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Avail Flat 32% Discount on Fogg Scent

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Where to use Perfume?

On your hair

You may spray perfume on your hair because spray perfume because fibers can hold the smell for long periods of time.

Just spritz the perfume onto the comb or brush. Move it softly throughout your hair. Ensure that you run throughout your hair, instead of simply in some spots.

Behind your ears

Apply some drops of perfume behind your ears. You all know that veins are quite close to your skin in this “pulse point.” Get a few drops of perfume on the edge of your fingertips, and apply it behind your ears. Applying perfume behind your ears and gets instant effects. It is ideal for nighttime perfumes.

At your collarbone

Softly rub the scent close to your collarbone. Your neck or collarbone region has a lot of dips due to bone structure. This provides the perfume lots of space to rest, and absorb in your skin.

Down to your Backbone

Spritz perfume down your back. Just reach your hand around and spray down to your spine.

Inside your Knees

Always apply perfume back side your knees. Your knees are continuously moving during the whole day, therefore, this place generates a huge amount of sweat. As your day goes on the perfume works with your sweats and gradually moves the fragrance upwards.

Inside your elbows

Apply perfume inside of your elbows. The same as your knees, your elbows are “pulse points” that continuously move during the whole day.

At your belly button

Spritz perfume in your belly button. This is a slightly an unusual place to wear perfume, but it is a superb place for your perfume to keep interacting with a “pulse point.”

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