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Dark under-eye circles:

Remove dark under-eye circles. The neem plant is recognized for its capability of even skin tone and decreases pigmentation.


The mixture of vitamin E, along with fatty acids hydrate your skin. The anti-oxidants deal with oxidative stress and the free radicals (rogue cells) responsible for aging and disease. The antibacterial properties of the oil in the extract can help stop further skin infections, just like eczema. The fatty acids in neem work as an emollient which is recommend for eczema by dermatologists.

Remove blackheads:

Don’t worry about exacerbating blackheads. Now you can remove blackheads with neem. It’s non-comedogenic.

Take care of acne:

Neem extract removes much of the grease and bacteria which can worsen the problem. Neem’s antibacterial power can also help prevent future breakouts. Also, the anti-oxidants in neem will reduce scarring and keep the skin looking clean and fresh.

Calm irritation:

Neem has two anti-inflammatory substances such as Nimbidin and Nimbin. While another of neem’s ingredients, quercetin also works as an antioxidant, which can help decrease membrane-damaging free radicals.

Slow aging:

The carotenoid content of neem provides its potentially protective qualities while beta-carotene protects the skin against oxidative stress and ultraviolet radiation. By this, it assisting in the anti-aging war. The oil in neem extract also consists of vitamin C, an antioxidant that promotes collagen production.

Firm and tighten:

The astringent properties of neem extract decrease the chances of skin sagging, wrinkles and aging.


Here is some good news for oily-skin beauties. Neem can also help in controlling excessive oil production.

Take care of your skin:

Neem’s substances fill up the gaps and cracks in the skin. By this process, it prevents moisture loss and restores the protective barrier. Neem can also easily penetrate through the outer surface of the skin, which makes it effective in healing dry and damaged skin. Its good antiseptic properties can also prevent secondary skin infections.

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