• Get Aristocrat Photon Strolly bag at Flat 59% Discount

Aristocrat Photon Strolly bag at Flat 59% Discount

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Choose between rolling and folding your clothing:

If you want extra space in your suitcase then roll your garments. This will take comparatively less space than folded clothes. If you do not require as much space and prefer to keep the weight down, fold your garments. Folding is also relatively better if you have dresses which are prone to wrinkling. Rolled products will require to be packed firmly to keep organized. That is why this technique is best if you want to fit a lot into a smaller size bag.

Make use of packing cubes to ensure everything fits together:

Packing cubes are smaller size compact bags which are used to organize your suitcase. According to your requirements, you can organize your clothing, by weight, or by items. For example, you can use it according to heavy, midweight, and light cube, or you can use it for all your shirts, all your underwear, etc.

Use the inside part of your footwear as storage space:

Stuff your stockings inside your shoes if you have no room to keep them separately. Other small garments items like undergarments are also easily rolled and placed inside your shoes. Small, vulnerable trinkets and souvenirs also work effectively in shoes. Because the shoes provide extra padding and safety.

Use creases and gaps to place underwear:

Fit the undergarments and stockings down the sides and in the room between your garments when the case is full. This will ensure that you don’t use useful space in the center for smaller items.

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