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Today we are going to discuss utilizing flash and why you need to drag all that heavy equipment on-site with you. This is incredibly effective and here are a few reasons why it is beneficial.

Benefits of using an External Flash:

A cleaner look to the diffusers you use to soften your lighting

There are handheld diffusers which you can use with your internal flash but with an external flash, you can purchase diffusers that hook to the flash to make it easier and cleaner looking.
Color diffusers may also be used to change the color of your lighting.

Reflectors can change the angles and intensity of bounced light

Once again there are handheld ones but the feature that attaches to your flash make it much easier.

Flexibility to the ways you can angle and turn it

Most external flashes rotate therefore the light can be moved to come from a wider variety of angles.

Red-eye reduction in portraits

The light is no longer originating from close to the center of the camera so your possibilities for red-eye are much less.

Better illumination of subjects who are farther away

An external flash is much more powerful than the inbuilt one, therefore, it has a larger range it can cover.

More control of your lighting

There are options on your external flash that can enable you to adjust the brightness and you just have more overall control of your lighting.

The lighting looks more natural

Lights are not generally straight in front of us, so with an external flash, you can create the lighting look like it is coming from above or from the side.

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