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How to prepare your Digitek Professional Tripods:

Verify that your camera has a tripod mount

All the latest cameras are tripod-capable, but some smaller size cameras are not. The tripod mount is actually a tiny hole with screw threads situated on the lower part of the camera. It is generally about 1/4 inch in diameter.
Most of the small cameras of the “point and shoot” range have 1/4-20 UNC threads. Some larger and pro cameras have 3/8-16 UNC threads.

Remove the camera plate from your tripod

The camera plate is the part that fixes the camera to the tripod. Find a quick-release clip or lever which will unlock the camera plate from the main body of this tripod. There are several ways to attach a camera to the main body of a tripod. Whereas, most of the tripods use a removable camera plate to make it much easier to install your device.

This step can make it easier to screw the camera onto the tripod. Ensure that the plate on the tripod includes the same size screw as your camera. Don’t assume all camera is compatible with every camera plate. You can buy a new camera plate which suits both your camera and your tripod.

Level the tripod

Adjust the legs to make sure that they stand stably on the ground. Now increase the height of the tripod according to your needs. You are able to fix a camera to the tripod before you set up the tripod. But your camera will probably be safer if you organize the base first. If you want to expand the legs then before doing this make sure that they are firmly locked in place.
Some tripods include an in-built bubble level that helps you to stabilize the rig.

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