• Garnier Men Acno Fight facewash

Garnier Men facewash at Flat 25% Discount

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Product Description:

Germs & oil attack men’s skin continuously and bring back pimples repeatedly. Utilize Garnier Men AcnoFight Men’s FaceWash which fight against up to 99.9% pimple-causing germs. If you want to get rid of pimples then massage on wet face & rinse with water. To get the best result you can use the face wash twice daily. So, start using this product today.

Fights 6 Signs of Acne

The men facewash from Garnier fights acne, to reveal a fresher looking skin, every time you use it. The Garnier Acnofight is an outstanding formulation, with a 6-in-1 pimple clearing formula, which fights 6 signs of acne efficiently. Utilize the Garnier Acnofight Facewash for men on a regular basis to keep your skin clean and refreshed at all times. So, this power-packed face wash is a must grooming item, no matter where you go.

Natural Ingredients for Effective Cleansing

This Garnier Men AcnoFight Face Wash 100g is produced with natural ingredients, to offer you a healthy glow with every use. It has micro-beads which scrub the skin, remove blackheads and unclog pores. Apart from controlling oil secretion, these natural ingredients regenerate and repair your skin to provide you a healthy look. It includes Salicylic acid, known for its cleansing properties and neutralizing bacteria. After using this Garnier face wash you shall feel fresh and cool each time.

How to use?

First, wash your face with normal water then softly massage in a circular motion all over your face. Avoid the eye contour region. Rinse completely to reveal a cleaner, fresher skin.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Garnier
  • Pack Size: 100 g
  • Gender: Men
  • Formulated with natural ingredients to fight 6 signs of Acne
  • Suitable for Acne-prone skin
  • Contains: Micro-beads for exfoliation, Salicylic acid for cleansing and anti-microbial action
  • Gives a healthy appearance by regenerating and repairing your skin

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