• D-Link Wireless Router at Flat 49% Discount

D-Link Wireless Router at Flat 49% Discount (Black)

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The router presents outstanding wireless throughput speed and range. It provides a user-friendly Web interface and a generous set of networking features. If you want to upgrade your router and don’t require any fancy features then it is ideal for you. It’s a superb entry-level Wireless-N router that provides you possibly the biggest value for your money among wireless routers.

Design and ease of use:

The DIR-615 is a classic wireless router, having a rectangular shape measuring 4.6 inches by 7.6 inches by 1.2 inches. It comes with two antennae and ports which are placed on the back.

It is easy for users to install and operate the DIR-615. The router offers Quick Router Setup software within a CD which guides you throughout the setup via a few simple steps. You can also get illustrations on how to set up the hardware. Additionally, you get a manual within the CD.

If you want to launch its Web interface then you have to plug in the router and log in the Web browser to the IP address.


D-Link has a Captcha validation with the log-in of the Web interface. This will provide you even more security.

It also provides parental control tools which contain Network Filter, Access Control, Web site Filter, and Inbound Control. These tools help you to control the network and limit access to the Internet by particular criteria, just like setting a computer to only enable access to instant-messenger services within a certain time period. The router also allows you to customize its firewall to permit some services, but not others.

For protection, the router includes almost all encryption standards found in wireless routers which contains all the variations of WEP and WPA. It also supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, a feature which allows for quickly adding wireless clients to the network without having to manually type in the encryption key.

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