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FitKit 500 Air bike at Flat 51% Discount (Black/Grey)

Are you looking for an Air bike for your workout? FitKit has come out with an affordable Air bike for you. Now get this FitKit 500 Air Bike at a Flat 51% Discount. So, do not miss the chance. If you miss the offer, then you shall regret later. Grab the offer now on Flipkart.

Exercise Air Bike with Back Rest

Fitkit 500 Air bike is easy to use and comfortable domestic work out equipment. This portable equipment can be placed within a small space. Cycling on the road may cause an accident. So, avoid cycling on the roads and complete your workout at home with this Air bike. The Air Bike includes back support and an enjoyable saddle for greater comfort.

Back Rest for Comfort

The Air Bike features a comfortable backrest which makes the equipment for both aged people and those who have back related problems. The backrest also makes workout enjoyable for all users without interrupting the workout.

Saddle and Adjustable Seat

The Bike features a super comfortable saddle and height adjustable seat, which is appropriate for users of different heights.

Resistance Variance

The resistance of the equipment can be easily increased or decreased, just by rotating a knob. So, you can change the quality of work out according to your requirements.

Adjustable Handles

This bike also includes an adjustable handle. So, you can adjust the handle up or down regarding your height and comfort.

Pedals with Foot Locking

The FitKit 500 Air Bike features a lock system in the pedals to prevent jerking or slippage of the foot from the pedal. So, this lock system offers a comfortable smooth movement of the joints and foot.

Display Meter

The device has a monitoring device which shows the time, distance traveled, speed and calories burned. This can help in monitoring the improvement of one’s workout. The product has a digital LED display which is easily visible and is very simple to understand.

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