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How you can know what perfume fits you best?

1. Always try a new fragrance in the morning

If you want to know which fragrance suits you then you must try it at Morning. Morning is the best time to smell because you are not affected by the scents you experience earlier.
Always purchase scents during the morning to assess the combinations which suit you.

2. Ask yourself what type of scent you prefer most?

Select the scent that you like. Always choose the perfume which attracts you the most and makes you happy. These types of perfumes match with your personality.

3. Avoid too many perfumes

The sense of smell is extremely sensitive. You can not try more than three perfumes because the body cannot process different perfumes at a time.

4. Always Consider your skin type

Scents respond with the nature of the skin.
Put a small drop of perfume on your wrist but do not rube it. If you are rubbing it then the composition of the perfume will break down because of the heat and therefore it will lose its smell. Leave the scent on the skin to soak up, and after that, you are able to decide if it suits you or not.

5. The event and season play a huge part

Time plays an important part in the choice of fragrance. Scents differ from season to season and vary from time to time.

During the winter, professionals suggest the use of warm wood perfumes blended with the smell of oriental spices. At the time of summer, it is more suitable to utilize refreshing perfumes which combine acidic and floral layers.

Perfumes that you should use in the daytime are made up of delicate and refreshing combinations of flowers and citrus. For Evening events you can use heavy, exciting and oriental aroma, like amber, musk, and spices.

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