End of Season Discounts Up To 70% Off or Discount on Top Fashion Brands

End of Season Discounts Up To 70% Off or Discount on Top Fashion Brands from Flipkart.

Flipkart Fashion Weekends are here. This is a great opportunity fashion fanatics who love to live in style.

Why Fashion is Important?

Fashion reveals your personality. Your clothes tell so many things about you because, instinctively, we judge people by their appearances. In a professional environment, a man wearing a well tailored suit or a woman wearing a graceful saree obviously looks more dependable and respectful than people who are not so well dressed. But during a casual celebration or beachside party, a man wearing shorts and T-shirts or a woman wearing a colorful sarong will definitely look more attractive than people wearing formal dresses. In simple words, your style shows who you are, how your mood is and in what type of society you belong.

It is said that ‘Birds Of A Feather Flock Together’, and this phrase tells us a truth. And the truth is that people of similar profession, taste, interest and social status wear similar dresses. Another fact is that your dress expresses your mood. You dress “up” when you are happy and dress “down” when we are sad. And it is also true that aristocrates dress in a certain way and most middle class men and women and people with very low income dress in a certain way. Therefore what you wear tells many things about who you are.

A Little Bit of Frippery Matters

There are three types of people – 1. Those who accept fashion, 2. Those who reject fashion, and 3. Those who just don’t care. People who accept fashion may look cool and trendy. People who reject fashion may look like a rebellion, or a mafia. And people who don’t care may look like a philosopher, or a homeless person. These ideas may sound a bit cliche but in most cases these observations are accurate. Your dress tells us about your reaction to the society you live in. Therefore, a little bit of frippery can help you earn respect, gain goodwill and win friends in your society.

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