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Protinex Nutrition Drink at Flat 18% OFF (Fruit Mix Flavour)

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About the Product:

Protinex will be your right partner which provide the most essential nutrient in the journey of life. It comes with zero trans-fats and consists of sufficient amounts of nutrients. So, it will be a very good addition to your regular diet. Every single glass of Protinex provides a feeling of stamina and achievement in your life which help you to achieve your goals. It is consist of soy protein isolate and is not suggested for people who have allergic to peanut or soya.

High Protein

Protein is the most crucial nutrient which is very essential for your body. Protinex provides high necessary protein content 32g protein per 100g.

Weight Loss

Protinex offer low fat and high nutritional value which helps in weight loss and gives you a healthy body.


Protinex is full of vitamins and consists of milk and soy protein which is perfect for health.

How to prepare Protinex?

1. Have a cup of warm or cold milk.

2. Then add 2-3 tablespoons of Protinex in your milk.

3. After that add sugar according to your taste and stir it for a while.

4. Now your beverage is ready to drink.

About Protinex

The brand has been providing nutrition for more than 60 years. Protinex is a nutritional supplement which offers the power of unique hydrolyzed proteins. It is a nutritional supplement that you are able to consume it on a regular basis. But, if you have allergic to peanut or soya then it is recommended not to use this supplement. It delivers complete nutrition and strength for you. Protinex is full of the proper amount of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and zero trans fats. Also, Protinex is very easy to digest and is instantly absorbed by the body because of the power of hydrolyzed protein.

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