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Step: 1

Boil a cup of water. To heat a cup of water quickly and easily, on a microwave for 1 minute. You can also heat it on the gas oven by using a kettle or pan. You can heat it up over medium-high temperature, then take the water off of the gas oven before it begins to boil.
A kettle always makes it easy for you to pour the hot water into your mug.

Step: 2

Now put 1 to 2 teaspoons of instant coffee into a mug. You may check your instant coffee container’s label to find out how much you need to use to get the best taste. Most of the companies suggest 1 to 2 teaspoons for 1 cup of water. You change the amount of coffee according to your taste.

Step: 3

Now add a tablespoon of cold water with this coffee. Blending the coffee with a little bit of cold water gently to dissolves it properly. Gradually dissolving the coffee rather than shocking it with warm water will enhance the taste.

Step: 4

Put the warm water into the cup. Pour the water carefully, particularly if you are not using a kettle. If you do not prefer black coffee then milk or creamer into it.

Step: 5

Add spices or sugar, if needed. If you get a richer taste of coffee then add spices or sugar after blending the coffee with warm water.
Remember that most flavored coffee creamers are generally sweet, so you do not need any extra sugar.

Step: 6

Mix your coffee and serve it. Now stir the coffee properly before enjoying it or serving it to somebody else.

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