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Step 1:

Clean up your both hands and assemble your supplies. Ensure that you have everything in your reach what you need to change the diaper.

Step 2:

Lay your child on his back on the changing surface.

Step 3:

Grasp your child’s legs with one hand, and utilize the other hand to pull down the front of the diaper. Now remove the diaper.

Step 4:

Clean the baby with a wipe. If you wipe a baby girl, always go from front to back to avoid any types of infection. Completely clean all those areas so the baby does not get a rash.

Step 5:

Lift up your child’s legs, and slide the messy diaper out. Hold his both legs to prevent him from coming in contact with the dirty diaper. Slide a clean diaper beneath him. If you use a disposable diaper then the adhesive tabs go in back and must be about belly-button level.

Step 6:

Tight the diaper at both sides with the tabs. The diaper must be tight but not so tight that it pinches. Make sure that the tabs are not sticking to your child’s skin.

Step 7:

Before closing the diaper you must apply any sort of ointments or creams that your doctor has advised for rashes. Once you do this, you won’t need to clean ointments off the changing surface; that may sometimes be difficult.


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