• Himalaya Herbal baby wipes at a Flat 20% Off

Himalaya Herbal baby wipes at a Flat 20% Off

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Taking care of a baby involves looking after his hygiene as well. Just diapering alone will not be sufficient for your baby. With every diaper change, your baby’s skin can be vulnerable to rashes and dryness, and if it is not cleaned properly, it could put your baby at risk for bacterial infections. If you have to be on the go constantly, then cleaning your baby with water might not be possible all the time. This is where the baby wipes come handy.

About Himalaya Herbal baby wipes:

Himalaya Herbal Soothing baby wipes with the goodness of Himalaya baby lotion. It is mild enough to soothe baby’s bottoms during a diaper change. The wipes can also be used to gently cleanse baby’s skin. The natural ingredients ensure that the baby remains bacteria-free throughout the day. Ideal for use when traveling.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with the goodness of Himalaya baby lotion
  • Mildness tested for baby’s skin
  • 100% Herbal actives
  • Lavender and Indian Aloe
  • Lavender helps promote sound sleep

Why Does Your Baby Need Wipes?

For the initial few months, your precious little baby is happy feeding, sleeping, and pooping! Although this cycle may be happening every three hours but it can seem endless. So usually a baby requires eight to ten diaper changes a day. And with every diaper change comes the need for a baby wipe. Baby wipes are a diaper-changing must-have for every mom. Because they are very convenient to use, baby wipes are not only used on baby’s bottoms but also their face, hands and other areas that need some cleaning up.

How to Use?

  • Lay the baby on a flat surface and remove the diaper.
  • Take a baby wipe and gently remove any poop or urine using the wipe.
  • Discard wipe after use.
  • Repeat if necessary.

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