• Metors 3110 Tripod at a flat 71% Discount

Metors 3110 Tripod at a flat 71% Discount

If you think that giving a flat 71% discount on the price of Tripod is impossible then think again. Amazon is offering a flat 71% discount on the price of Metors 3110 Tripod. Offer ends soon. Hurry up!

About Metors 3110 Tripod:

Portable and Foldable Tripod

The Metors tripod stand possesses excellent stability that allows for cinematic capturing, as well as providing both landscape or portrait mode capabilities. The sturdy legs allow you to take pictures and video in a variety of angles and positions. Composed of premium, high-quality material and equipped with non-skid rubber feet for an extra solid grip, the Metors is sturdy and always ready to capture the action.

3-Way Head

The tripod’s three-way head allows for ultimate versatility. Easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape–and almost any angle in between with the handy tilt motion. Turn the knobs to secure. The tripod also allows for full panoramic possibilities with its 360-degree swivel function.

Level tester

This tripod equipped with a level tester, which can detect and adjust the horizontal position of it. When the ground is not level, you can recognize it immediately and adjust the tripod leg to keep level.

The usefulness of Tripod:

In photography, a tripod is used to stabilize and elevate a camera, a flash unit, or other photographic equipment. All photographic tripods have three legs and a mounting head to couple with a camera. Tripods are usually made from aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, wood or plastic.

Photographers generally use tripods for both still and motion photography to prevent camera movement. Its reduce camera shake and thus are instrumental in achieving maximum sharpness. A tripod is also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image. Use of a tripod may also allow for a more thoughtful approach to photography.

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