Get Rs. 450 cash back on Abhibus

If you are looking for a coupon code on Abibus then we are here for you to solve your problems. Now you can get Rs. 450 cash back on Abhibus by using our coupon code.

Coupon Description at a Glance:

  • Get Rs. 450 cash back on Abhibus
  • No minimum booking value applied
  • Valid on bus bookings only
  • Applicable on Abhibus app only
  • The cashback terms will be notified on your app
  • It will be credited in your Abhibus wallet after completion of the first trip.
  • If you are a new user on Abhibus and haven’t used the mobile app,

About Abhibus

In today’s dynamic world it’s not so easy to travel. We just cannot travel as soon as we plan. In fact, we need to plan a month ahead. Although we prefer to accommodate fast transport in order to match our fast lifestyle. Thank God we have options in our life. Otherwise going to some place there is really a difficult job. Packing and unpacking go on till your reservation of seats get confirm. If you are in a real hurry and seeking other options when traveling on a bus can solve your problem. And also you will experience something new and different.


The various tips they offer can range from what to pack in your carry-on, whether you should have pasta, chicken or anything lighter and healthy. Every minuscule detail related to flying is thoroughly explored and accounted. Not only by air but rail mode is also preferred by everyone but none of the travel editors include the travel by bus in the list. In fact, the travel editors have forgotten about the wonder of the transportation evolution known as the bus. Why is the motor coach discrimination? The snub is quite surprising.


These choices of various transportation modes depend on the outlook of various individuals. Till now buses are still a very viable means of transportation and people should definitely opt for it. It is known to all of us that the bus tickets are much cheaper than any airfare or railways and it is only because it takes a little of your precious time.

So, grab the offer and enjoy Rs. 450 cash back on Abhibus.



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