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The sport of foosball has official rules but here we now have gathered a simplified set of the guidelines which is appropriate for pub/club, local tournaments, and home games.

No Spinning

The coin toss winner selects either to pick a side or kick-off first.

Kick Off

The kick-off is actually served from the midfield (5-bar). The team who conceded the last goal will kick-offs the game.


To serve the ball, first, ask your opponent if he is “ready or not?”. If they say “ready”, you can start. The ball has to touch two players and then you have to wait for one second before you pass or shoot.

Ball Off Table

The ball is called ‘out’ if this leaves the playfield. You can restart the game with a serve by the defender of the team that did not throw the ball out.

Dead Ball

A ball is called ‘dead’ if the ball can’t be reached by any player figure. You can restart the game with a kick-off by the team conceded the last goal. In case the ball goes dead behind a midfield bar then restart with a serve from the closest defender.

Scoring a Goal

You are able to score a goal with any player figure on any bar. Once the ball goes in the goal then it counts as a goal.


The fine for spinning is a kick-off for your opposition. It’s a spin in case the bar revolves more than 360˚ before or after striking the ball.


It is considered illegal to crash the rods or move the table. The ball is offered to the other team on the nearby rod forward from where the ball the jarred.


In case the ball is not moving then you are not able to pass it from the midfield to the forward or from defense to midfield without initial touching a second player figure.


In case you break a rule then the opponent can get the chance to kick-off or continue play from the present position. Other fouls consist of annoying your opposition and using slang language.

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