language – Karnataka Maha. SD Combo212285.59
64.Dual Language – Kerala Tn HD Combo204323.73
65.Dual Language – Kerala Tn SD Combo204252.54
66.Dual Language – Tn Ap HD Combo214381.36
67.Dual Language – Tn Ap SD Combo214276.27
68.Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu Combo212303.39
69.Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu HD Combo211366.10
70.Gold Bengali Combo218254.24
71.Gold Bengali HD Combo219346.61
72.Gold Combo239261.02
73.Gold Gujrati Combo244262.00
74.Gold Gujrati HD Combo246355.50
75.Gold Gujrati Plus Combo253290.50
76.Gold Gujrati Plus HD Combo255430.00
77.Gold HD Combo241328.81
78.Gold Kannada Combo217238.14
79.Gold Kannada HD Combo218344.92
80.Gold Malayalam Combo212220.25
81.Gold Malayalam HD Combo212297.25
82.Gold Marathi Combo222240.68
83.Gold Marathi HD Combo223323.73
84.Gold Odiya Combo218243.22
85.Gold Odiya HD Combo219306.78
86.Gold Tamil Combo223230.51
87.Gold Tamil HD Combo224318.64
88.Gold Telugu Combo217249.15
89.Gold Telugu HD Combo217319.49
90.Hamara Gujrati Combo237245.76
91.Hamara Hindi Combo235239.83
92.Hamara Punjabi Combo256293.00
93.Mirror Gold Odiya HD Combo219226.78
94.Platinum Bengali Combo305473.73
95.Platinum Bengali HD Combo306663.56
96.Platinum Combo299460.17
97.Platinum Gujrati Combo305454.75
98.Platinum HD Combo298616.10
99.Platinum Kannada HD Combo278663.00
100.Platinum Kannada SD Combo290501.69
101.Platinum Malayalam HD Combo284670.45
102.Platinum Malayalam Combo284479.66
103.Platinum Marathi Combo305470.34
104.Platinum Marathi HD Combo305658.47
105.Platinum Odiya Combo304476.27
106.Platinum Odiya HD Combo303644.07
107.Platinum Tamil Combo300521.19
108.Platinum Tamil HD Combo284661.86
109.Platinum Telugu Combo295509.32
110.Platinum Telugu HD Combo286666.95
111.Popular Bangla Combo189168.64
112.Popular Kannada Combo209168.64
113.Popular Malayalam Combo197168.64
114.Popular Tamil Combo210167.80
115.Popular Telugu Combo199168.64
116.Silver Bengali Combo191198.31
117.Silver Bengali HD Combo191217.80
118.Silver Combo206181.36
119.Silver Gujrati Combo212188.60
120.Silver Gujrati HD Combo213206.70
121.Silver HD Combo207199.15
122.Silver Kannada Combo191171.19
123.Silver Kannada HD Combo191171.19
124.Silver Malayalam HD Combo192199.15
125.Silver Malayalam New209185.59
126.Silver Marathi Combo190185.59
127.Silver Marathi HD Combo190216.10
128.Silver Odiya Combo190216.10
129.Silver Plus Combo231227.12
130.Silver Plus HD Combo233277.97
131.Silver Tamil Combo205193.22
132.Silver Tamil HD Combo206242.37
133.Silver Telugu Combo196180.51
134.Silver Telugu HD Combo196199.15

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans – Monthly and Yearly Pack Offers: 

Here are all the Videocon D2H recharge plans available and their prices for you to easily make your decision. 

North, East & WestVideocon D2H Plan – Popular Subscription Plan1692028
North, East & WestVideocon D2H Package – Super Gold Subscription Plan2543048
North, East & WestVideocon D2H Package – Platinum Subscription Plan4665592
DelhiVideocon D2H Plan – Popular Subscription Plan1692028
DelhiVideocon D2H Plan – Super Gold Subscription Plan2633156
DelhiVideocon D2H Plan – Platinum Subscription Plan4755700
South IndiaVideocon D2H Package – Popular Subscription Plan1692028
South IndiaVideocon D2H Plan – Super Gold Subscription Plan2543048
South IndiaVideocon D2H Plan – Platinum Subscription Plan4665592

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FAQs About Videocon D2H:

1. How to enjoy uninterrupted D2H Services from Videocon?

Ans: Once you take up the best Videocon D2H plan and continue recharging according to your plan, Videocon D2H will provide uninterrupted service. 

2. Is it Videocon D2H or Videocon DTH?

Ans: DTH stands for ‘Direct To Home’, while Videocon uses the name in a commercialised manner, which means the same only spelled like ‘Direct 2 Home’. 

3. How to activate Videocon D2H service?

Ans: Videocon D2H services will come into force automatically within 2-4 hours as you set up the set top box. 

