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Look at the SPF number:

“SPF” signifies a sunscreen’s “sun protective factor,” or how efficiently it prevents UVB rays. The SPF number shows the amount of time it requires to sunburn wearing the sunscreen vs. not wearing the sunscreen.

For example, an SPF of 15 signifies you can spend 15 times as long in the sunshine before burning in comparison to not using any sunscreen. Therefore, if you would generally begin to burn after 5 minutes in the sunshine, an SPF of 15 would let you spend time outside for 75 minutes (15 x 5) before you start to burn.

The SPF number is complicated because its protection will not increase proportionally. So, SPF 60 is not two times as good as SPF 30. SPF 15 can prevent about 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30 can prevent about 97%, and SPF 45 prevents about 98%. Basically, no sunscreen can prevent 100% of UVB rays.

Do you ever notice the PA+++ rating before buying a sunscreen?

PA means Protection Grade of UVA rays, that is used to measure the SPF of a sunscreen. This is the measurement system used by the Japanese. Now it is used throughout the world. The method is based on the Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) reaction reading at 2-4 hours of sun exposure.

UVA protection factor for each and every grading of PA are given below:

PA+ signifies the sunscreen provides UVA protection with the factor of PPD between 2 to 4. It gives you the protection of medium UV radiation.

Sunscreen tagged with PA++ provides average protection against UVA rays with a factor of PPD between 4 and 8. It is perfect for normal skin individual exposed to medium UV radiation.

PA+++ is manufactured for normal skin that exposes to very strong UV radiation. It offers good UVA protection with a factor of PPD of more than 8. It is the maximum grade of UVA protection available recently.

Even though many products available in the market are labeled as “broad-spectrum”. But they cannot provide effective protection against UVA rays. The product which contains zinc oxide can protect a better amount of UVA. UVB only causes sunburn whereas UVA causes permanent aging of the skin and also enhance the possibility of skin cancer.

To obtain the highest possible protection from both UVA and UVB, always use broad-spectrum sunscreen which consists of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Always wear sunscreen at-least 20 minutes before you go outside. Always apply sunscreen throughout every season, not only the summer months.

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