• Havells Compact Hair Dryer

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About Havells Compact Hair Dryer:

Havells India Ltd is one of the finest manufacturers for electric products. It provides a wide range of personal grooming products for men, women, and kids. When it comes to its female grooming range, the Havells hair dryer is very famous among women. Apart from the face, the second most important concern for women is their hairstyle.

For ladies, proper hairstyle with the proper dress will enhance their overall look. Regardless of how gorgeous face you have, a wrong hairstyle can spoil your beauty and look. Therefore, groom yourself in the proper manner and select the best hair dryer which allows you to groom your hair as you like.

If you want to dry out your wet hair or simply blow dry, this hairdryer from Havells can be your best beauty partner. Therefore, get rid of hefty bills of salons and get super stylish hair at the comfort of your home.

Make this beneficial hair dryer for your personal assistant, and enjoy all the glances over you. Get rid of all your grooming worries and experience the comfort with the finest product from Havells.

Product Description of Havells Compact Hair Dryer:

1200 W Powerful Drying:

This 1200W hair drier makes your hair smooth and shiny hair. You can use it for your everyday styling. The highly effectively but light airflow sets your hair properly.

Retain Your Style:

You can also get cool air from low temperature which is used to set the style at the end of the drying session for long-lasting results. With the help of this drier, it is easy to style your hair and create a smooth finish.

Detachable Nozzle:

Utilize the nozzle to gently direct the highest level of airflow in particular sections for precise & detailed blow drying. You can also use the dryer to dry for maximum area coverage without utilizing the nozzle.

Heat Balance Technology:

The hair drier will guarantee uniform distribution of heat to prevent the damage of your hair.

Honeycomb inlet:

The honeycomb inlet at the back-side of dryer makes sure that your hair does not get tangled unknowingly while drying.

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