• Flat 67 Discount on Swiss Republic Cotton Bath Towel

Flat 67% Discount on Swiss Republic Cotton Bath Towel

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Towel Fabrics:


Top quality cotton towels are very easy to find at affordable prices, making them the best bath towels for most of the bathrooms.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton towels are probably the most famous types of bath towels. Compared with a regular cotton towel, the long fibers of Egyptian cotton offer even more softness and durability. So, try them and experience more comfortable for an extended period of time.


Bamboo is considered as a renewable resource. So, now you can select bamboo eco-friendly towels. At the same time, bamboo is naturally mildew-resistant and antibacterial.

Turkish Cotton

Just like Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton threads are also long, that makes them very soft and long-lasting. The long threads also signify the fabric can be woven tighter, that produces these towels very absorbent. Turkish cotton also has a little bit of a gloss, which is very fabulous.

Types of Towel according to Uses:

Bath Towel

The quality bath towel is perfect for most drying duties. From drying off after a shower to wrapping up wet hair and drying off children after bath time, it will dry you out.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are big enough to make you think special. These extra-large bath towels do an excellent job of warmly wrapping you after a long soak.

Hand Towel

This hand towel will hang properly and let for sufficient space to dry up properly. Hand towels are useful but are also an easy, economical decorative bath accessory.

Finger Towel

Finger towels are a marginally smaller edition of hand towels. They are perfect for smaller spaces and are an outstanding touch to your bathroom decoration.

Wash Cloth

These small towels are the essential in-shower size for cleaning your skin. Washcloths are also perfect for washing your face over the sink or for clearing small spills on the bathroom counter.

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