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There are 7 fundamental camera parts of a modern DSLR camera:

1. Lens

The lens is one of the most important parts of a camera. The light penetrates via the lens, and this is where the imaging process starts. The lens can also differ in focal length, aperture, and other details.

2. LCD Screen

The LCD screen is generally found on the back of the camera. There are several types of LCD available in the market. On DSLRs, the LCD helps you to view and edit images after shooting. Some other cameras have a “live mode” too.

3. Shutter Release

The shutter release button is the system that “releases” the shutter to let in light. The shutter speed determines the period of time the shutter is left open for exposure.

4. Flash

You shall find in-built flash on most of the cameras apart from some professional-grade DSLRs. The flash provides a little bit of extra light at the time of poor or low light conditions.

5. Aperture

With the help of the aperture, you can adjust the diameter of the lens which manages the amount of light reaching the image sensor.

6. Image Sensor

The sensor transforms the optical image to an electronic signal or data. The camera stores data in a memory card. CMOS and CCD are the two main types of image sensors found in most digital cameras. Both types of sensor execute the same task, but each has a unique method of performance.

7. Memory Card

The memory card stores all of the graphic details, and they vary in size and speed capacity. CF and SD cards are the two main forms of memory cards available in the market.

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