• KENT Grand Water Purifier at Flat 26% OFF

KENT Grand Water Purifier at Flat 26% OFF

Are you looking for the best water purifier? Do you in search of a good deal online? Look no more. Now Amazon is offering Flat 26% Discount on KENT Grand Water Purifier (8-Litres, RO + UV/UF + TDS ). It is a limited period offer. So, do not miss the chance.

Kent Grand RO Water Purifier

The stylish wall-mounted water purifier from KENT Grand+ makes use of futuristic technology to give you fully protected and clean drinking water. The elegant and transparent design shows off KENT’s patented Mineral RO Technology and a built-in TDS controller which retains crucial natural minerals in the purified water. The double purification technology of RO+UV/UF to take away dissolved impurities like chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts to make water safe for its customer.

Multi-Stage Purification  

This KENT Grand uses multistage purification comes with the latest technology of RO + UF. It is very useful for eliminating dissolved impure substances, along with microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and salts. So, this water purifier produces pure water for consumption.  

Patented Mineral RO Technology  

KENT Grand is loaded with KENT’s patented Mineral RO Technology. It can retain essential natural minerals in filtered water through the help of TDS Controller to offer you safe and delicious water. 

PAN India Service Network  

KENT provides more than 1500 service centers throughout India to help the customers. This will make it easy to get in touch with the skilled and punctual technicians at a service center near you without any difficulty.  So, you do not need to worry about maintenance. 

Purify Inlet Drinking Water from almost all Sources  

The high-tech water purifier is perfect for purifying water from numerous sources. Whether it is brackish, tap water or municipal corporation water supply, KENT Grand can easily purify all kinds of water. 

Therefore, place your order on Amazon today and grab Flat 26% OFF on KENT Grand Water Purifier. If you miss the offer then you shall regret later. So, hurry up!

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