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Socks are probably the most important part of a man’s dressing. They take care of your footwear and feet, and a style quotient to add in your clothing. Socks always complement your outfit along with your shoes.

Let us discuss five basic rules for your regular dressing:

  • Play safe and put on black:

In case you are not aware of the art of putting on socks, classic black dress socks along with a smart tuxedo and formal or brogue shoes will make you look elegant and stylish.

  • Striped and designed socks:

Choose cotton and cotton blended striped and designed socks for informal footwear.

  • Matching up is important:

It is crucial to keep the colour of your dress socks matching with your pants for matches. Always select a pair of socks which are either a shade darker or lighter than the pants.

  • No show socks:

An elegant and smart designed pair of no-show socks will keep your feet comfy, fashionable, and dry. No-show socks are best matches with Oxfords shoes, loafers, and informal sneakers.

Sock Materials:

  • Merino wool:

The excellent, itch-free fibers of merino wool have basically substituted the scratchy Ragg-wool socks. The most significant benefit of this sock is that they are thermostatic (temperature-regulating). Therefore your feet stay comfortable in hot summer days.

  • Synthetics:

A lot of materials are usually blended or utilized in select regions of the sock for higher comfort and fit.

  • Ingeo:

This corn-based polylactic acid (or PLA) fiber use much like polyester. It is an eco-friendly alternative of polylactic acid.

  • Silk:

This natural insulator is utilized in a few liner socks. It wicks moisture and provides a smooth texture against the skin.

  • Cotton:

Cotton is not suggested for regular uses. The issue with 100% cotton socks is that they absorb sweat, saturate rapidly and dry slowly.

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