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How to applying Fragrances in this summer?

1. Utilize smaller amounts, but apply repeatedly. Rather than dousing yourself with fragrance in the morning, you can apply one or two sprays on your pulse points. Always carry a perfume bottle with you in your bag or purse. You can re-apply small doses of the fragrance to your pulse points 3 to 5 times daily, or when the perfume fades.

Your pulse points are the inner side of your elbows and wrists, behind your knees and ears, and the front and back side of your neck. These places generate the most heat, which helps to discharge the fragrance.

2. Apply perfume on your wet hair. Freshly cleaned hair retains scents for a longer period of time. When you have combed your wet hair, apply the scent to the tips of your hair.

If you do not prefer to apply the perfume directly to your hair, then apply your brush or comb with the perfume. In this way comb your hair with the scented brush or comb.

3. Scent your clothes. Rather than spraying your body, apply it at the inside seams of your clothes. As your body temperature increases, the heat will also release the fragrance.

On the other hand, try dousing a clean cloth with your favorite perfume. Place the clean cloth with your dresses, hats, scarves and other accessories for a couple of days. Once you put on your garments, they will have a pleasant, light scent.

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