• Mi 360° Security Camera

Mi 360° Security Camera at Flat 6% OFF

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Now keep your home and family safe and secure with this Xiaomi smart security camera. This surveillance camera comes with impressive features which make it the perfect watchdog for your family members. It provides 360-degree vision, which guarantees complete home protection because it rotates and records a full view. Therefore, you are able to get more detailed and clearer images.

Total Home Protection

This smart surveillance camera features a dual-motor head that allows it to rotate and catch a full 360 degrees horizontal view and a 96 degrees vertical view. Its silent motor and shockproof design make sure that the rotation is noiseless and smooth.

High Definition Image Quality

With the help of the 20 megapixels, HD (1080p) resolution, and extensive powerful range, even distant backgrounds appear distinct and detailed in the recorded footage. So, you would not miss any details of this image.

Magnificent Colour Even in Low Light Condition

The security comes with the brand new low-light accurate colour technology. With the help of this technology, this surveillance camera enables you to view a full-colour palette even in the extremely darkest hour of the day. Therefore, you can get a more realistic view of your residence.

Clearer Night Vision

This surveillance camera provides f2.1 aperture which allows more light intake. The infrared illuminator also helps enhance visibility. This makes sure that you get a decent view even in dimly lit and dark conditions.

AI Motion Detection Alert

Along with the integration of the deep learning technology and focused optimization of the algorithms and network software, this surveillance camera can properly determine when there’s anything suspicious going on in your house and instantly informs you on your smartphone.

Install Inverted or Upright

You are able to fix the security camera on a desk, ceiling, window, or wall ceiling because this surveillance camera is featured with a rotation base.

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