4. How to hide or unhide channels?

Ans: For hiding or unhiding channels on Videocon D2H there are a few steps you need to keep in mind. 

  • Find the ‘Setup’ option in the menu
  • Select the ‘Installation’ option
  • A default code is given to all first time users, which is ‘1234’, apply that
  • After entering the code, go to ‘User Settings’, then find and apply the ‘Locking’ option
  • Select ‘Channel Visibility’ option next
  • Press the ‘Green’ button on your remote once to hide the channel and press twice for locking the channel
  • Press ‘Ok’ to complete the process and reverse the same process for unlocking locked channels

5. What is the Videocon D2H Customer Care Number?

Ans: Videocon D2H customer care numbers are as follows-

Videocon D2H Customer Care Number: 073558 73558

Videocon D2H Complaints Number: 0120-3989677

6. How can one check various programs and their schedules?

Ans: Along with the Videocon D2H service you will also be provided with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which is updated on a daily basis and consists of all the programs that are being aired everyday. 

7. How can I select different channels in Videocon D2H?

Ans: Check all the Videocon D2H plans available and choose from them in accordance with your requirements and then recharge for the chosen plan and you will be able to view the channels you wish to see. 

8. Are there any Regional Channels in Videocon D2H?

Ans: Yes there is an array of regional channels present in the Videocon D2H plans, you just need to recharge according to your need. 

9. What are the best networks that have channels on Videocon D2H?

Ans: There is no way to decide the best network in Videocon D2H. Though, the popular networks present in Videocon D2H Packages are Star, Zee, Times, which have many renowned channels under them. 

10. How can one create a favourite channel list?

Ans: If you wish to create your own favorite channel list on Videocon D2H the following steps are important-

  • Open your favorite channel and then press the ‘Green’ button to mark it as your favorite. 
  • The selected channel will automatically be added to your ‘favorite channel list’ 
  • Once you’re done, press ‘Exit’ which will eventually confirm your selection. 

11. I don’t like the Videocon Channels in my pack, what should I do?

Ans: When you do not like the channels in your Videocon D2H package, you can either add your desired channels to your existing plan or you can learn how to change your pack with the one you wish to have. 

12. Is d2h and Videocon the same?

Ans: While Videocon is the name of the company, D2H or ‘Direct To Home’ is the method via which satellite signals are transmitted. 

13. How can I check my Videocon d2h plan or balance?

Ans: There are a few ways to check your Videocon D2H plan or balance status. 

  • Firstly, you can log onto and enter the customer ID and registered mobile number and click on the submit button and the remaining balance on your Videocon D2H account will automatically pop up on your screen. 
  • Secondly, you can check the balance on your phone through SMS service. SMS BAL << Customer ID > > to 566777 or 9212012299 from your registered number and the balance will be simply shown on your mobile screen. 
  • Thirdly, there is a toll free number for checking your balance. You can make a call on the number 18001370444 to find out about remaining balance, customer ID and other things This number is also the Videocon D2H customer support number

14. Which is the best DTH connection?

Ans: There are many DTH connections available in the market among which choosing the best is next to impossible. However, Videocon D2H can be considered as a smart choice going by its ever-increasing popularity along with other competitors like Tata Sky and Airtel DTH. 

15. How to make Videocon D2H recharge on Paytm?

Ans: Nowadays almost everything is paid or recharged through online services. Videocon D2H recharge is no different, and you can recharge through online services like Paytm, you will just have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Visit the official website of Videocon D2H, and log into your account
  • Here you can go through all the plans, channels and bouquets provided by Videocon D2H
  • You will see the Customer Corner dropdown menu, from here go to Create My Own Package option
  • Select the required items in here
  • Then click on ‘Proceed’ and you will find the monthly charges to be paid for the package you have just created
  • Confirm your option by clicking on ‘submit’ and Videocon will update the rest

16. How to change the language in Videocon D2H?

Ans: In order to change the language on your Videocon D2H channel just go through the following steps.

  • Open the channel you wish to change the language 
  • There is a ‘i’ button at the center of your Videocon D2H remote, press that button 
  • Then press the yellow button and by using the arrow buttons on your Videocon D2H remote you can see through all the languages available for the channel
  • Press ‘Ok’ to select your desired language for the specific channel

17. Are the Videocon recharge plans in accordance with TRAI guidelines?

Ans: Yes, Videocon D2H plans are in accordance with TRAI Guidelines respecting your ‘freedom of choice’. 


Covering a vast range of channels on its package list Videocon D2H has given us plenty of options to choose from. Apart from the array of channels provided, applying for different plans and recharging is also made easy by Videocon. With all the channel list and recharge plans given you can now easily choose from the best. In short, Videocon D2H provides what you need for entertaining oneself. 

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