• Milton Thermosteel Flask at Flat 14% Off

Milton Thermosteel Flask at Flat 14% Off (500 ml)

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Milton, the name is enough to bring back your remembrance about your old school-days. You can visualize the school-days tiffin meal that your mother prepared for you with her own hands. The brand has produced so many household products which brought comfort to your life. We all know about Milton and what they are capable of.  Exceeding three decades of experience, Milton is one of the top-rated brands renowned for their broad variety of items that help you keep your food and beverages hot. Milton stainless steel collection of Flasks, Thermos Vacuum Jugs, and casseroles are some of the items we are familiar with. You can also retain juices and water cold on a hot summer day by using the containers and jugs.

Benefits of Thermo-Steel Bottles:

Thermo-Steel Bottles are Considerably More Durable than Plastic

If you have previously used a plastic water bottle then you already know how flimsy the plastic bottles are. Some of them are only good enough for one-time use only. Some others are manufactured to be used several times.

Thermo-Steel bottles can be used under almost any condition. Because of their user-friendly and tough design, thermo-steel water bottles are the first preference for most of the athletes and adventurers.

Maintain Your Drinks Hot or Cold

Why drink lukewarm drinking water from a plastic water bottle on hot summer days? Use a Milton bottle which insulates the contents for an extended period of time. You can enjoy cool drinking water for up to 24 hours after filling up the bottle due to its insulating properties. Hot water also remains hot for a long period of time in this thermo-steel bottle.

Secure Cap

If you want to avoid the risk of spillage then this leakage proof bottle from Milton is handy for you. The bottle includes a strong, screw-top cap which is able to hold your drinks without spillage. The simple threaded lid allows you to take a sip of your preferred drink whenever you like.

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