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Information about Medlife

In 2014, Tushar Kumar and Prashant Singh launched The Bengaluru centered startup company. When they began the organization their initial investment was USD 15 million. Thereafter, the organization gets an investment of USD 30 million from his family-run trust along with promoters.

To deal with the rising risk of reckless utilization of nonprescription drugs in India, Medlife has lunched 24X7 e-consultation services. Medlife makes a decision to sell drugs which include antibiotics, only against valid doctors prescriptions.

By law, the prescription must consist of the date, doctors name, doctors registration number, patient details, drugs dosage data, the period of the course, and signature of the physician. You will not make use of the outdated prescriptions or previous bills as a replacement.

In the absence of a genuine prescription, Medlife provides free e-consultation services. In this service, patients can speak with more than 100 standard physicians and experts over telephones from any part of India. Apart from facilitating a genuine prescription, the e-consultation is a convenient solution to get a regular diagnosis. Also, you can obtain a second opinion especially in areas where instant access to medical services is a challenge.

With genuine experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare e-commerce businesses, Medlife is not only an online medicine store but also much more than that.

So, grab this wonderful offer today and enjoy up to 30% Off on Medicines.

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