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How to connect an External Hard Disk:

1. Learn how to add an external hard disk to your PC

Some external hard disks will be usable right after inserting them into an available USB port on your PC. But most of the external hard disks have to be formatted to fit with your PC.
Formatting is an easy process that you can complete from within your PC’s in-built settings.

2. Check your PC’s connections

Most of the computers have USB 3.0 ports which look like rectangular holes in the side or front of your CPU cabinet. But latest Macs and some Windows PC use USB-C connections.

3. Space requirements

External hard disks generally come in various size anything from 512 gigabytes to several terabytes in size. Ensure that you purchase a hard disk that has more space than your requirement.

4. Select between a conventional hard disk and a solid-state drive

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are considerably faster than conventional external hard disks. But solid-state drives are also much more expensive than conventional hard disks. If you want to run an operating system or editing software from the external drive, though, an SSD will probably be better for responsiveness than a conventional hard disk.

5. Know which brands to consider

If you want a quality product at an affordable price then select the following popular external drive:

  • Western Digital
  • Seagate
  • Sony
  • Samsung

6. Purchase an external hard disk drive that fulfills your needs

Once you have purchased your hard disk from a tech department store or an online outlet, you have to install it on your Windows computer or Mac.

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