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Avail Flat 40% Discount on HP X900 USB Mouse

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Mechanical Mouse

This type of mice contains a hard rubber ball that rolls at the time the mouse moves. Sensors within the mouse body detect the activity and convert it into data that the computer interprets.

Laser Mouse

The accuracy of these types of mice is the best among the all other mice. A laser mouse has two crucial components- a light emitter and a light detector.

A light emitter is known for its accuracy. It accurately measures the activity of the mouse to make the cursor move on the display screen. It uses infrared diodes to light up the surface beneath it and can offer information on 1000-5700 dots per inch (DPI).

Optical Mouse

The causes for their acceptance are their easy availability, matchups with almost all types of computer, simple to set up, and most importantly, budget-friendly.

Coming to the technical aspect, the optical mice are basically just like the laser mice but use LED in the place of an infrared diode.

The only disadvantage is their low DPI when compared to the laser mice, which limit their usage on shiny surfaces.

BlueTrack Mouse

BlueTrack mouse is the latest mouse by Microsoft. As the name implies, such type of mouse uses BlueTrack technology. This technology will help the mouse to work effectively on any kind of surface, be it granite or a carpet. The BlueTrack mouse is a mix of pixel geometry and image sensors and it is four times more accurate than a laser mouse.

Wireless Mouse

The wireless mouse is the first choice of gamers and laptop users. These types of computer mice include all the drivers, and you can just plug in the USB receiver, and start using the mouse right away, no setup needed. These mice run on batteries, and use the same technology that is used in optical mice for tracking.

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