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History of Lotto:

In Montebelluna, Italy Caberlotto family in 1973 established Lotto, the world center of footwear manufacturing. In June 1973, Lotto made its debut as a sports footwear manufacturer. Tennis shoes signaled the beginning of production, followed by models for basketball, volleyball, athletics, and football.


Sports clothing was the company’s next venture. In the first 10 years, Lotto focused on the Italian market and became a product leader in tennis. During its first decade, the brand concentrated on making tennis footwear and clothing. Along with this, they sponsored big names from the professional tennis circuit.

In the 80s Lotto moved on to broaden its business. Based on competing among the then-small group of manufacturers of football boots and clothing. Lotto began to create its first football boot models and signed major collaboration agreements with internationally renowned players and teams.

Playing professionals provided input in both the design and fine-tuning of the products. This involvement together with the athletes’ public images helped make the company a leader in tennis and football. During this same period, Lotto expanded into the export market, and its international business grew rapidly. The brand spread in more than 60 countries around the world ten years later.

A group of local business people who were already very active in the sports area took over the company in June 1999.
The company was renamed Lotto Sport Italia, and its new owners focused on the brand’s strengths of dynamism, innovation, quality, Italian design, passion, and an extremely effective customer service program.

Since 1993, Score Sportswear has had the New Zealand and Pacific Islands license to the Lotto brand, becoming the fastest-growing Lotto Licensee, with the greatest turnover per capita globally. Score Sportswear has taken the brand from introduction to its current position as one of the premier football brands in the country.

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