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Mobile Gear mini tripod at Flat 60% OFF

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Mobile Gear provides you a versatile mini tripod. This tripod is for all types of smartphones and digital cameras for those who like to shoot landscapes, sceneries, and people. Therefore, install your camera anywhere you wish and catch impressive images. It features a secure mounting and is lightweight and portable.


The mini tripod is collapsible and lightweight which may be carried in any handbag, bag, backpack, or any jacket pocket.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile attachment on the tripod works with most mobiles of screen size up.

How to use a Tripod?

Organize the legs:

Make sure that one of the legs in the exact direction that your camera will face. By doing this it will make a space between the other two legs so that you can stand. This will allow it to become easier and more comfortable when you are focusing on shooting.

Stretch the legs:

Open the latches which release the legs and expand the sections. Stretching the thickest sections first as they will give you more sturdy support compared to the thinner segments.

Make sure the legs are secure:

In case you are on a bumpy surface you need to adjust the legs until you can find the length perfectly. When you are on soft ground or sand, press the tripod legs all the way down until it finally hit something solid.

Check the level on the tripod:

Some models feature a level in-built on the top of the tripod. Otherwise, ensure the center post of the tripod is perpendicular to the surface.

Avoid raising the center post:

If you need to higher your camera after set up completely then adjust the legs first. The three legs of the tripod offer far better balance.

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