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First, Some tips about DSLR Camera


The term “Photography” can be a bit confusing to the layman. Normally, a camera and lens are the most important features in the field of a photograph. It is important that how much light is entering into the camera at the time you take the shot. F-stop, shutter speed and ISO are the three settings which impact how your photographs can look.


Shutter speed


Shutter speed is quite self-explanatory because it means how much time your camera’s shutter is open when you shall an imagine. You are able to enhance the quantity of light your sensor gets by reducing your shutter speed. The longer your shutter is open, the blurrier your images can be. You would like to capture at higher shutter speeds when you are taking motion shots.




The aperture, or f-stop, is indicated as a number on the lens. The lens has an adjustable aperture – at 18mm the f-stop is f/3.5, and at 55mm it’s f/5.6.

Varying your f-stop changes how wide open your lens is, and therefore how much light you’re allowing it. A lesser f-stop number will allow more light through your lens and will result in a blurrier background. Increased f-stop number allows much less light in, but your background will probably be clearer.




The ISO setting regulates your sensor’s sensitivity to light. Boosting your ISO enables you to shoot properly exposed photos in darker circumstances. However, if you improve your ISO then the more digital disturbance you could see in your images. Digital disturbance comes up as little pixilated spots of colour in your image, just like static.




There’s one another popular term for the first time DSLR buyers can completely underestimate and that is megapixels. At that time any kind of camera now you purchase that will have a superior quality of resolution to print wall-sized photos.



Learning about the Lens


Zoom lens


The majority of entry-level DSLR equipment features an 18-55mm zoom lens. So firstly you want to know about the zoom. In simple words, the zoom lens enables you to adjust the focal length. So zooming closer fills the photo with your subject, and zooming out takes a wider shot.



Prime lens

On the other hand, Zoom lenses are usually more costly, less precise, and a lot more difficult than their ‘prime lens’ counterparts. A prime lens is the reverse of a zoom. The zoom lens only taking pictures at one focal length. If you’re going to be taking pictures in low light, a prime lens is your best companion. Therefore we recommend 50mm 1/1.8 can be a decent first timers choice.