• MCP Ab Carver Roller, Knee Mat at a flat 43% Off

MCP Ab Carver Roller, Knee Mat at a flat 43% Off

Amazon is offering Flat 43% discount on the price of MCP Ab Carver Roller. So, grab the offer now and burn unwanted belly fat with this ab roller.

Uniquely Designed 

Ab Wheel Roller comes with 4 Wheels which offers better balance and support than normal rollers. The Ab Wheel is constructed with heavy-duty steel construction with sturdy PVC. The non-skid wheels are joined with a solid metal bar for safety and stability. You can also split its various parts easily to store and carry to a Gym studio or at home. 

Ultimate Abdominal and Core Trainer 

With this ab roller, anyone can burn unwanted belly fat with this uniquely designed Ab Roller. You can also develop muscle density, sculpts abdominals, obliques, shoulders, arms, and back. This gym instrument is perfect for all fitness Levelers from beginner to advanced. 

High-Quality Accessory 

The Ab Roller comes with a Floor Stopper Wedge and a Knee Pad. The Floor Stopper Wedge allows you to position it at your tolerance edge so that it stops at exactly at the precise point and still you have the strength treturn the motion. The Foam Knee Pad offers you comfort and protects your knees while you exercise.

Skid-Proof Handles 

The cushioned handles come with a skid-proof design along with comfortable grip. The ergonomic design of the ab roller minimizes hand fatigue and prevents slipping out of hands. This ab wheel roller offers maximum stability so that you can optimize your abdominal workout. 

Non-Skid Wheels 

The textured wheels are skid resistant and grippy. So, those wheels promote stability and control to the ab roller. The solid core is molded and very firm. Each wheel fitted with 2 bearings for smooth rolling. Those wheels can smoothly glide on wooden and tiled flooring, exercise mats, yoga mats, and carpets. 


The Ab Wheel comes with heavy-duty steel construction with sturdy PVC. It’s a sturdy abdominal roller wheel and not flimsy like most other abdominal roller wheels available in the market. The soft sponge grip lasts longer than others. Additionally, it will offer better balance and support at the time of rolling than normal rollers. 

Therefore, visit Amazon and purchase this MCP Ab Carver Roller. Hurry up!

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