• Flat 38 Discount on Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Flat 43% Discount on Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

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A brief description of the Gaming Mouse

The top quality gaming mouse offers you the required accuracy and cursor movement in case of a single shooter or a multiplayer strategy game. The Logitech G300S is loaded with features like on-the-fly DPI switching, programmable controls, and onboard memory. This gaming mouse is not only efficient but also durable.

9 Programmable Controls

You may use the default set up or configuration one-button triggers to perform sophisticated combos and functions that need to access in-game menus.

Sculpted, Ambidextrous Shape

This long-lasting, ambidextrous gaming mouse is made to use for multipurpose which is also comfortable and space-efficient.

User-configurable Lighting

You are able to customize the mouse with approximately seven colour variations for several functions, which help you to understand the active settings at the time of gameplay.

A Mouse with a Brain

Set up your mouse once, and you shall never need to do it again. Its onboard memory remembers user profiles, so you can connect your mouse to a new computer and start playing straight away.

On-the-fly DPI Switching

Different game features need to have different DPI settings. Sniping needs targeted precision, when scanning the game map needs quick movement. The G300S allows you to shift through multiple DPI settings (250 to 2500), which makes sure that you are able to make the right moves and can adjust to any circumstance.

The Science of Speed

Due to its report rate of 1 millisecond, the G300S catches all your swift moves.

Sturdy Build

The G300S can survive even the lengthiest and the most powerful gaming sessions with a lifetime of 10 million clicks and feet of travel at 250 km.

Smooth Feet

It offers sleek and precise movements on any kind of surface, because of its low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet.

Make it Yours

Customize buttons and tracking profiles for your preferred video games using the Logitech Gaming Software. It matches the instructions to the games, avoiding the requirement to reconfigure it again.

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