• HORNBULL Maddison Men's Wallet

HORNBULL Maddison Men’s Wallet at Flat 84% Off

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Know something about Wallet: 

The wallet is an integral part of regular life, particularly for a man. If you want to keep your multiple cards at your wallet then regular wallet unable to fulfill your requirement. A leather wallet is the best bet for you if you want to keep all your cards at a place. 

There is a wide range of men wallets available on the market. If you want a suitable wallet for you then you have to look out for materials, colors, functions, and most importantly, styles. There are few styles of wallet available in the market such as bi-fold, the tri-fold, and the breast wallet. Each wallet has its own features, pros, and cons. You need to know about them if you want the best wallet which fulfills your needs. 

About HORNBULL Maddison Men’s Wallet: 

Maddison is the newest sleek design wallet from HORNBULL. This wallet comes with plenty of card slots and Coin Pocket. This wallet features a special transparent window with a thumb hole to push your preferred card out from the slot easily.  

The inner design of the Maddison series is not just like an ordinary wallet. It has been redesigned with an extra effort to look beautiful and stylish. The brand comes with a whole new concept to make customers feel distinct from others.  

Slimmest Wallet BY HORNBULL 

Maddison is one the slimmest design which not only fulfills your regular requirement but also the latest need. HORNBULL has created the extra slim wallet without neglect the requirement of daily stuff 

All in One 

The wallet comes with an extra slot of Credit card at the back of Coin Pocket. So, you can keep your important documents along with your primary needs.

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INR 399
INR 2,499