• Nivea Shower Gel at Flat 42% Discount

Nivea Shower Gel at Flat 42% Discount

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Shower gels come with a liquid form which is very convenient to wash with. Its quick-foaming formula is also very effective to clean your body, without stripping skin of its protective barrier.

Choose shower gel according to your skin type:

Different skin types demand different requirements. So, before buying a shower gel you might have to consider those things. You can also use body wash instead of shower gel. Because body wash has a thinner consistency than shower gel.

  • For those who have dry skin can use a moisturizing body wash instead of shower gel. The moisturizing body wash will add moisturizers, and it may be more beneficial for you if you avoid scented ones. Also, follow the instructions written on the bottle of the body washes whether it is good for dry skin or not.
  • If you have normal skin, then you are very lucky, and you can use almost all types of shower gel you want. Always remember, that shower gel for dry skin comes with extra moisturizer while for oily skin comes with something which makes your skin dry. So, you can also use a body wash instead of shower gel.
  • For those who have oily skin can use most of the shower gels, but always follow the manual before purchasing. It will be more beneficial if you use the shower gel which is specifically designed for your skin type.

Consider allergies and skin sensitivities:

If you have sensitive skin and rashes break out after using certain shower gels then try a shower gel which is perfume-free, or is made of natural and organic materials.
Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a major contributor to create most of the lather in shower gels, but some people are allergic to it. So, try to avoid a shower gel which includes Sodium Laurel Sulfate.

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