Engage Men Combo Deo (Mate+Jump+Intesity) Pack of 3

Features of Engage Mate: 1. Engage Mate is a timeless masculine fragrance. 2. The fragrance has been kept true to its modern character with a zesty fresh masculine heart that boldly combines elements of cologne with strong floralcy. 3. It expresses a man’s refined elegance and natural simplicity. Features of Engage Jump 1. Engage Jump is a deep sensual fragrance for a stylish man. 2. The citrusy fruity freshness gives it the modern touch, while lavender and woods bring to it classic elements adding to the depth and warmth. 3. A sensual and extremely contemporary fragrance, it’s the lifestyle choice of a modern man. Features of Engage Intensity 1. Engage Intensity is a cool blend of citrus and mint fragrance for stylish men. 2. The fragrance is fresh built on the cooling aspect of mint. 3. Floral notes sustain the freshness and make it soft and rounded in conjunction with musk. 4. All day wear for a casual and confident man.Set Wet Perfume, 120ml (Spunky and Funky Avatar, Pack of 2)




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