• Kent Ace Water Purifier at a Flat 28% Discount

Kent Ace Water Purifier at a Flat 28% Discount

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This water purifier provides in-tank UV disinfection so that you can safely drink clean and pure water. The in-tank UV disinfection technology helps keep the purified water in the storage tank germ-free and safe for consumption.

Double Purification

This water purifier removes various impurities, such as bacteria, viruses, and salts dissolved in water, by using a multistage purification process of RO+UF+TDS control with UV in the tank. As a result, you get to drink clean water.

Mineral RO Technology

This Kent’s patented technology features a TDS controller that ensures that your drinking water contains the essential minerals.

Purifies Inlet Water from Many Sources

From tap water to the municipal corporation’s supply water, this water purifier cleans all types of water from different sources.

High Storage Capacity

With a purification capacity of up to 15 L/hr and up to 8 L storage capacity, you will not run out of clean water in your home.

ABS Food Grade Plastic

This kitchen appliance is made of the ABS food-grade plastic that makes it a durable appliance. Also, its push-fit design prevents water leakage.

Computer-controlled Operation

This water purifier features various computer-controlled operations, including a filter change alarm and a UV fail alarm. The filter change alarm indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. Similarly, the UV fail alarm indicates when the UV lamp is inefficient.

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