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About the plot of “One Indian Girl”:

Radhika Mehta who is a hot-shot banker working in the prestigious Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs. Radhika is now arranged to get married to Brijesh Gulati and has just arrived for her destination wedding in Goa. However, as the D-Day looms closer, she discovers that marrying Gulati is not as easy as it seems. Things happen and everything goes haywire, but will Radhika be able to maneuver her way out of this mess? Read the book today to know more and discover the fun-filled journey that Radhika will love to take you on.

The best part of the book is the fact that Radhika’s journey is as funny and entertaining as a wedding can be. Chetan has done a commendable job of writing in a girl’s voice. The story is told from Radhika’s point and it is really hard to believe that a man could have written so realistically about a woman and her feelings.

The plot is really interesting. Though there are many elements, they all connect beautifully in the end. The characters are also fun. Every girl would love to read about Radhika and her misadventures in the Loveland.

The book in its entirety of 272 pages did not appear dull even at a single point. The best part of the book is its climax. It was completely unpredictable and managed to completely surprise the reader.

About the Author

Born to an Army officer and a government servant, Chetan Bhagat’s destiny to become a writer was far from foreseeing. After completing his mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi, Chetan went on to obtain his MBA from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. But, it wasn’t until a decade of trying to fit into the corporate way of living when Chetan decided that he needed to dedicate his life to writing. Since then, Chetan has authored several best-selling novels, such as Five Point Someone, The Girl in Room 105 and 2 States, among others.

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