• D-Link router at Flat 48% Discount

D-Link router at Flat 48% Discount (Black, Not a Modem)

If you are looking for a latest wireless router to upgrade your home network then this router is the best bet for you. Amazon has arrived with a Flat 48% Discount on the price of the D-Link router. So, cash in on the discount.

Upgrade Your Network

The wireless router from D-Link delivers superb performance, network security, and coverage. The router comes with QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth optimization to assess and separate multiple data streams. The DIR 615 has the ability to handle multiple wireless gadgets and deliver smooth streaming throughout your entire house. This router offers a superb option for sharing an Internet connection and files. The D-Link router not only expands your wireless range but also it is compatible with previous-generation gadgets.

Very simple Setup

With the help of D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard, you can set up the new wireless router within minutes. The Setup Wizard guides you step by step so that you can complete the installation process very smoothly. You are able to set up your Internet connection, wireless network settings and security, and various other things. So, you do not need a networking expert to configure your devices.

Easy To Protect

The DIR-615 compatible with the latest wireless security features to protect against unauthorized access either it is from the wireless network or from the Internet. It also supports WPA and WPA2 standards which makes sure that you are able to use the best possible encryption, irrespective of your client devices. Additionally, the Wireless N 300 Router utilizes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to protect from probable attacks from the Internet.

Think Green

This may perhaps seem like an ordinary router but it is not true. The is an eco-friendly router which will take care of your wallet. The DIR-615 is manufactured to save energy, take care of our environment from harmful substances and minimize waste by using recyclable packaging. D-Link Green router offer alternatives without compromising with the performance.

Therefore, visit Amazon now and avail Flat 48% Discount on the price of the D-Link router. Hurry up!

INR 941
INR 1,800