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How to test your Blood Sugar?

If you test many times a day or only one time, following a testing routine can help you protect against infection, get accurate results, and considerably better monitor your blood sugar.

Here is a step-by-step procedure you may follow:

1. Clean both hands with warm, soapy water. After that dry them perfectly with a clean towel. If you are using an alcohol swab, make sure to let the region dried out properly before testing.

2. Prepare a clean lancet device by putting a clean needle. This is a spring-loaded device that contains the needle, and it’s what you’ll require to prick the tip of your finger.

3. Take away one test strip from your bottle or box of strips. Ensure that you close the bottle or box properly to prevent damaging the other strips with dirt or dampness.

4. All current meters have you put in the strip into the meter before you collect blood so that you can add the blood sample to the strip when it is in the meter. With some older meters, initially, you put the blood on the strip and after that put the strip in the meter.

5. Stick the side of your fingertip with the lancet. Some glucose testing devices allow for examining from several sites on your body, just like your arm. Go through your device’s manual to ensure you’re taking blood from the appropriate place.

6. Wipe off the initial drop of blood, and after that collect a drop of blood on the test strip. Ensuring that you have a sufficient amount of blood for a reading. Be cautious to let only the blood, not your skin, touch the strip. Residue from food or medication may affect the test’s results.

7. Stop the bleeding by keeping a clean cotton ball or gauze pad on the region where you used the lancet. Apply pressure as long as the bleeding has stopped.

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